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Blank's characters

Post by MrBlank on Wed Oct 02, 2013 2:18 am

Benjamin Krames, Lv. 1
Age: 37
Level: 1
Next Level: 0/12
Job: Spellthief
Some are born with mastery of the arcane, while others learn to hone it over a number of years. Then there are those who lack the intelligence or the patience, and rely instead on stealing the work of others.

Weapon: Bent Rapier (+1 Int) It's seen better days.

Armor: Dark Clothes (+1 Spr) Good for sneaking. Not so good for armor.

Accessory: Enchanted Gloves: (+5 MP) They left him reach the very souls of men, and scoop out all the delicious mana.

S-Ability: Stolen Gift: Stolen spells cost half their original manacost

A-Ability: Manatheft: Gains his Intelligence in mana, target loses his Intelligence in mana. Range: Weapon. 6 MP.

A-Ability: Shadowslip: Reduces user's Malice value to 0. Range: Self. 6 MP.

D-Ability: Legacy Of Prometheus (Fire): Strikes a single enemy for 200% Str, piercing.

Just as Prometheus stole the fire of knowledge from the gods, Ben steals knowledge of magic from those who have it. Over the years, however, he has learned a few tricks of his own; One such is a devestating explosion of magical fire, the child of the only book Ben ever read and a sick sense of irony. "You want your magic back? Well fine, here, you can have it."


HP: 20
MP: 20 (+5 from Enchanted Gloves)
DD: 0/10
Atk: 3
Def: 2
Int: 3 (+1 from Bent Rapier)
Spr: 2 (+1 from Dark Clothes)
Evasion: 2%
Move: 2 cells

Skill Points: 0

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