The Dark Future (Chrono Trigger fan fic)

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The Dark Future (Chrono Trigger fan fic)

Post by DarkChibimon on Sun Nov 15, 2009 1:15 pm

The Dark Future

Prolong: A kingdom fallen and a trip back into time

In the year 604 AD, town after town was burn to the ground, a mage if almost no equal was heading to Gaia’s castle. In the throne room, knights were slain everywhere, blood was all over the walls. One knight stood between him and the queen and king. His name was Dark, turn dragon thanks to a spell but he kept close to his oath. Dark was bloody and is near-death, barely had enough strength in his legs to stand on his own. His gloves where ripped and bloody, his armour was cracked, his pants were ripped and bloody as well. His weapon, the masumane shakes a bit in his hands. Dark felt his legs give in, letting him fall to the ground, he can hear the queen telling him to stand up his weapon lay beside him.

“I…can’t…die like this…” Dark thought as he remember one promise he gave someone close to him.

“I have…to live…for her…” Dark thought as he grabbed his weapon and started to slowly stand up. The queen was happy to see Dark up again however the mage was not.

“Who cares how mainly…time you hit me with spells…I will never…die…that easily, because I made a promise to someone close.” Dark said, grabbing a sliver locket, opens it showing a girl barely out of her teens with Dark to make it more shocking is that she is kissing Dark on the lips, the locket played the a calming tune, making Dark smile a bit. The mage groaned with an angry tone.

“You think that a small item like that will beat me!?” The mage yelled, casting the strongest spell that he know, Dark Matter. Dark yelled in pain as he dropped the locket on to the ground, he when down to grab it.

“Queen…open a portal…I will stop him…before he ends up like this…” Dark said weakly. The queen nodded her head and then opened a time portal to the year 600 AD. Dark slowly stands up and walks into the portal, it closed after he walked in.

“Garnet…should of made it into this year as well…” Dark thought as he makes into 600 AD and started to weakly walk to the closest village but passes out along the way there. A knight of Guardia found Dark’s body with a surprised croak, he then picked Dark up and takes him to the castle.

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