Dragon's Nest (The Re-vengeance)

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Dragon's Nest (The Re-vengeance)

Post by Kurio on Mon Sep 29, 2014 11:51 pm

Tian'men was famed throughout the world for its natural beauty and diverse landscape. Tales have often been sung about the majestic peaks, the flourishing woods, the ancient rivers, and the boundless plains that make up the largest nation in the world. When coupled with the flourishing of art and culture it has become common practice for travelers to stop by and visit the nation at some point in their journey. Then it is no surprise that port city of Hai'ren, the center of Tian'men's maritime activity, would be the busiest city of the nation with hundreds of ships entering and leaving the ports each day.

A lone woman stood at the very front of a ship sailing toward Hai'ren that was scheduled to arrive late in the afternoon. She felt the sun's heat on her pure white hair, assuming it was near noon as she tilted her head upward. Darkness was all she could see. Upon her eyes was a blindfold made of perfectly cut strips of silk and in her left hand she held a bamboo staff reaching well past her waist. The woman felt a breeze of salted air blowing past her, causing both her hair and the long robes she wore to flutter behind her. "Are we there?" The woman asked out loud to no one in particular, but still hoping that one of the crew or the merchants or the passengers aboard the ship would answer her.
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