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idk where else to put this lol

Post by Durn on Thu Oct 23, 2014 10:03 pm

Name: Kuori
Age: 14
Gender: Dead Inside
A black silhouette wavers against a bloody sunset. As the blazing horizon stared at the figure, it gazed back. No, not with eyes, but with two shadowy beads that merely acted as eyes, shunning the sun's existence. "What a pain," the figure sighed as it flicked its luscious, black hair from one side of its brow to the other, shading its eyes from the light, "how troublesome, heh. The sun can't control me," The figure continued, its voice muttering lowly with the agony of a repressed soul, "but, heh, I suppose nothing can."

It took a deep breath as a light rain began to drizzle. With teary eyes, the figure sang aloud: "No storm can compare to the agonizing hurricane that stirs within the deepest, blackest depths of the cesspool of misery I call my heart!" On its knees with its neck crooked to the oncoming storm, the figure gently shut its eyes as a single tear slid down its cheek.

Likes: Sharp objects, horror movies, Pretty Little Liars, cooking shows, tribal tattoos, Hot Topic, piercings, Easy-Bake Ovens, dramatic poetry readings, Starbucks, cactus pageants, wearing headphones in class, window seats, dark and emotional lyrics, ravens, Ziploc bags.
Dislikes: Ladybugs, friendship, Bill Clinton, umbrellas, The Lion King, fake people, eating, religion, working out, Confident Rival-senpai, Stacy from middle school, parents, Kelly Clarkson, sunshine, historical documentaries, school, Cinderella and her fucking entitled-as-shit bossy attitude, tuna.

Class: Mysterious Youth - When he enters a room, the mysteriously foreboding piano soundtrack begins to play. Who is he? Nobody knows! After all, his background is shrouded in intense mystery... Will his past every be revealed? Probably not. The author hasn't even decided what happened to him, and probably never will. After all, his past is only mysterious to make him seem edgy and complex.


Vague Memento - Le gasp. The camera has screened in on our mysterious youth's suspiciously ornate, golden brooch multiple times. Is it important? Is it relevant to the plot? Probably not. [Immune to plot relevance]
Black Scarf - It's the middle of summer, but not even the fluffiest scarf can protect Kuori from the iciness of his own cold, dead heart. [Immune to friendship]
Picture of Dead Pet Grasshopper - Sometimes things may happen during youth that cause children to prematurely realize that life is meaningless. [Deflect happiness as angst]


Piercing Darkness - Castable only with a quick chant of the phrase "Nobody understands me!", this skill allows Kuori to insert a pencil into the flesh of his target. With proper planning and mental preparation, Kuori may follow up with one of the following sub-techniques:

--- Devil Fist - Kuori slaps the target in a fit of girlish rage.
--- Blackness Upon Darkness - Kuori flings an assortment of school supplies at his target. If one miraculously finds its way to the targets eyes, it may induce blind.
--- Shadow Rush - Kuori flails about and kicks the target in the gut, himself falling down in the process. This kick may break several of the target's ribs.

Laments of the Suffering - Kuori breaks out in an emotional serenade of Linkin Park's "In The End", filling all units within ten meters with an incomprehensible confusion. Shatters fragile objects within the area. Pops the eardrums of all within the area. Induces internal bleeding in all within the area.

Reaper of Souls - Kuori's immense anxiety causes him to vomit uncontrollably.


Stamina: 60 / 60
Strength: 9
Adamance: 8
Willpower: 1
Faith: 2
Dexterity: 5
Charisma: 1
Luck: 1
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