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Post by Zerifachias on Sun Oct 28, 2012 5:23 pm

All y'all know that I'm a big thinker. I like to have deep thoughts about the world from time to time, it's like meditation, only with conscious thought. Normally, I can only do this when my mind is enlightened and unburdened by stress. When my mind is free of strife and anxieties.

This is one of those times, though I feel the encroaching anxiety for the beginning of this week. To be honest, I really should be doing some work, but I wanted to put some thoughts out there.

This time, the topic I want to think about is this: "Justified Murder"

There are times in my criminal justice classes, especially my Criminal Law class, where I feel an overwhelming distaste for the criminal justice system that we have. For those of you who do not know, my position on capital punishment is negative. I do not believe that a life can be paid for with another life, that is, murder does not justify murder. And it is murder, regardless of whatever position that you are in. Taking another man's life is a crime against not only that person, but against humanity itself. Those who kill their fellow humans are guilty of a serious crime that puts them in a subhuman category. At least, that is what the media has us believe as a culture.

Murder is a crime against humanity itself; however, only humans are able to commit this crime. So the media is wrong when it says murderers are inhuman. I can't accept that. Homo Sapien is a scientific term used to categorize us into a species. And if only Homo Sapiens are able to commit murder, then regardless of what anyone says, they are still human, correct?

I believe so.

Lately, I've found within myself the source of my hatred. I can't exactly place my finger on it, but I am no longer capable of hating another person. In fact, the strongest emotion I feel for people that I used to hate is pity. Close-mindedness, among other behaviors, are what leads us as humans to hate other humans, and therefore cause wars to break out. My instincts are telling me that what I hate is not the person, but the behavior.

I can't hurt people. It isn't in me. Sure, I can joke around and playfully hit someone, but I can never cause serious physical or mental harm without breaking my own heart. An unfortunate example is when I intentionally made someone feel unwelcome in my presence. I said things that I'm not proud of, not in the slightest. Yeah, I was pressured into doing that because of how annoying he was, but that is hardly an excuse. Even though I was so ticked off and annoyed, it still broke my heart to say those things.

This all led me to the point where I began thinking of death and murder in a new light. There are people who believe that serial killers have less of something that makes them more aggressive. Sure, I can agree with that much. However, the responsibility of the parents is to care for and nurture their child into a strong, capable and socially-acceptable person. Therefore the fault lies with the parental units.

I realize that there are situations where parents are unable to care for their child. That's why adoption agencies exist. But still, the faults begin with the parents.

Getting back to "Justified Murder," I find that very phrase despicable. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world with just one eye. If we keep killing each other and making all these wars, eventually there's only going to be one person left. That person will stand upon a mountain of corpses and declare himself the winner before dying himself. Murderers will only lead to extinction of our species, and what are we doing to solve the problem? Murdering the murderers.

I can't see a positive outcome in this situation.

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