The Land of Roq-na ~Role Play~

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The Land of Roq-na ~Role Play~

Post by Zerifachias on Thu Nov 26, 2009 9:19 pm

Here is where all character profiles will go, once I have accepted them.

Here's mine:

Name: Serene Lily ~ Level 4 ~ Female ~ 17
Job: Bomb Artist
Weapon: Orange Bomb Core
*3 cell range*
Armor: Torn Black Robes
Accessory: Black Pendant (+1 M-DEF)

A-Abilities: Exploding Art

+Big Bomb
Effect: Throws a large bomb at the foe. [110%] ATK DMG. May inflict Burn status.
Range: 3 cells
Cost: 3 MP

+Bomb and Rope
Effect: Ties a Bomb with a rope and twirls it around in the air, exploding when contact is made with an enemy. [120%] ATK DMG.
Range: 4 cells
Cost: 5 MP

+Super Bomb
Effect: Throws a huge bomb at a foe that explodes on contact. [110%] ATK Piercing DMG!
Range: 4 cells
Cost: 9 MP

A-Ability: Item
R-Ability: Stealth Bomb - When attacked physically from an adjacent cell, tucks a bomb into the foe's clothes without being noticed. The bomb blows up at the whim of the user.
S-Ability: Time Bomb - The longer Lily waits to make her bomb, the more powerful it is. (1 turn equals +2 ATK)
Z-Ability: Hellbomb (Fire)

Health: 25
Mana: 25
Attack: 7 (+2 from Orange Bomb Core)
Defense: 5 (+1 from Torn Black Robes)
Magic: 1 (+0 from Old Bomb Core)
Magic Defense: 3 (+1 from Black Pendant) (+1 from Torn Black Robes)
Movement: 2 (+1 from Bomb Artist Job)

Sphere Points: 0

Current Inventory


Potion: Heals up to 20 Health. ~ 3 in stock

Remedy: Heals any status trouble except for Zombie and Curse. ~ 1 in stock

Antidote: Heals Poison. ~ 3 in stock

Eye Drops: Heals Darkness ~ 2 in stock

Phoenix Down: Heals a fallen ally with 50% of their max health. ~ 1 in stock

Spider's Fang: A rare fang found on Metamorphosis Spiders. Can be sold at a high price. These seem to have another purpose...

Key Items:

Old Photo: A picture of the entire gang from four years before.

Money Bag: 600 Gold, 1050 Silver, 500 Jicts

Map to Mansion: A map showing the way to the Collector's Mansion. Eunice left it behind for some reason...

Aftermath Points
AP is pretty much experience, only worded differently.

Serene Lily: 3/18 AP
Sphere Points: 0

Nocturne: 3/18 AP
Sphere Points: 3

Kyoshiro: 3/18 AP
Sphere Points: 3

Czeslaw Caldwell: 3/18 AP
Sphere Points: 2

Draak: 3/18 AP
Sphere Points: 2

You receive one Sphere Point for each level-up. I will be determining how much experience each enemy is worth. There will also be other bonuses, and as a result, some negatives. Remember, you don't have to just do the objective of each request, just make sure that it gets done.

K.O-ed players receive experience, but they will not level up. If a K.O'ed player has 9/10 experience, then he or she will not receive any experience.

OVERKILL doubles the number of experience of that one K.O.

PERFECT KILL doubles the total number of experience. 2 Perfect Kills are required for this.

Negative Status Effects

Frozen characters take double damage, but are healed by fire-based attacks like bombs and fire magic.

Confused characters have a chance of attacking party members, themselves, or enemies. Determined by 3 coin flips. 1 Heads - Attack enemy. 2 Heads - Attack self. 3 Heads - Attack party member.

Darkness-inflicted characters may miss their attack. Determined via 1 coin flip. Heads - Miss. Tails - Hit.

Sleeping characters have no defense, and cannot move at all.

Immobile characters cannot move from their cell, but they may attack if in range.

Paralyzed characters have a chance of skipping their turn completely. Determined via 1 coin flip. Heads - Paralyzed. Tails - They may move/attack.

Cursed characters are hurt if they use mana. Damage dealt is decided by overall health. Usually 1/4 of max health is taken away. Can only be healed by the item Holy Water or the spell Esunagle. Esunagle can only be learned by White Mages.

