Cyanide Sky

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Cyanide Sky

Post by Masquerade on Fri Aug 25, 2017 5:48 pm

The chatter in the cafeteria at Athos Diogenes IV High School was rampant today, more so than usual. At one of the long grey tables, Lucia Carlamine sat on the bench, hunched over a large white banner, a discontent frown on her face. She took a paintbrush and dipped it into the red paint, placing the brush to the banner to spell out the words "Long Live Industry" and "Machines = Prosperity." Upon reaching the school earlier that Tuesday morning, she had managed to meet up with some of her underclassman friends from back when she actually attended the school. She graduated the previous year, and since she didn't have any plans to move out of state for college or internship, it was easier to keep up with said friends.

Every year around the time of the anniversary of Citta del Avvenire's victory, Athos Diogenes IV High School held a week-long festival leading up to the actual day of the anniversary. Before graduating, Lucia would be forced to help with preparations, and in her senior year she was ecstatic knowing she'd never have to do so again. However, here she was once more. What was supposed to be another day of lazing around the apartment had turned into this nonsense. She recalled her mother chastising her, telling her that as an alumnus she should go and assist with the festivities at the high school this year, and that the school had even reached out to her for it. Knowing that the nagging wouldn't cease, Lucia had finally made up her mind. She already lost a day for preparations while deciding on what she wanted to do, but she took it as a blessing. At least this year, the week would be one day shorter.

"Lucia! How does this robot look???" Lucia's friend, Ruby, asked. The cute, cartoon robot Ruby had painted onto the banner was smiling and covered in flowers, a touch that she felt Lucia would appreciate. Ruby looked up at her friend with a wide grin. Her large eyes always squinted when she smiled like that, the dark irises becoming that much more difficult to see.

"See, now you're making it too obvious that you're sucking up to me," Lucia said with a short-lived laugh.

"I'm just so happy you decided to come! I know it's the worst time of the year for you, but we're all here for you, you know?"

"I do know, and I appreciate it, trust me."

Ruby's words had definitely lit up Lucia's mood a bit. There was a bit more vigor in her brush strokes as she made the words look more solid and blocked. She wanted to capture the rigidity of machinery. The only good things about this particular situation was the fact that her friends were there and she got to decorate. Her art teacher, Mr. Miller, was quite fond of her works while she was in his class, and he held her in high regard. He even urged her to pursue a career in visual arts, but her calling was the environment, even with it being as non-existent as it was.

"Lucia, did you hear the news about the Red Man?" Ruby was working on painting a trio of skyscrapers in another corner of the banner.

"Did they finally catch that lunatic?" Lucia responded, her curiosity piqued, but every time she heard news about this person, she lost more and more interest.

"Lunatic?! I thought he'd be a hero to you!" Ruby gasped, almost messing up one of her skyscrapers.

"Ah come oooon, I'm not that shallow. You think I'd consider someone who sat behind a keyboard away from view of the public a hero? You think I'd consider someone who, from behind their little veil of anonymity, inspired false hope in the hearts of thousand a hero?"

Ruby sighed and reached into her blouse pocket to retrieve her phone and hand it to Lucia who recoiled at the unsightly pink phone case and the tacky colored polka dots covering it.

"Take iiiiit. And read!"

Lucia reluctantly took the phone and glanced at the article upon it.

* * *


By: Annabeth Caufield

Kankren, New York City, New York - It became evident on Monday night that the mysterious Red Man, a troublesome figure that has been openly detesting the government's bending of will to the mighty Citta del Avvenire over the internet, will be delivering a broadcast come Wednesday night. The police have been hunting this man ever since he hijacked electronic billboards all across the state of New York to display his message, one noting that the fall of Guardiani Terrene was not the end of the Earth's fight against the humans who would see its downfall. This alarmed federal agents and the manhunt began, but many other open acts have been committed over the course of several months and still the FBI has no leads on who this person might be. They don't even know if the Red Man is actually a man at all! Police are hoping that Wednesday's message might reveal more about the Red Man, and hopefully a hint as to who he might be.

* * *

"Another public message, eh? I'm wondering how creative he'll be this time. That's about my only take on this," Lucia mumbled, clearly not amused as she returned Ruby's phone.

Ruby frowned but set about working on more illustrations for the banner. Both girls worked in silence amidst the endless chatter of the other students.


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Re: Cyanide Sky

Post by Vergil on Tue Aug 29, 2017 6:24 pm


"It was a day like any other..."


A folk song played from the radio of the car, with the driver drumming his fingers on the side of the steering wheel in tune. The view outside the windows were bleak and monochrome, like a dog was placed in charge of choosing the color scheme of the city. The sky itself was a smog-riddled canvas that bled in with the clouds. The man paid none of it any mind, however, and just whistled along with the song as he drove on. Caught at a stoplight, he took the time to glance over at his passenger side and offered a smile to his daughter who was more invested in her book.

"So... how's school, Artemis?" the man asked.

"It's going, fine, Dad," she responded, eyes still glued to the novel in her hands.

