Mirai Nikki: Movie Date (AkisexYuki)

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Mirai Nikki: Movie Date (AkisexYuki)

Post by Xenosaga on Sun Nov 04, 2012 2:32 pm

Warnings: Light shonen-ai, may cause reader to vomit sunshine and rainbows, and Yuno.
Summary: Movie date mentioned in Chapter 19 that, unfortunately, never happened.



Only six more minutes until the mentioned meeting time. Despite knowing this, Yukiteru couldn't help but glance around for a quick moment with a small hope of catching a glimpse of the rare white hair or red eyes. He wasn't surprised when nothing caught his gaze so he turned his eyes back down to the cellphone within his hand, rereading the message Akise had sent him. The albino had invited him to a movie and they were supposed to meet at around ten-thirty. It didn't seem like something a friend would do but Yukiteru was a little too excited to dwell on it for long. He had never gone to see a movie with someone before. Unconsciously, he glanced at the time.


Four minutes left. Yukiteru was only slightly aware of the growing apprehension rising in his stomach. Again, he looked around, his free hand holding tight to the railing he was leaning against. The brunet had actually shown up almost twenty minutes earlier than their agreed time because he hadn't wanted to be late to his first outing with a friend. Yukiteru had spent the first ten minutes reading through his Future Diary to pass the time before going back to Akise's mail. Rereading it brought a warmth into his heart so strong he could have cried.

He had always wanted friends. Before, Yukiteru had always seen himself as an observer, a being detached from life. He had never had the courage to really bring himself alive. But now, after finally reaching out, he had found a place with Yuno, Hinata, Mao, Kousaka and Akise. At the thought of Yuno and Kousaka, however, Yukiteru bit his lip. He could do without Kousaka but that didn't change the fact the other boy had still been there. As for Yuno. . . . .

He suppressed a shiver. Whenever the pink haired girl showed up, Yukiteru always felt like he was going a little crazy. Though she had helped him and saved him, it still didn't change the fact she had stalked him for close to a year or more and even tried to stop him from making friends. If he hadn't lied and told everyone she was his girlfriend, Yukiteru was sure the incident with the Tenth Diary holder would have ended with more than just one death. In all honesty, the brunet still wasn't sure as to how he felt about the girl. Sure she had done a lot for him but there was something off about Yuno. Something dark.

Suddenly, there was a pressure on his shoulder and Yukiteru brightened as he turned to see the one who had been waiting for, all previous musings fleeing from his mind.

"Yo, Yukiteru-kun," Akise greeted, the slight upturn on his lip the only indication of smile on his face, as he released the brunet's shoulder. "Sorry I'm late. You didn't wait long, did you?" Yukiteru quickly shook his head, cheeks flushing. He looked down at his phone, suddenly feeling a little tongue-tied.


"I-I just got here too," he lied, too embarrassed to admit he had been twenty minutes early. Yukiteru peeked up just in time to see the smile widen and Akise was suddenly leaning forward, face inches from his. Immediately, the pink on his cheeks spread and deepened into a red color. Yukiteru squeaked and lowered his gaze but didn't back away.

"How cute," was all Akise said and suddenly, there was a roaring in Yukiteru's ears. His heart pounded in his chest and his face heated up until he felt light-headed. Then there was a feather-light touch across his cheek and it took Yukiteru most of his brainpower to register that Akise had just touched him and ohmygodhecouldn'tbreathe.

He had to say something. Anything. "A-A-Akise-kun. . . !"


Yuno! With no small amount of horror, Yukiteru paled drastically and spun around to face the crazy girl. Yuno was running across the crosswalk, waving a hand in the air as she headed straight for him. For a brief second, he wondered how the girl had found him and then he remembered what exactly her Future Diary was. The warmth was instantly doused with cold water and Yukiteru's shoulders slumped slightly.

"Gasai-san," Akise acknowledged, having withdrawn from Yukiteru upon catching sight of the girl. He sent her a polite nod, his hands in his pockets. Yuno immediately latched onto Yukiteru's arm, her bright pink eyes blackening with malice directed straight at the boy detective. Akise was unaffected. "I'm sorry but I'll have to borrow Yukiteru-kun for the day." Here, he somehow pulled the brunet free from Yuno's grasp and laid a hand around the smaller boy's shoulders. "We're going to watch a movie together." The temperature suddenly dropped to subzero levels.

Yuno glared. "I won't hand Yukki over to you!"

Akise smirked.

Fearing for the bloody outcome that would surely follow if something wasn't done, he would wonder about Yuno's words later, Yukiteru spoke with great effort, "How about we all go?" He glanced between the two, praying for a miracle to occur. Though he knew neither of them wanted to be near each other, it was the only thing he could think of that could diffuse the situation.

"I suppose if that's what Yukiteru-kun wants," Akise conceded quite easily, his arm unmoving. The heat and weight of it was enough to bring some color back to Yukiteru's face. Without waiting for Yuno's answer, the boy detective was already steering his friend away toward the theater a few blocks west of them. "The movie's supposed to start at 11:15 so we'll have to hurry."

"Ah, right," Yukiteru mumbled, fully aware of Yuno rushing back to his side and grabbing hold of his arm once more.

He had a terrible feeling about this.
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