Most likely overreacting

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Most likely overreacting

Post by Envy on Wed Jul 10, 2013 9:15 pm

I've got many things against me right now that are causing me to be very irritable and very easy to anger, but right now I'm just forcing every ounce of cheery fucking bullshit spilling from my mouth. I'm having a decent summer for the most part but things more recently have been rather annoying. I won't go into the list of things that's gone wrong, but I am rather livid about tonight alone; at both a co-worker and myself.

At my job I do the chemistry aspect of research; aka: the most-anal-shit-you've-ever-seen section. I have to keep a chart for expirations of solutions, keep a data log book, keep gloves on to prevent spreading phosphorous and causing contamination, count and keep in order while rinsing and using 120 test tubes and 120 pipets, add solutions with such a small quantity that if you added it to the sample 4 times you wouldn't be able to see a difference in the level of liquids... and so on... super super meticulous and time consuming work. Well la di da~ yes its chemistry, I expect this. That's just my daily moaning and groaning but something that's become rather like a routine so is easy now. However we had 2 big screw ups today. One is completely my fault and the other is my co-worker's and my fault.

The 1st mistake was the shared one. When she set up the reagents, we have one bottle that takes 600-700 ml for a full sample run. We were running a full sample run today. She came in (we had a split day where she came in the morning and i came in the afternoon) and when she set up the machine, she set the lines suspended about halfway in the 1L container. I did not see this when I came in later on because I always keep it at the bottom of the container... like how all the rest of the solution lines are. Yes I should have looked, but because I only ever worried about the quantity of solution rather than where the lines is, because it normally touches bottom, I did not even think about it. So it is my fault here too, but what irritates me the most is what she said about it afterwards. She said "Well it's not in the procedures manual to let it sit at the bottom of the bottle..." Are you fucking kidding me? You KNOW the machine uses 600-700ml per-full run because we have a chart saying how much each run uses for that reason; and you still set the lines to float halfway. Halfway is only 500ml. Use your common fucking sense! This mistake ruined all of our rep samples except one. Reps and spiked samples are the most important samples because they assure the quality of our work. And now they are ruined...

The other issue was entirely my fault and possibly more of a fuck up than the previous. I forgot to turn the connector on the copperized cadmium column offline so that nothing but the reagents go in it. If air bubbles or anything but the buffered reagents go in, it can destroy the column. I let both the rinse solution (1M HCl) and distilled water run through the column before I realized it was still on-line. So now I think I screwed up the most important piece to our Nitrogen study, which is part of what I've finally gotten to work for them since they hadn't gotten it to work in the past. Hoo-fucking-rah... It has to be replaced now most likely and I don't think we have a replacement for it on-hand.

We've made far too many big mistakes when we try to do the full analysis in one day rather than split it into two days. A full analysis in one day runs from 7am until (for tonight anyway) 10pm. It is a long procedure. The full day makes a lot of stress on both the morning shift worker and the late shift worker and I think it's that stress that keeps causing mistakes like these (though these have not occured before but just as important of mistakes). Yet, when I told my co-worker that I think I'm done trying to do these in one day... she was refusing to agree. She keeps trying to tell me that its just procedural issues and things that aren't in the manual and so on. No, they have been numerous MANUAL errors, errors made by the chemist on-duty, not so much the fucking prodecures manual. -_-'' The one day procedures need to end. We have come close to absolutely no errors at all in the 2 day procure runs because there is so much less stress.

As the title states I'm sure I'm over reacting but I'm absolutely livid. Probably doesn't help I have a sunburn from hell that has had me in pain all day. Its on the top side of my thighs and red enough to be called lobster red. I've never had a sunburn that's actually hurt this bad in years unless I've scratched it repeatedly. It hurts to walk, it hurts to lay on them, they burned through the aloe the first night making the aloe pointless, still warm but not scalding like last night, and they still hurt to touch even lightly. I'm irritable from sunburns, hormones, headaches, tiredness, and probably more than that too. So I know I'm probably overreacting, but what i did and what my co-worker said were the final button pushes-- mostly what my co-worker said since I was okay for the most part when leaving work till she said that...

A lot of this probably seems like 'woe is me' complaining, but I've been holding shit in again and I needed to vent it before I exploded on my co-worker or someone who didn't deserve it. I had to make myself take deep breaths and bite my tongue in order to not lash out and I was near ready to cry (which happens when I get angry, sadly). I'm an understanding person who has a hell of a lot of patience, but that well has about run dry.
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