Zombie characters take damage from healing items and magic, but are healed by ground and water elementals. Holy element does double damage. Zombies normally have 5 defense and 0 Magic Defense.

Poisoned characters take a set amount of damage each turn. Less severe than Curse. Poison lasts for 5 turns, Curse doesn't wear off.

Berserk characters double their attack, but cannot use abilities or items. They are also forced to attack, although you may choose your target, as long as it is in range.

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Re: The Land of Roq-na ~Role Play~

Post by Masquerade on Thu Nov 26, 2009 9:31 pm

Name: Nocturne, Male, 21, Lv. 4

Job: Conductor
Weapon: Black Wand
Armor: Torn Overcoat
Accessory: Faded Score (Magic +1)
A-Ability: Orchestration:

+Mana Stinger: Shoots a ball of energy at the enemy that ensnares the enemy and shocks it multiple times. 80% Magic Dmg. Range: 4 cells. Lightning elemental. 4 hits. Cost: 5 MP. Can be linked to a normal attack for double the MP cost.

+Fire: Conjures a small flame to burn the enemy. 100% Magic Dmg. Range: 3 cells. Cost: 4 MP.

A-Ability: Item.
R-Ability: Legato- When physical damage is dealt, slows the attacker down with gravitational magic by reducing the attacker's Movement by 1.
S-Ability: Allegretto- Increases MP by 1 at the start of each turn. (Passive)
Z-Ability: Fatal Rhapsody (Lightning)

Health: 20
Mana: 30
Attack: 1 (+0 from Black Wand)
Defense: 4 (+1 from Torn Overcoat)
Magic: 6 (+2 from Black Wand)(+1 from Faded Score)
Magic Defense: 5 (+1 from Torn Overcoat)
Movement: 2 (+1 from Conductor Job)

Sphere Points: 0

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Re: The Land of Roq-na ~Role Play~

Post by Kurio on Thu Nov 26, 2009 9:58 pm

Name: Kyoshiro (Level 4, Male, 17)

Job: Dao-Shi - A spiritual caller who practices Taoism. Often uses paper wards and spell tags to fight. High ranking Dao-Shi can manipulate the minds of others with little to no will of their own.

Weapon: Spell Tag - A small piece of paper with a strange design on one side. Able to magically attack to the body of the target and drains their life energy.

Armor: Ominous Robes - Dark purple robes that have an ominous feeling to them.

Accessory: Chinese Pendant - A pendant with a ying-yang symbol. (+5 MP)

A-Abilities: Taoism

+ Jian-Shi - Attaches a paper ward to an unconscious or dead body, giving them little life and giving the user complete control over their body. They are physically stronger than they were when they had a will of their own but magically weaker. Range: 3 cells. Reanimates a defeated unit at 50% Health and Mana and doubles its Attack but halves its Defense, and reduces the Magic and Magic Defense of the unit to 0. The Dao-Shi cannot move in the same turn the Jian-Shi moves and cannot act in the same turn the Jian-Shi acts.
Cost: 8 MP

+ Mind Flay - Attaches a paper ward or spell tag onto the target, weakening its willpower and injuring its mind. 80% INT Dmg. Range: 3 cells. Chance to immobilize.
Cost: 2 MP

R-Ability: N/A

S-Ability: Exceeding Willpower - Cannot be affected by Confuse. (Passive)

Z-Ability: One-Thousand-and-One-Nightmares(Dark) - Summons one thousand and one Jian-Shi from the ground, surrounding the target and continuously striking it physically and tormenting it mentally. INT based.

Health: 20
Mana: 30 (+5 from Chinese Pendant)
Attack: 0 (+0 from Spell Tag)
Defense: 1 (+1 from Ominous Robes)
Magic: 7 (+1 from Spell Tag)
Magic Defense: 5 (+1 from Ominous Robes)
Movement: 2 (+1 from Dao-Shi Job)

Sphere Points: 3

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Re: The Land of Roq-na ~Role Play~

Post by Durn on Fri Nov 27, 2009 4:33 pm

Name: Czes Caldwell, Level 4, Male, 17
Job: Spirit Channeler
Weapon: Used Spirit-Beads - A string of multiple colored beads that are used to call upon the spirits of the deceased.
Armor: Scrappy Leather Robes - Robes made of shaggy, leather materials.
Accessory: Ominous Candle (+5 MP) - A black candle used to channel spells and prayers to the dead.