"Oh yeah? Still keeping up with your grades?"

"Classes are postponed until the end of the festival they're having. I don't really have much to do there right now."

"Okay, so why did you have to wake me up this morning to take you then?"

"Student body president duties. I'm just going up there to drop off my evaluation and meet up with a few people. After that, we can leave and I can go on abou- Ack!"

"What? What's wrong?" the man asked with concern, making quick shifts at the road and his daughter.

"My favorite character died," Artemis sighed, closing the book.

"Jeez, don't scare me like that. Where's Juliet and the twins today, anyway?"

"I think they took extra shifts at their jobs. Carol and Jules still work at that burger place and Cornelia-"

"I'm right here, Dad!" Cornelia hopped up from the back seat and grabbed the father's shoulders.

The car nearly swerved and careened off track as the driver tried to regain control.

"I swear you kids are trying to give me a heart attack," he scolded. "Cornelia, I didn't even see you getting in the car! Holy shit, how about a warning next time?"

"Dad said a swear!" Cornelia gasped.

"The fuck I did, fuck you. You almost made me wreck. Shit, you're like thirteen now, you can handle curse words."

"I'm fourteen, Dad," she corrected.

"Why are you here anyway?"

"I was bored. I wanted to see what you guys were up to."

The car pulled up to the school with the ridiculously long name, parking at the curb where the father gave a stern glare at Cornelia. "Artemis, take your sister with you. I really can't be bothered dealing with her shenanigans today. Bad enough I have to put up with Chiaro and his antics."

"I take it I'm walking home later, then?"

"Here's a fifty. Go do something fun."

Artemis and Cornelia shut the doors behind them and waved at their father. "Bye, love you," he waved back.

"Love you too, Dad," Artemis waved back before heading in with Cornelia.

"That was embarrassing," Cornelia whispered over to Artemis, with a hand cupped over her the side of her mouth. "You know Dad was talking to me, right?"

"I swear you're just as snippy as your twin," Artemis rolled her eyes.

"By the way, the bookstore just received the new issue of that comic book you wanted, Artemis. Did you wanna stop by later and pick it up or do you want me to get it for you?"

"Keep it down, would you? Nobody needs to know that-"

"That you're a huge neeeeeeeerd?" Cornelia grinned sheepishly.

"You don't have to say it like that. And yes, I'll be picking it up myself, just zip it."

"Don't worry, Sis, the great sorceress 'Cornelia the Wicked' shall keep your secret... in exchange for your soul..."

"Yeah... might wanna tone down the roleplaying a notch. Dad says it worries him."

"Pshaw. Like I ever hurt anyone with it... I don't think. Besides, it's not like you don't have an alter-ego. Isn't that right, 'Midnight?'"

"Does the word 'tact' not mean anything to you?" Artemis hissed, pulling Cornelia to the side. "I shouldn't have ever told you that!"

"You didn't," Cornelia corrected. "I followed you that night you stopped those guys holding up the convenience store, 'member?"

"You've got a real bad habit of doing that too. What's with you and lurking and stalking people?"

"It's what I do, duh. Besides, Carol doesn't really hang out with me much anymore. It seems like she only wants me around when she needs me to use my powers for her."

Artemis looked down and placed a hand on Cornelia's shoulder. "Look, I'm sorry for snapping at you, alright? It's just that Mom and Dad said I shouldn't use my abilities outside of self-defense or protecting one of you, and they wouldn't approve of me running around risking my life by being a masked vigilante."


"And I'm sure Caroline isn't just using you. You're her twin, you two are supposed to be closer than anything."

"Doesn't feel that way. Lately it seems like she'd rather hang out with her own friends while I'm stuck working at a bookstore that smells like wet dog."

"So that's what that smell was the last time I was there..."


"Nothing. Look, Dad gave me fifty bucks. Why don't we get some food after this?"

"Can I pick a place?"

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Re: Cyanide Sky

Post by Zerifachias on Tue Aug 29, 2017 7:31 pm

Juliet swerved through the maze of tables, holding a tray laden with food over her head. Once at the correct table, she jerked the stand into place, set down the tray, and gave the couple her sweetest smile. "Here you are, sirs," Juliet said kindly, setting the basket burgers on the table before them. "The Grease Pit with fries for you, and the Bacon Clot, no onions and extra peppers for you. Here are some complimentary mints for you. If you need anything else, feel free to let me know or wave me down later."

The guests gave only passing glances and muttered their thanks as they prepared to devour the monstrous burgers. Juliet retreated from the table with the empty tray and stand, quickly escaping the floor for the safety of the kitchen. Unlike some of the other waiters, she didn't mind the heat. Maybe it was because of the ridiculous length of her skirt - or lack thereof. Juliet checked her ponytail and poked her head back to the dishwashers.

"Enjoying yourself yet?" Juliet posed to the girls inside the heat. A girl about a head shorter than her stopped scrubbing and slowly looked up at her without moving her head. Juliet smirked.

"Yes," Caroline said. "I'm having a wonderful time about it. Don't you have work to do?"

