Thelvalli Saga: Wayward Zodiac

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Thelvalli Saga: Wayward Zodiac

Post by Vergil on Wed Jul 05, 2017 7:04 pm


The brisk footsteps of leather boots clacked upon the cold floor of the Emurhalzen Laboratory. A man would find himself before a reinforced steel door. He gave it several knocks with his gloved hand.

"I've been expecting you, Prince Ulderflitz," a voice would respond from behind the door. "You may enter."

Allowing himself in, the prince dusted off the side of his mantle before stepping through to meet the owner of the laboratory.

"It has been quite some time since our last talk, my friend," Ulderflitz addressed him. "As always I am beside myself with great anticipation to see the astounding breakthroughs of the great Professor Horace Emurhalzen. What have you to show me today?"

"Right to the point - you waste no time, young prince," Emurhalzen answered with a chuckle. "I suppose that is one of the many qualities I like about you. Very well, have a look for yourself."

The professor flicked a switch on the wall, activating a line of lamps fixed into the opposite end of the room. The light would reveal the bodies of twelve infants, each one contained and preserved in liquid-filled vats.

"What... exactly am I looking at?" Ulderflitz asked, unable to comprehend.

"The fruits of my research, of course. Each being you see before you has been artificially created based off the mapping of genetic samples."

Prince Ulderflitz walked to each vat and sighed. Being the man of little patience that he was, the prince was quick to demand an explanation.

"Professor, you wrote to me a week ago saying that you had come up with a creation that would turn the tides of this war. Should you fail to provide an adequate proposal on how you intend to use... this... for the Republic of Steigeon, then I can no longer provide funding for you from my father's treasury. I've already gone to great lengths to ensure that the parliament has not yet caught wind of these unsanctioned experiments. Please explain yourself."

"My good prince, you have known me since we first met at Branzul Academy. Long enough to know that my actions are not without proper reasoning."

"And I have yet to hear it."

"Do you not see? I have created human life! They were not born from common blood, for my men have acquired the finest specimens this age has to offer! Follow me."

Professor Emurhalzen led Ulderflitz into another room, one with yet another set of twelve vats containing twelve people.

"Behold, my good prince!" Emurhalzen thundered with boisterous confidence. "Twelve legends of the land! Each one captured for their unique set of talents and recreated into humanity anew! I call them... 'The Hosts.' With their contributions to my research, I have created apex soldiers! Now you see, Prince Ulderflitz, you now have your winning gambit in this war! Go on, take a look at the information I have compiled on each Host."

Reyan Lensur
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Classification: Knight
Talents: Unfaltering Bravery, Leadership, Loyalty

”This is the famed Grand Paladin, Reyan Lensur. His outstanding leadership and stalwart devotion to his country has won him countless battles.”

”I know him… he was widely accepted as Yildricht’s one true champion. He inspired his men through many sieges. I thought he was supposed to have been felled in battle.”

”Such were the rumors, yes. However, he was found by Archbishop Coreth just in time for her to heal him. My men were able to intercept and detain them both.”

Ilona Coreth
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Classification: Priestess
Talents: Holy Magic/Exorcist Arts, Healing Touch, Gift of the Divine Wings

”…And this is Archbishop Coreth herself?”

”Indeed. She has the record of being the youngest ever person to be consecrated by the Church of St. Safira. As you know, her exploits include how she staved off the entire Dire Plague by tending to the ill with her peerless healing gift.”

”With someone like that at our disposal, our soldiers could fight through any injury…”

”You are starting to see the big picture.”

Serae Vale
Gender: Female
Age: 34
Classification: Sorceress
Talents: Illusion Magic, Mind Control/Enslavement Magic, Spirit Walking

”Who might this one be?”

”If you have never heard of Serae Vale, then chances are it is because she never wanted you to. She resided in the Kingdom of Candren, home to many adept mages.”

”What’s so special about her?”

”Her mastery in reshaping the laws of reality. She could invoke the powers of illusion, and on many occasions she has used those powers to have her enemies defeat themselves.”


”She once cast a hallucinogenic fog over a band of Yildricht knights, and shortly after they began eating each other.”

”That’s horrific.”

”It doesn’t end there, though. In Candren’s port city of Mavaly, she brainwashed the entire populace into appointing a horse as a senator.”

”You mean to tell me that Senator Beauregard Luckyhoof became part of the senate through the means of Serae’s mind control?”

”That is the whole truth, I’m afraid. Though long after the mind control wore off, Senator Luckyhoof remained a senator. The people of Mavaly just accepted it and he is now their most beloved politician.”

”…Let’s move on to the next one.”

Keir Aodhan
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Classification: Slayer
Talents: Runic Blood, Weapon Mastery, Soul Banishing

”I assume you know the legendary hero, Keir Aodhan?”

