A Game of Chess

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A Game of Chess

Post by Gist on Wed Jan 29, 2014 2:20 pm

{R} {N} {B} {K} {Q} {B} {N} {R} A
{P} {P} {P} {P} {P} {P} {P} {P} B
{ } { } { } { } { } { } { } { } C
{ } { } { } { } { } { } { } { } D
{ } { } { } { } { } { } { } { } E
{ } { } { } { } { } { } { } { } F
{P} {P} {P} {P} {P} {P} {P} {P} G
{R} {N} {B} {Q} {K} {B} {N} {R} H

{P} - Pawn
- Moves one space forward.
- May move two spaces forward for its first move.

{R} - Rook
- Moves freely horizontally OR vertically, not both at the same time.
- May castle with an unmoved King.

{N} - Knight
- Moves two spaces vertically and one space horizontally or vice versa.
- May jump over occupied spaces, as long as the ending space is unoccupied.

{B} - Bishop
- Moves freely diagonally.
- Always locked to their colored spaces, if the spaces were colored.

{Q} - Queen
- Moves freely in one direction at any given time.
- Most powerful piece in the game, with regards to movement.

{K} - King
- Moves one space at a time in any direction.
- Most important piece of the game; if captured, the game ends.
- May castle with a Rook closest to it.

Oops. That's a chess board. And what do people do with that? They play chess.

So statplaying is really quite prominent in that people like to move characters along a grid and perform fancy techniques to wipe the red letters off the map. This grid, however, is what drove me to this point of insanity.

This game of chess would not be unlike any other, and the rules would be exactly the same. I'd highlight each "square" black and white, but white just looks retarded in this skin, so no thanks.

SO, without further ado, I'd like to play a game with someone, it doesn't matter who I don't really care, as long as I can see if this would work. It can be a three-person effort, with a "GM" of sorts moving the pieces around the board and keeping a log of all moves made and the two players actually calling the shots, or each of the two people can move their own pieces akin to the actual game.

Just one person is needed, though if two respond, someone can "GM". I think this would work.
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