Adventures of Naletia: City of the Abyss

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Adventures of Naletia: City of the Abyss

Post by Zerifachias on Sun Jun 08, 2014 3:23 pm

There is a certain amount of ridicule that I can take before everything just breaks apart inside of me. Red vision, the scent of burning flesh, and an overpowering lust for blood. The battlefield lay in ruins before me, a mountain of bodies, my responsibility. The sands, drenched in blood and fire, shift ever so slightly beneath my feet as I gaze upon my own wake of destruction. Unrecognizable faces of men and women, flesh pierced by spears and swords. Children's heads severed in a quick and painless end, even my own rage could not withstand the guilt of murdering the young.

Amezi is a torn nation, split into wandering tribes that ever search for what may no longer exist. It disgusts me, but this is the path I must walk. As the only survivor of a hundred heirs, it is my responsibility to search for this city. I owe these poor souls that much for the mass homicide that I have committed here.

I had no control. No choice over my own actions, that is the curse that I live with now. The corrupt blood that flows through me is prideful and does not tolerate ridicule. Speak out against searching for the city once, and I became the outcast. I became the heretic. The unwashed heathen with no true purpose other than blind murder. It was then that my blood scorched with rage and I could no longer control myself.

I've heard rumors of an old magician that was once banished from the world of the living. I know nothing about this mage, but I know one thing: whomever releases him from the abyss will be rewarded. Though it may be dangerous to assume he will not attack, I have nothing to fear. I stand in a wasteland of sand, surrounded by destruction that I created. Any mage would think twice before attacking me.

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