”How could I not? This was the man who fought the demon king for thirteen days and thirteen nights straight and eventually slayed that terror once and for all. How did his body not relent through such a struggle?”

”A little known fact says that he himself was conceived as a result of a union between a demon and a human. Runic blood flows through his veins, allowing feats that normal magic cannot even accomplish.”

”And you were able to capture this monster among men? How?”

”A man has his secrets, Prince Ulderflitz.”

Alviero Destrade
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Classification: Bard
Talents: Power of Song

”…I had hoped never to see this one’s face ever again.”

”He has given the republic quite the amount of grief, hasn’t he?”

”An understatement. Alviero Destrade had complete command over musical instruments and could use them to affect the people he met. Instead of using his powers constructively, he chose to squander them by playing tricks on people. My father grew weary of him and eventually issued a warrant for his imprisonment.”

”I heard about this. What happened to the officers that were sent after him?”

”It was reported that Alviero played a melody which slowed down the passage of time on the officers, causing them to move at a fraction of normal speed. He just walked up to each one and stood in front of them with a very stupid grin on his face, moving out of the way when an officer would try to swing at him. He disarmed each one and replaced their swords with bananas, and when he decided he was finished, Alviero kicked each one of the officers in the groin and ran off. Their bodies may have slowed down, but their minds were still functioning in actual time. This means that the officers suffered through the testicular pain for an excruciatingly prolonged amount of time. Two of the officers took their own lives after that incident.”

”It appears you know more of his exploits than I do. Didn’t you meet with him once? How did that turn out?”

”He told me a joke. And when I didn’t laugh he would tell me the same joke again, over and over hoping my sense of humor would suddenly change.”

”Well he isn’t laughing now, that’s for sure.”

Neith Calstern
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Classification: Assassin
Talents: Stealth, Silent Killing, Poison Mastery

”You wrote down here that this is Neith Calstern, a master assassin.

”That is correct. Neith is the original founder of the Brotherhood of the Revanchists, a society that hides away in the shadows and spans worldwide.”


”His skillset is rather self-explanatory. The way of the assassin consists of using every advantage to secure a kill while remaining undetected. In order to capture him, I had my men join the Revanchists to infiltrate their ranks and ambush him using a false contract as bait.”

”Impressive. Who did you list for the fake bounty?”

”Your father.”


”Alviero may have been onto something about your sense of humor.”

Astrid Vikley
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Classification: Rogue
Talents: Pickpocketing, Spelunking, Trap Knowledge

”Here we have Astrid Vikley. Her talents are somewhat similar to Neith’s, but she prefers to rob her victims blind rather than kill them outright.”

”So she’s a common thief.”

”Far from a common one. She’s raided many catacombs and uncovered lost artifacts, and she can produce maps with precise accuracy. They say there isn’t a stronghold that she can’t break into.”

”I will admit, she is rather fetching.”

”Using her charms for her own personal gain was also part of the trade.”

Patarn Kavap
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Classification: Monk
Talents: Martial Arts, Superhuman Strength

”What a frightening one this one is.”

”Patarn Kavap. He was a native of Saikuo and was a grandmaster of Xikyo Monastery. He trained his body to surpass mortal limits and passed his technique down to his students. He could stop a blade between his fingers and even catch bullets with his hands. They say it takes years of meditation to achieve such a level of focus.”

”I’ve never been to Saikuo before.”

”I recommend a visit sometime. Observing their culture is an enriching experience.”

Gender: Female
Age: 29
Classification: Hunter
Talents: Beast Mastery, Tracking, Mounted Combat

”It looks like you’ve even managed to capture a member of one the barbaric tribes.”

”She is known simply as Svefhea of the Swift Panthers. She was a war chieftain among her fellow tribespeople, and their lack of tolerance for trespassers was matched by their gruesome brutality. One could not step foot into their territory without Svefhea knowing of it.”

”…As if the Swift Panthers have any territory to call their own to this day.”

Usrius Pleiada
Gender: Male
Age: 81
Classification: Wizard
Talents: Arcane Knowledge, Elemental Magic, Enchanting Spells

”Please tell me you didn’t pick this one off the streets.”

”I’m surprised that you don’t know of Usrius the Sage. He, like many others of magical talent was born in Candren and devoted his life to unraveling the mysteries of the world. He was very wise – that is until his old age caught up with him. I’m afraid when his mind went, so did many of the secrets of his craft. Hopefully the child I created from his genetics will carry on his lost legacy.”

Mintaka Xanreh
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Classification: Blademaster
Talents: Flawless Swordsmanship, Honed Reflexes, Spirit Edge

”This one looks familiar.”

