I'm just putting this here for myself, really

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I'm just putting this here for myself, really

Post by Zerifachias on Wed Nov 07, 2012 8:38 pm

What I'm thinking about is a guild-based role play. Kind of like Corruption's guild, only with a few different things. I'm combining inspiration from that, D.Gray Man, and Fairy Tail.

The purpose of the role play is basically fixing problems with the supernatural. Ghosts, demons, wild beasts, there are multiple things that we could be called to do. The most important job is exorcising the supernatural, and there a few things we have to take into account in accordance with those things.

Only Seers can see ghosts or demons. Ordinary humans cannot see them, so we must be very careful when dealing with our jobs concerning such things. We can't let the humans get involved, there is a series of memory alteration surgeries that they have to go through, and the experience is very traumatic and damaging for those without a strong mind.

There is also a second job that we are always on, at all times. Recruitment. We must always be on the lookout for humans that can see supernatural beings. When we do find one, we must kidnap them and take them back to headquarters to be trained. Normally, we get resistance, probably because of the methods that are used. *cough*

There are two different types of Seers. There are the Hunters and the Seekers. The two jobs are fairly obvious. The Seekers seek out supernaturals and report their findings to a nearby base, which relays it to all the other bases and to headquarters. Headquarters then sends out orders to a particular base to take care of it, or assigns Hunters from HQ to handle it directly, depending on the urgency of the situation.

The Hunters are the ones that accept orders from HQ, and carry them out. Normally Hunters travel with a partner with weaker, similar, or greater abilities, depending on their skill level. They report to the location of the Seeker, and then they take care of the supernatural problem, all the while making sure no ordinary human gets involved.

Now, there has to be a difference between the two types of Seer, otherwise there wouldn't be Hunters and Seekers. The Seekers have no real power, only the ability to see supernatural beings. Their combat skills might be good, but there is a certain magic in the Hunter's body that allows them to harm demons. That said, magic does not really exist in this world, so the Hunters have to channel their energy through a medium, normally some form of weapon. There have been cases of Hunters using their voice to shatter the souls of spirits, but only the most talented Seers can pull that off.

For this role play, you are not constrained to having just one character. In fact, it is probably better to have a good pool of different types of Seer. The guildmaster in Headquarters calls for Seers based on their skill level, personality, and ability type. Whoever is most suited for the task gets chosen.

As for the demons, there are many different kinds. The lesser demons usually have similar abilities, but as they get more powerful, their abilities and forms begin to differ. There is also a top tier of demons that have names. So far, only seven have been identified, though we suspect that there are more.

Lucifer, Leviathan, Satan, Belphegor, Mammon, Beelzebub, and Asmodeus are the names that these demons have given themselves. They are assumed to be the most powerful and lead the lesser demons into battle.


That's all I have right now.


I am still in the midst of finding out what the fuck I want to do with this shit. I don't know if I want more than two others to join, and I am unsure of what kind of pace this role play will be at. ALSO, this is NOT a statistical role play. It is a traditional role play, that uses character development as the strongest factor of story play.

I'm probably not going to have more than two other joining, and one of them is Kuori. I'm waiting for a response from Durn. Sorry if you were interested, but I'm not sure if I could include anyone else in on this.

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Re: I'm just putting this here for myself, really

Post by Silver on Wed Nov 07, 2012 8:49 pm

Well, if, for whatever reason, Durn is not interested, I am quite interested.

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