Abrogation [Interest Check for a 1x1]

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Abrogation [Interest Check for a 1x1]

Post by Vergil on Fri May 22, 2015 3:50 pm

“There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.

There is another theory which states that this has already happened.”

-Douglas Adams, “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe”

Imagine if you were to be born again, and having to relearn the concepts and semantics of life and its constructs, and then imagine them being different from the ones you’ve come to know. Is fire still hot? Does it still exist or has it been replaced by something else entirely? What is the meaning of existence and what is existence? Where exactly are you?

Welcome to Abrogation, a 1x1 non-sequitur Statplay where the foundations of logic and laws of reality have been broken and reconstructed with very few similarities of the familiar world remaining intact. Your character finds themselves in what appears to psychiatrist office and as it turns out the events of the roleplay have already ended: you are apparently trying to recall all the events that happened up to this point. The story has already been told and you just need to remember, and maybe then you’ll find out exactly why you’re here in the first place.

Element/Damage and Progression changes:

The basic elements of Fire, Water, Air, Earth have been replaced by Plasma, Mercury, Cyanide, and Quantum, with more special “elements” existing further down the line. Physical Damage is instead Motion Damage, and Magical does not exist and instead has replacements in the form of String, Wave, Particle, Spectrum, and Ray. Due to the nature of this drastic change, the character you submit will not have any initial A or D-Abilities. Instead, they will gain them through certain conditions in the story whether it is obtaining an item that allows a premade ability to be unlocked, or by synthesizing together materials to make them. As with the basic elements in standard Statplays having set weaknesses and resistances to Fire/Water/Air/Earth and the like, enemies will have their own in regards to Plasma/Mercury/Cyanide/Quantum. An example of an ability may look like this:

+ Orphic Avant-garde – Conjures several multi-colored, hollow cubes that burst upon impact and launches them at an enemy. Deals 120% Plasma-based Spectrum Dmg in a cone extending 3 cells in front of the user. Square Diadem. 8 COM. STB: -5. Current Proficiency: C (0%)

As with regular A-Abilities, there is the name and description of the ability. Followed by that is the damage percentage and range, and after that is an equipment requirement (if any). Orphic Avant-garde requires a character to have a Square Diadem equipped in order to be used. COM stands for Comprehension, and is the resource used instead of MP. STB is short for Stability. In Abrogation, these abilities are used by distorting and further warping the character’s perception of the universe’s reality, and by using them, the character makes their perception less stable. Once STB reaches 0, the fabric of existence will crumble around the user, the user loses the ability to grasp the standing reality, and causes a manifold of incomprehensible effects, which will most likely result in the character’s death. Proficiency records the grade and progress percentage the user has with the current ability. Persistent usage of the ability must be done regardless in order to advance the Proficiency grade, making it more stable to use and increasing its effectiveness and reactivity to be combined with other abilities. A sample character’s stats will be like the following:

HP: 20/20
COM: 20/20
STB: 50/50
FOR: 4
DEF: 2
VIS: 1
IGN: 2%
EPI: 3%

Yes, it’s quite a mess indeed. HP like in all Statplays stands for Hit Points, and thus does not need to be explained. COM as said before is Comprehension, and is the character’s resource pool used for abilities. STB is Stability, and is consumed alongside COM for abilities. If 0 STB is reached, the battle is thrown into chaos which may or may not progressively end existence itself. STB costs may be a flat amount or in percentages, and total STB is restored by 5% of the maximum amount per turn. Only the protagonist character will have STB. FOR (Force) is a replacement for ATK and determines the power of basic attacks and Motion-based attacks. DEF (Defense) is a mitigation value against attacks scaling off of FOR. VIS (Vision) is the character’s ability to perceive the manifestations of their attacks in order to use them, and is the replacement for INT for String, Wave, Particle, and Spectrum abilities. WILL (Willpower) is the character’s resolve against abilities scaling off of attacks scaling from Vision. IGN (Ignorance) is the character’s chance rate to avoid attacks completely by refusing to acknowledge its existence. EPI (Epiphany) is the character’s chance to deal double damage through spontaneous sparks of inspiration and ability to distinguish the standing reality. MOVE is as it always was: the amount of cells a character may move per turn.


Characters may equip the kinds of weapons, armors, and accessories they would in any standard Statplay. However in addition to those three, they will also equip an item called a “Diadem”, a crest representing a shape which will allow use of certain abilities. The beginning Diadems that a character may start out with are Circle, Square, Triangle, and Cross.


Throughout the story, the character will meet several party members, but each battle will only allow a varying amount to be deployed. Likewise, although an infinite number of A-Abilities may be obtained, battles will specify that the player must select which A-Abilities they will bring in, in accordance to the battle’s set ability limit.

Profiles will be submitted like any other, only without A-Abilities or a D-Ability. Profiles must have a selected Diadem, and the stats used for this type of Statplay. If you are interested, please post below and I will consider the application.
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Re: Abrogation [Interest Check for a 1x1]

Post by Zerifachias on Fri May 22, 2015 5:07 pm

I am interest please yes.

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