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Post by TheOneWithAThousandFaces on Sat Sep 14, 2013 10:07 pm

Ser Vallius Thorne, Lv. 1
Age: 36
Description Ignore Sword/Gun:
Level: 1
Next Level: 0/12

Job: War-Priest: A seeker and destroyer of mana users and high-mana output areas. This tiny, almost cult, of priests believe God intended for a world without mana, and increased mana use is the reason behind the world's decay. Wields God's hammer with both hands (Doublehand).

Weapon: Rustic Thorne Mace (+1 Atk) A mace handed down from the Thorne line of nobility.
Armor: Shredded Armored Robes (+1 Def) Battle-worn robes with several metal plates throughout
Accessory: Initiate Insignia (+5 LP) A symbolic pendant with a symbol etched into it. Given to all new War-Priests, although this one is a bit... worn. It's likely multiple years old.
A-Ability: Witch Hunter Tech:

+Manacharm: All magic attacks are forced to target the square Ser Vallius Thorne is on for this turn and the next turn, if he is within range, Self. 8 LP.

+Manacrush: 100% Atk damage to MP, Piercing, Weapon Range. 4 LP.

A-Ability: Item.
R-Ability: Manablooded: Magical attacks do 0 damage, but physical and Atk-based attacks deal double damage. (Unobtained)
S-Ability: Lifecrusher: If the enemy has 0 MP, then Vallius'  attacks instantly kill. Only bosses are immune.
D-Ability: Hammer of Divine Judgment (Holy): Strikes a single enemy for instant death. If the enemy is a boss, then it deals 100% piercing damage. HP is raised by 10, LP is raised by 10, cell move is raised by 1, and all stats are raised by 1. HP and LP is both healed for 10.


HP: 25
LP: 15 (+5 from Initiate Insignia)
DD: 0/10
Atk: 4 (+1 from Rustic Thorne Mace)
Def: 3 (+1 from Shredded Armored Robes)
Int: 1 (+0 from Rustic Thorne Mace)
Spr: 2 (+0 from Shredded Armored Robes)
Evasion: 2%
Move: 2 cells (+0 from War-Priest profession)

Skill Points: 0
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