Sans Morality [Profiles]

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Sans Morality [Profiles]

Post by VIII Redeta on Sat Nov 14, 2009 9:20 am

---Accepted Profiles---
Name: Seth Surana
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Dalish (True) Elf
Class: Mage
Primary Specialization: Blood Mage
Secondary Specialization: None
Appearance: His short orange hair is braided along one side and tucked neatly behind his elven ears. Rather slender, even amongst his own kin, Seth has a frail appearance that belies his true potential. Upon his cheeks and the bridge of his nose are faint markings, tattoos of his former clan before he left for the Circle (of Mages.) When he is not garbed in his navy blue apprentice attire, Seth can be found sporting a red tunic and simple cotton attire.
Personality: Rash and confrontational, Seth is an enigma even amongst mages. He has a foul mouth along with a short temper, and is ruthless when it comes to getting what he wants. It does not help that he has a silver tongue; when sweet-talking doesn't work, he's been known to set people ablaze.
Biography: The Harrowing is a ritual every apprentice must perform, lest they become one of the Tranquil or worse, an Abomination. Templars stand at the ready, prepared to slay any stray mages lest a demon possesses him or her. Seth recently went through his Harrowing. He met a fellow mage, a man whose soul had been trapped in the Fade for an eternity. That mage, a man who had lost both body and memory, called himself Mouse. With Mouse at his side, Seth faced both a kindly spirit and a Sloth Demon in order to find the means to defeat his true adversary.

After the Harrowing, Seth passed out and found himself in the apprentice chambers. A fellow apprentice, Jowan, awoke him and told him of the good news, that he had succeeded. But of course, such an accomplishment was only short lived...

Name: Zera Cousland
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Primary Specialization: Duelist
Secondary Specialization: None
Appearance: Medium-length white hair, he has a morose air about him, normally wearing clothes that would hide his nobility when it is unnecessary to flaunt it, this usually takes the appearance of ragged, buckled clothes. He has a lean body type, there are usually somewhat gray rings under his eyes from his constant studies. His face is soft, there are no flaws in his facial bones structure, no irregularities. Nothing distinct at all, other than a scar that runs from one side of his nose, to the other, partially crossing just beneath the eye socket, he cover this up with some of his hair, and it usually works out fine like that.
Personality: As stated before, he has a grim appearance, repulsing those whom he does not want to interact with. He has a moral code he follows based around his past life experiences, and gets agitated when others cross it. He knows he does not have the appearance of someone who is noble, but strives to maintain the reputation of his line with a falsified personality when in the presence of other nobles. If a matter does not affect his directly, he has no interest in it, and as a result, he will often leave it to others to make decisions, unless it is necessary he do so himself. If he is wronged by anyone, he will never forget it, and will destroy anyone that does so. Normally, he is quite calm and collected, unless disturbed by something.
Biography: In Progress
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