[Freeform|Mafia] The Streets of Brookdale

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[Freeform|Mafia] The Streets of Brookdale

Post by Gist on Sun Dec 15, 2013 8:47 pm

The Streets of Brookdale

Within the harrowing streets of this quaint town are a population of villagers. These villagers live ordinary lives in ordinary ways in places that are as ordinary as can be. But what we don't notice, however, is the fact that there is something happening within this quaint little village, something quite sinister indeed. You see, inside a place as peaceful as this, there is a sort of darkness that lurks with the very nooks and crannies of every inch of this quiet place. There is something that none of us can truly face alone.

You see, the people of this town are preyed upon by coldblooded killers, and each night, our population dwindles down fewer and fewer until there may not be any left at all.

I am the mayor of Brookdale, and with every passing night, I grow more and more worried of our fate. So I call upon the other seven of you that are left. We must find these malicious people that hide within sheep's clothing and gorge themselves upon what life they choose to bring forth.

Please, this is our last hope.

~The Mayor

So yes, this is a game of Mafia, if anyone has ever heard of that. If not, I'll bring a quick refresher:

  • In the game of Mafia, there are four unique roles: the Villager, the Cop, the Doctor, and of course, the Mafia.
  • Each of these roles are thrown together during the waking hours of the passing day, each of them trying to find out who really are the killers of the townsfolk.
  • The game is separated into Days and Nights.
  • During the Days, all players converse amongst themselves and attempt to make a verdict on who could possibly be the mafia. Every player may vote, or they may choose to abstain.
  • Once all votes are finalized, the game shifts into Night.
  • During the night, all roles except the Villagers get to use their role powers, which will be listed below:

    • The Cop chooses to investigate one and only one person every Night. Through investigations, they learn whether or not a person is sided with the evil mafia. Sided with the Village.
    • The Doctor chooses to save one and only one person every Night from death. This means Mafia kills. Sided with the Village.
    • The Mafia confer to come up with a consensus on who they choose to destroy that night. If there is a sole Mafia member left alive, they may confer with themselves and give the mayor a decision. The mafia may choose not to kill anyone. Sided with the Mafia.

  • All Night actions must be conveyed to me in PM before the night ends.
  • Once a Night is over, the game shifts back into Day, and I reveal the player who fell victim to the mafia, or not at all if there were none.
  • The game continues until either:

    • The Village lynches all mafia members.
    • The Mafia outnumber or are of equal population to the Villagers.

Then we've got a house rule or two that I absolutely must make clear:

  • You may not in any way, shape, or form provide evidence of your role, such as, but not limited to: PM screenshots, quotes, forwards, or the equivalent.
  • Once you die, you're dead and may not speak within the IC thread, though I'm considering an OOC thread for other questions and discussion that is not game related.

Light roleplaying is encouraged, but most definitely not required.

Without further ado, I need a total of seven players. Once I have them, I'll assign your roles via PM.

Let's play!
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