The Rules of Eternal Dream

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The Rules of Eternal Dream

Post by Masquerade on Thu Oct 29, 2009 8:05 pm

Hello everyone. Welcome to Eternal Dream Forums~! Like every other forum, there are rules that need to be followed, though you will find that I am very lenient and hopefully there will be no problems. Let's all work together to keep the peace. =3


Cardinal Rule: Disruption of the overall peace of the site is prohibited and will result in ONE warning followed by banning.

1. Profanity -- This is intended to be a mature site and have decided not to enable any automatic censoring. I don't expect anybody to use profanity, but if someone does decide to use it, try to keep it on the less extreme side of the spectrum.

2. Harassment -- The harassment of other members is prohibited. This breaks the Cardinal Rule which means ONE warning and then banning. Any threatening or offensive Private Messages should be shown to a moderator or administrator so that the sender can be punished. Any harassment shown in the forums will be immediately noted by a moderator or administrator and will result in immediate disciplinary action.

3. Promotion of Illegal Activities -- Once again, I don't expect many problems with this. No promoting the use of illegal drugs, the misuse of prescription drugs, underage drinking or smoking, prostitution, illegal music downloading, etc. Just don't do it. You can talk about it, but do not PROMOTE it.

4. Advertising -- This forum is NOT for the purpose of advertising, so threads that are used to advertise something only will be immediately deleted and a slight warning increase...or not. Since it's not that serious, I think just deletion of the thread will suffice. If you do want to advertise something like another site, feel free to use your signature without consequence.

5. Spam -- Please keep spam limited to the forum designated to it. If it is found anywhere else, the post will be deleted and you may take a post count penalty. If it was a mistake, talk it over with me. I will be happy to listen to your case. Like I said, I'm lenient, so I might let it go without consequence, but the post will still be deleted.

6. Consecutive Posting -- The same person should not be posting over and over again. One person should maybe have up to 2 consecutive posts and only in certain situations. I suggest using the Edit function if you have more to add.

7. Grammar -- Though I know that everyone is not perfect, I would still prefer it if you used the best grammar that you possibly can. Bad spelling or misused punctuation or capitalization is understandable, but if the post is just completely beyond comprehension, then it is subject to deletion. I will ALWAYS private message an offender first and offer tips on how to make the post make more sense before I delete it because I would prefer not to have to delete any posts.

8. Sexual Content -- Try to keep the site as clean as possible. No pornographic pictures or posts on sexual subjects should be found on this site. Some people just aren't into it, so let's do them a favor.

9. Flaming and Trolling -- PROHIBITED!! ONE warning and then you are outta here! Why, you ask? It breaks the Cardinal Rule of course. If you are angry, take it to the rant forum and vent your anger, and don't take it out on someone else.

10. Plagiarism -- The stealing of anyone else's original work is not only prohibited, but it's illegal as well. If you use someone's idea, ask their permission first, have them send a Private Message to me expressing that they have given you permission, and then make sure to credit that person in the completed product.

11. Accounts -- Any member is allowed to have only ONE account. If you lost your password, contact me so I can help you recover it.

12. Identity Theft -- Like plagiarism, identity theft is forbidden. Posing to be another member, moderator, or administrator will result in an immediate ban if detected. No warning. You're gone. I said that it takes a lot to piss me off, right? Well, this is just completely unnecessary.

I guess that takes care of the rules for now. There may be more added if need be, but I'm hoping that won't be the case. Also, repercussions may also be reduced if I see that the rules are being followed.

So, have fun--just keep these rules in mind~!

~Your Humble Administrator, Masquerade


Amendment I

In accordance to Rule 03, the Promotion of Illegal Activities, it was stated that talk of illegal activities was okay, but only as long as they were not promoted. With the creation of this Amendment, all talk of illegal activities of which some examples are listed in Rule 03 must cease as of today, March 29, 2010. They should not be discussed on the forum itself or through PMs or through any means in which this site, Eternal Dream, is involved in any way whatsoever.

Amendment II

In accordance to Rule 08, Sexual Content, a simple request for users to abstain from posting any pornography or pornographic content was made. With the creation of this Amendment, any posting of such explicit material will result in the immediate deletion the thread in which the material is posted and the IP banning of the offender as of today, August 26, 2010. No excuses are to be made. If you must question yourself on whether the image is appropriate enough to post or not, it would be in your best interest not to post it.
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