Tales of Men and Dragons: The Heralds

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Tales of Men and Dragons: The Heralds

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The land of Kastomich is a diverse and magical land, filled with wonder and tragedy both, as are most lands in this age. The large nation is one rich in culture and supports many different races of beings. There are beings attuned to magic and all of it's wonders, but there are some who stray from the path of righteousness to become dangerous threats to the world. There are beings attuned to the stone of the earth and the metals it holds, and are capable of many great deeds, but their stubbornness is oft their downfall. There are beings of spirit, who hold immense magical power in exchange for weak bodies unsuited to battle. There are beings of the sky, who can fly through the air as easily as a bird would and have power, but are easily swayed and tricked by what they see or hear. Then there are beings of community, who thrive in places where more of their kind can be found, but will soon perish if left without.

All of these beings live in the lands of Kastomich, and though there is strife and war between the races of men and spirits, the people still love their land and wish for nothing more than peace. However, the quarrels of men pale in comparison to the threats they face today, for there is an evil brewing once again in these mystical lands.

Some call these creatures the undead, for they appear as beings with rotting flesh reminiscent of men. Some call them beasts, for they take the appearance of humanoid-shaped creatures similar to that of bears and wolves. Some call them witches and demons, for the alluring auras surrounding them, beckoning sane men and transforming them into something not. However, all of these things are false. The beasts that roam this land are called Remnants by those who hunt them. They are evil creatures who either kill or capture those whom they attack. What happens to those they steal remains a mystery to most, but the Heralds seem to know the answer.

The Heralds are an order of men who hunt the Remnants and seek the eradication of that evil. The tainted blood of the Remnants that is like acid to any living creature is nothing to this group of men. The Heralds are a widely known order in the land of Kastomich, and respected for the work that they do. They are permitted to recruit others into their ranks as they please, anyone from a commoner to a prince can be drafted into service, but it must be done so willingly, with the consent of those whom they recruit.


By some circumstance, you have come across the current leader of the Heralds in your adventures. He goes by the name Sav'rethi and is a human, though you may not be. The available races will be listed below along with a small amount of lore concerning that particular race. Most races have pets and the type of pet you are allowed to have depends on the race you pick. Dwarves are the only race that do not have a pet companion of their own, as they usually have a second rather than a pet.

Human (Character only)
Humans are a diverse race with many available talents including magic, dexterity, and strength. As a human you are able to be just about anything you wish, it is the class with the most diversity. Humans have ruled over themselves for centuries, not bothered by many races other than the dwarves, who had enslaved them for a century before noble King Duran Ashkahoth gave them their independence. At the time of this, it has been around sixty years since.

Humans mostly see other races as untrustworthy, and usually are rather hostile towards any Dwarf. They have a stable relationship with the Elves and the Faeries, and are renowned for their ability to become Dragonslayers. Humans are beings of fellowship and community, so it is said that wolves have been their companions ever since the two species met. The wolf is a man's best friend.

Dwarf (Character only)
Dwarves are a race with a deep and rich culture, often seeing themselves as great warriors. Their indifference to the magical forces of the world is not just an attitude, but a disability as well, they cannot use magic and are more resilient to magic. Though steeped in a great culture, the Dwarves are a hostile race, infamous for their enslavement of humans for a century. Their current King Durin Ashkahoth set the humans free after a vote in the Assembly of Kings forced his hand.

Although deeply entrenched in their own well-being, the Dwarves have never once refused to assist another race or nation when their help was called. Often their help came at a heavy expense to those who called them, as well as those whom they fought. Dwarves are the strongest of warriors and have a stern belief that their only companion should be another Dwarf.

Elf (Character only)
Elves are a fair, mystical race who are incredibly attuned to the forces of nature. Because of this, even their warriors and rogues use some form of magic in their attacks. Truly a mixed race with a heavy dependency on magic. The common Elf is a caring and compassionate fellow, one who sees the world's pain as their own. There are no slaves among the Elves, and no race dares make slaves out of them for fear of the wrath of their people.

Elves travel mostly in small clans in the forests, deserts, or tundra regions. They have a spiritual connection with the Beyond and the Faeries that once inhabited the spirit world. It is said that when an Elf dies, his spirit leaves his body and returns to the land of the Fae, where he is forever nurtured, free of strife and anguish. The Elves are creatures of magic, so they take companionship where they can find it, and the Faeries that live with them make excellent friends.

Giant (Character only)
Giants are seen as the most brutish of races. Though they are called giants, they usually only reach nine or ten feet heights. They are the greatest warriors, but can never learn the traits of a rogue or mage. They like to use their muscles, but often do not retain full control over their strength. Still, they are a gentle race for what it is worth, yet can be driven to a blind rage if provoked.

Giants prefer to keep other races and beasts at a distance, but their strength did not escape the eyes of the dragons, who insist on being near the fearsome men. Much is not known about the relationship between giants and dragons, but it is said that the dragons of old were very small, and saw the giant as something to aspire to become like. Over time, their wish was granted, and Giants are now seen riding dragons through the skies.

Faerie (Character or Companion)
Faeries are mystical beings who are deeply entrenched in the spirit world. Thus they are also called Archons, or great spirits of magic. Because of their mystical appearance, no one really knows how new Faeries come to be, for they are the only being that is immortal, both in body and soul. Though their bodies are fragile, they cannot be killed by normal means. So far it is only the taint of the Remnant that has ever truly killed a Faerie, which is why they life in fear of these creatures.

Despite their fragility, the Fae are an aggressive species of being. They will not harm others for no reason, however it does not take much reason for them to harm. They are delicate souls and often are misunderstood. They struck up a healthy relationship with the Elves and live peacefully as pets or companions. Fae normally do not keep companions of their own, preferring the quiet life that Elves promise.

Wolf (Companion only)
Wolves are about as old a species as humans are. They are loyal beast and have been loyal to their human companions ever since the two met. It started long ago, when the humans traveled in nomadic tribes when the first few wolves started to appear at their camps, looking for scraps. Soon enough, the wolves lost their fear of humans and became domesticated, ensuring that their species would live on as faithful companions to their human friends.

Wolves are excellent hunters and are very tenacious. They can sense hostility a mile away and also know a thing or two about detecting traps. They are loyal above all else and would give their own life to protect their human companion.

Dragon (Companion only)
Dragons are an incredibly powerful species. It is said that dragons were once smaller than a Dwarf, but centuries of influence from the giants they life with made them grow, and now the largest dragon could carry twice it's own weight, which could be as much as six hundred pounds, certainly enough for a giant to fit on it's back.

Dragons are not long-lived creatures by any stretch of the imagination. A single giant may go through five different dragon companions before dying himself, but the lifespan of dragons is beginning to lengthen more and more as they are exposed to such long-lived beings. Dragons have the power of fire in their bellies and oft use it without thinking. Thus they are seen as hostile by other races, but the giants merely see them as playful.

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