Drabbles: Wolfgang

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Drabbles: Wolfgang

Post by Vergil on Fri Jul 01, 2016 4:00 pm

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It was just about that time of night again.

Patrons of the Angel Wing Bar were sparse and distant, mostly keeping to themselves or enjoying a few rounds of billiards. Lighting in the place was murky and somber - just the way the denizens liked it. Underbosses from gangs and the occasional district officials would find nights like these to be one of their more halcyon moments. The mixologist dressed in professional attire, complete with an atramentous suit vest over a tie and white dress shirt. His hair was swept aside in a ritzy fashion, and his cologne smelled of vetiver and turpentine. His eyes locked onto to the sight of the door as his hands busied with wiping down a champagne flute.

Right on cue, Wolfgang set foot through the mahogany door, placing himself on a stool.
"Dark ru-"
"Dark rum, on the rocks," the bartender cut short, having been used to the routine.
"I'm becoming that predictable, huh?"
"You've been here every night for the past two weeks, and you always order the same thing."
"And here I thought was becoming your favorite customer."
"You're a comedian."

The bartender retrieved a bottle from the shelf and poured a glass, passing it over to Wolfgang. Wolfgang shot back a sheepish grin. "What's with that look?" the bartender questioned. "Well aren't you gonna say what I'm going to say next? I thought that's what we were doing tonight," Wolfgang mocked. "You mean, 'leave the bottle'?" the bartender quipped back, rolling his eyes. "Your jokes just keep on rolling. Maybe you'd like to perform here sometime?" The two of them pretended to glare at each other for a while before they both broke out into laughter.

"All asshole-ishness aside, how's business, Harvey?"
"Same as it always is. Who knew my bar was the only place that wouldn't take a hit to traffic ever since Paragon went to shit?"
"Yeah... I'm sorry about that."
"Sorry for what? What are you apologizing for?"
"Uh... nothing. Nevermind."
"Anyway, what's been going on with you? How's your girl been doin'?"
"...I'd rather not talk about that."
"Ouch. Bad breakup, huh? I gotcha. That why you've been hittin' this place up every night now? I used to only see you every so often."
"Err... sure. Yeah. I just... really don't want to talk about that right now."
"Alright, alright. Let's jump out of that."

The two remained in awkward silence for what seemed like the longest few minutes of their lives, to the point where the clock could audibly be heard ticking in the background. Wolfgang took several sips of his rum while Harvey did his best not to stare. The dingy lights, and the haze of cigarette smoke made for the perfect environment for the mood that immersed the bar. Harvey found another topic before long to re-engage the conversation, though eye contact was still avoided.

"So... there seems to be a huge spike in gang activity lately. Heard the neighborhood by Elk Avenue is now thug territory."
"Which guys were running around there, now? Was it the Black Adders? Dead Man's Hand?"
"Tiger Gang."
"Yeah, that's the one. You know of those guys?"
"Ran into a few of them myself."
"And you lived? Huh. Hey Wolfgang... you ever fire a gun?"
"At like, people?"
"What was that like?"

As quickly as one could flip a switch, Wolfgang's face went utterly spiritless with eyes looking as though they carried the burdens of the world. He closed his eyes as he downed the entire bottle, and rose from his seat.

"Good talk, but I gotta go," Wolfgang announced as he readied to depart. "I'll pay the tab in three days."
"Well... good seeing you again," Harvey responded, feeling an anxious sensation of disquiet.
"Oh, and Harvey?"
"What's up?"
"Don't take the subways home anymore."
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