”Ah, yes. Mintaka Xanreh of the Sword Sisters. They were nomadic, claiming allegiance to no nation or king, but rather the way of the blade. They traveled the lands seeking opportunities to perfect their art and battle worthy opponents. They say Mintaka’s bladework can cut through the very fabric of existence itself.”

Prysmaria Emblyne
Appearance (Dragon):

Gender: Female
Age: 22
Classification: Dragon
Talents: Aura Tap, Flight, Cosmic Breath

”A-Am I reading this correctly? This woman is actually a dragon?”

”Yes. Their species have been hunted to near-extinction, and the Aura Dragon is an even rarer, more powerful breed than its other relatives. They are highly intelligent creatures and have taken to imitating human form as not to arouse suspicion to their true identities. Fortunately, I have the proper resources needed to seek out their kind.”

”You’ve outdone yourself, Professor.”

Prince Ulderflitz gave a nod of approval at the Emurhalzen's work. "I am thoroughly impressed at the ends you met to obtain these living legends. Not only that, but you've managed to replicate their strengths into... impressionable soldiers. A question still remains, however. Your project has yielded mere infants. When can I expect them to be able-bodied and ready to fight for the cause?"

"I'm afraid they must age at the same rate as other humans do," Emurhalzen said. "Trying to accelerate their growths would cause complications and create more liabilities than what it's worth. Twenty years. I can have them ready to fight in twenty years."

"Do you honestly believe our conflict will last anywhere near as long?!" Ulderflitz snapped in an outrage. "As it stands, our army has not made headway, and the price of recruitment and provisions are beginning to weigh on the republic. War is a costly effort, Professor, and with each day our treasury and our men dwindle and wane. If this goes on, Steigeon's economy will be bled dry and the people will suffer for it. I do not have twenty years to spare, Professor."

"Perfection cannot be rushed, Prince Ulderflitz."

"To hell with your pedantic pride! This has all been for your own personal gain, hasn't it? Oh, how triumphant you must feel, playing the prince for a fool!"

"You have it all wrong, Ulderflitz-"

"I have stood by your vision for many years now, but I'm afraid it ends here. You will receive no more funds from me. I cannot risk parliament discovering what is going on here. I am leaving now, Professor. For the sake of us both... get rid of them."


Thank you for reading this little teaser post that took forever. Masq has his Tales of Alidaire, and Zeri has his Adventure of Naletia, so I thought I was long overdue for my own high fantasy-type world. So, here it is: the Thelvalli Saga. This story takes place twenty years after the scene you just read above. The Steigeon-Yildricht War was fought over the Republic of Steigeon wanting to spread their industrialization across the continent, while the Kingdom of Yildricht sought to push the emphasis of the Church of St. Safira. It lasted fifteen years and ended when Kaiser Fardham and King Castel signed a truce known as the "Steildricht Treaty." Professor Emurhalzen could not bear to dispose of his experiment despite Prince Ulderflitz's heed, and sent the infants away to various orphanages and fostering families that would take them. This is where the players (meaning you) come in.

You will be playing as one of the clones created by Professor Emurhalzen. Note that they are not identical of their Hosts, therefore allowing you creative freedom over your character's appearances. The only thing that the Host will affect for your character are their prominent abilities. Each clone will be exactly twenty years of age but will not necessarily begin the story within short vicinity of each other depending on their respective backstories. Each clone is unaware of the experiment and the fact that there are genetic copies of their Host, believing that they are normal humans. The character thread will reveal the current known locations and details about them so that you may choose where you wish to begin your journey. Below will be posted a profile for Prysmaria's clone so that you may follow the same template. As such, you may not choose Prysmaria as a host. Anyway, go nuts.
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Re: Thelvalli Saga: Wayward Zodiac

Post by Vergil on Wed Jul 05, 2017 7:05 pm

Raema Ixian
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Host: Prysmaria Emblyne


After the incident of the Emurhalzen Laboratory, Raema was sent away and taken in by a Yildricht family. Much to her parents’ surprise, Raema possessed the ability to shapeshift into an Aura Dragon and after such a discovery, Raema was told only to use her powers only when her life was in danger. Every summer she was taken to visit the Yildricht family’s relatives in Mavaly, where she spent her time playing with the other children in the vast vineyards. As a teenager, her foster parents allowed her to take up a mage’s apprenticeship at one of Candren’s prestigious academies. She learned quick of the arcane teachings and impressed her peers.

She never pursued further scholarly life beyond her graduation of her preliminary studies, and returned to Yildricht when she felt homesick. To this day, there are only a few who have witnessed her true form.

Personality: Raema is a kindhearted woman who adores her foster family. Though many believe her to be delicate at first glance, Raema proves that she is as tough as they come. She is quick to anger upon seeing the weak picked on, and will often come to the aid of the defenseless. She dreams of seeing the world, but cannot bear the thought of being apart from her loved ones for too long.
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