"Shift's over in twenty. Once this last table is done we're good to go."

"Thank god." Caroline kept scrubbing regardless. "Planning on going anywhere afterwards?"

"I'm open to suggestions."

"I'm going to meet with some friends. I don't know what you're going to do, but you could give Art a call and see if our big sis has any plans she can invite you in on. Or you could go back home and do whatever chore mom gives you."

Juliet smirked. "Got burned pretty bad on that last one, huh?" Caroline stopped and leaned over the sink, clearly unhappy with that frown of hers crossing over her whole face.

"She made me clean the gutters. Me. Not dad. Not Felix. Me. What kind of monster puts that kind of chore on a little girl?"

"The kind of mother who doesn't appreciate her little girls swearing in front of her. You should've known better."

"Yeah, well." Caroline sighed. "Fuck you."

"And there it is," Juliet laughed. "Try not to piss off Al, alright? I'm gonna go check on that table."

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Re: Cyanide Sky

Post by Vergil on Thu Sep 14, 2017 5:01 pm

"So are you going to the festival, Artemis?" Cornelia asked, walking alongside her sister with hands casually held behind her back.

"I don't know," Artemis answered. "I'm thinking about just skipping out on it. I don't really like being around all those other people."

"And yet as student council president you have to deal with 'all those other people' on a daily basis."

"Exactly. I could use a break."

"You wanna hang out with me instead? We could play 'Witches' again and brew potions! Then we'll throw them at random people in the street!"

"Seriously, though. You're getting a little too old for that roleplay stuff. Plus, I don't think Mom appreciates you raiding the spice pantry for your potions."

"Oh come ooooooooon! It'll be fun! Remember last time when I chucked that potion made of lemon juice and cayenne at that guy who was following us home one day? He was all, 'BWAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUGH!' It was so funny."

"Huh, oh yeah. That was actually pretty funny."

"So funny."

"So funny."

"So funny."

"So funny."

The girls passed through the hallways when a curious yet expectant "Oho!" was heard in one of the seemingly emptier corridors. A large rattling was heard from the side, followed by a single student bursting triumphantly from one of the lockers in a flamboyant poet blouse with a glittery purple cape fitted around his shoulders.

"Speaking of roleplaying..." Artemis scoffed with an instantly annoyed expression over her face.

Music: Harkin III the Great

"Ah! Doth mine own eyes deceive me?" the student spoke in a knightly accent. "Fortune smiles upon me at last as the fair Artemis, head of the student royal court, has deigned to grace me with her ravishing presence! How fare you, great ethereal goddess of beauty?"

"Oh... hello, Harold," Artemis responded, trying her best not to cringe. Cornelia stared at this Harold with a blank expression. Though her lips were closed, Cornelia could be heard internally screeching as if she were suppressing her laughter.

"Milady, you must refer to me as Harkin III the Great! Have you forgotten that I am defender of the land, and champion of justice? No evil shall ever dare deign to show its face while my vigilance remains unfaltering! As a token of gratitude, the least you could do is show courtesy and refer to me by my true name, no?"

"...Don't you have an anime club to run, Harold?"

"I would deign it upon myself to tend to my loyal followers, but alas, I was confined to the prison that was this locker!"

"And just what were you doing in there anyway?"

"It was Claudius! That villain! That fiend! He so cowardly ambushed me and banished me to this metal contraption! When I heard your voice, however, I was filled with the strength of a thousand men and the lock deigned to give way under my might! That ruffian would not have been able to best me if he fought me with honor!"

"You really like that word, don't you?"

"What word?"

"Nevermind. Now that you're out, why don't you challenge Claudius and get him back if you say you can beat him in a fair fight?"

"Are you kidding me? He's like seven feet tall... I mean, uh... a proper man of my status would not deign to entertain a brute in a vulgar display of strength! it is simply beneath me! He should consider himself lucky that he does not have to face the full fury that is my power! Ah ha! Ha ha..."

"Look, I'd love to stay and chat, but my sister and I have some business we need to attend to. Do you mind?"

"Err... not at all, fair Artemis! Saaaaaaay... the festival is approaching soon, and I hear you lack a companion to go with. Fear not, for Harkin III the Great shall deign to accompany you to this grand extravaganza! What say you?"

At this point, Cornelia could no longer contain her hysteric laughter and her condescending cackles came out in a flood. "BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" she guffawed. "DO IT, ARTEMIS! DO IT!"

Artemis shook her head. "I appreciate the offer, but I must... begrudgingly decline," she said with her teeth gritted together.

"Are you certain?" Harold asked again. "The school promises it to be a gay old time. It would hurt me so to see you miss out."

Cornelia was now in tears. "OH, IT'LL BE PRETTY GAY ALRIGHT," she howled.

"Again, no," Artemis repeated, feeling as though a vein was going to burst. "I have to go now. Goodbye." She then hurried by, dragging a helplessly laughing Cornelia along. The laughs could be heard echoing through the halls of the school.
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Re: Cyanide Sky

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