The Pit of Monsters

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The Pit of Monsters

Post by Silver on Mon Dec 16, 2013 8:36 pm

No story here, don't expect one either. This is solely for GMs who want to test their monsters and baddies against a generated party to test and see if they need to adjust. The monsters might not appear in the RPs they run ever, or they might appear next, but the most important thing is that the GMs that need a little help in this area are able to do a couple test runs before unleashing them only to watch them fail or totally decimate the party with no hope of winning. Anyone can GM if they want; I'll keep track of stuff in this thread as to what all is going on currently and who's in line.

Current Tests

None. This hasn't started yet. :P

Wait List

None. Again, this hasn't started yet. :P

Previous Tests

What part of 'hasn't started yet' do you not understand?

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