Gardens of Truth (Casual/Traditional Role Play)(Just an Idea)

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Gardens of Truth (Casual/Traditional Role Play)(Just an Idea)

Post by Zerifachias on Tue Mar 12, 2013 5:32 pm

Sarah Rain has always been a good girl. A gentle, kind, compassionate, and peace-loving girl who always puts her friends before herself. Some say that this is a fault of hers, that because of her blind trust in others, she can end up getting hurt. But to someone like Sarah, that is a small price to pay for the happiness of another. As a human being who is capable of love, Sarah is adamantly pursuing her dreams of a peaceful life with a great number of friends who can know the love that she wants to share with them.

But where there is happiness, there must also be sadness and grief. Sometimes letting go of the things you love or loving someone that cannot ever feel joy are the hardest things in life. The choices that one makes in their lifetime does not decide their fate. This is a belief that Sarah holds firm to. Hardships in life last only as long as they are supposed to, they cannot define a person. Because of these beliefs, Sarah has difficulty avoiding helping a person in need. And whoever she meets, you can bet that there is something that needs to be done.

Something to make a life better. Because to enjoy life properly, you need a friend who can teach you to love.



I'm in an extremely peaceful mood today, as you might be able to tell. So I decided to concoct one of these casual role plays, and I think I've got a pretty good idea in mind. Basically what I want to do is to find a few participants that will join me, and we'll have a nice, casual role play together. No fighting, no magic, no sorcery, no boss characters, none of that. This is a completely normal, casual role play with nothing more to it than a few simple quests. And I don't mean quests as in "find the magic item and return it to this place." No, I mean something different.

Anyone can apply with the character sheet I'm about to put at the end of this post. What I want from you is a character with a particular personality. Certain traits, abilities, talents, hobbies, I want you to list anything and everything you possibly can think of. I know it'll be hard for some of us to transition from the meaning of "abilities," from statistical fighting moves to actual useful talents, but I'm sure you guys can manage.

Now, this is still a RPG, so there is going to be a few things that are going to happen. There won't be any tentacle monsters (no promises here), but we will have a few things to do. Part of it will come from me, part of it will come from you. The "you" part is where your character comes in. There is something I want you to do to your character that makes him/her different from everyone else, besides background/history/personality stuff. I want you to give your character some sort of disability or disorder. Or maybe they suffer from a traumatic event that is set in the back of their minds. Maybe they can't stand the sight of boys. Maybe they're afraid of dogs or cats. Maybe your character is so freaked out by small rodents that she can't stand to even talk about them? Usually it is a problem that occurred in the past that made them afraid, and this can usually be cured. Maybe your character is so self-conscious and depressed because everyone calls him/her ugly or weird?

I want my character to befriend yours, and help your character through their problems. After a little bit, we can create a few more characters who have problems, and work out ways to help them through troubles.

This is all of what I've thought of so far. I'm still thinking a few things through. But this is a very casual role play. I don't care how much you can or can't post, everyone is busy at this time of the year, I understand that. But I would like to have participants who can participate every once in awhile. Just to have a refreshing breather from life and it's realities.


One thing: I do want another player with a character always by Sarah's side, helping her help others. This player's job is to assist me in thinking up story arcs and possible problems to solve, while their character will be a very close friend to Sarah. A childhood friend, kind of. Let me know if you're interested.

Character sheet: (You can change any fonts to make this prettier if you so desire)
Name: (first and last)
Age: (15-17 is the range I want)
Gender: (male or female)
Appearance: (picture or description)

Personality: (How your character acts, what his hobbies are, what talents she has, etc...)

Background/History: (Family's marital status, siblings, relations with other family, significant past experiences, etc...)

The Problem: (What is your character having difficulties with right now? Sarah's friend does not have to fill this out, but if you do, we can work on it. We can have it be a sort of well-kept secret from Sarah)

Affinity: (This is an actual statistic. If you are not Sarah's close friend, you don't need anything here. If you want to be an acquaintance or friend of Sarah's to make this problem-solving business easier, then please put that here along with a description of how close you two are. I will likely accept pretty much anything.)

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