A-Abilities: Spiritual Connection
+ Spirit of Vengeance: The user calls upon a deadly spirit; the spirit wanders over to a foe and slashes it across the chest. 110% M-ATK. Range: 3 Cells. Mana 7.
+ Soul Destruction: The target's soul is destroyed, disabling the target for 3 turns. 20% M-ATK. Range: 3 Cells. Mana 7. Cannot use again until the target returns to the battle.

+ Pierce the Soul: The user calls upon a spirit. The summoned spirit stabs a large spear through the foes soul, causing a large amount of piercing damage. 110% Piercing M-ATK Damage. Range: 4 Cells. 9 Mana.

R-Ability: None

+ Resistant Mind: Cannot be disabled. (Passive)

Z-Ability: Undead Frenzy - Dark Element

Health: 25
Mana: 30 (+5 from Ominous Candle)
Attack: 1
Defense: 2 (+0 from Scrappy Leather Robes)
Magic: 6 (+1 from Used Spirit-Beads)
Magic Defense: 4 (+1 from Scrappy Leather Robes)
Movement: 2 cells (+0 from Spirit Channeler job)

Sphere Points: 2

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Re: The Land of Roq-na ~Role Play~

Post by Zerifachias on Fri Nov 27, 2009 4:47 pm

Here is where all the enemy profiles will go.

Hurray for the crazy boss battle!

Told you it was crazy. x3

Name: Arak
Job: Spider Parasite
Weapon: Poison Fangs
Armor: Hairy body
Accessory: Many Eyes (+3 M-DEF)

A-Ability: Capturing the Bug

+Poison Fang - Bites the foe with powerful fangs. [150%] ATK DMG May Poison
Range: Adjacent Cell
Cost: 7 MP

+Capture Web - Sets up a web of an unknown substance. Prevents movement.
Range: 4 cells
Cost: 5 MP

+Piercing Fang - Pierces the foe's defenses with sharp fangs. [120%] ATK Piercing DMG.
Range: Adjacent Cell
Cost: 10 MP

A-Ability: None
R-Ability: Prickly Hair - When attacked, Arak shoots out a barrage of spiny hairs at all it's opponents.
S-Ability: Metamorphosis - Allows the Spider to become any shape or size, and also allows it to control bodies. So THIS is how the dragon was controlled!
Z-Ability: Ensnare (Dark)

HP: 60
MP: 100
ATK: 8 (+1 from Poison Fangs)
DEF: 4
M-ATK: 0
M-DEF: 7 (+3 from Many Eyes.) (+1 from Hairy Body)

Name: Kess
Job: Water Dragon - A beautiful, blue dragon, said to be the guardian of the seas.
Weapon: Long Claws - Long and lethal. Stay away if you know what's good for you. Range of 2.
Armor: Steel Scales - No wonder they were so hard!
Accessory: Beautiful Scales - Such beauty...

A-Ability: Aqua Snake Striker

+Tornado - Whips up a powerful gust of wind and water and sends it at the foe. The tornado tears up everything in it's path. [200%] INT DMG
Range: ???

+Aqua Breath - Fires a jet of water from it's mouth at the foe. [150%] INT Water DMG.
Range: ???

+Aqua Claw - Slashes at the foe with water-covered claws. [120%] ATK Piercing DMG
Range: Adjacent Cell

+Aqua Fang - Bites at the foe, then shoots out a torrent of water from it's mouth. [100%] ATK DMG and [100%] INT DMG.

A-Ability: None
R-Ability: Aqua Shield - When attacked by magic, Kess raises a torrent of water around itself, nullifying all magic except that of the Lightning Element.
S-Ability: Steel Scales - Physical attacks do nothing.
Z-Ability: Ultima Flood (Water)

This creature's element is Water and is weak to Lightning, and strong to all other elements.

HP: 150
MP: ???
ATK: ???
DEF: ???
M-ATK: ???
M-DEF: ???
Movement: ???

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Re: The Land of Roq-na ~Role Play~

Post by Plattack on Fri Nov 27, 2009 6:43 pm

Name: Draak , lvl 4, male, age 17
Job: Dragonoid human
Weapon: Serrated claw
Armor: Tattered garments
Accessory: Wings, +1 M-ATK

A-Abilities: Draconic arts:

+Ice breath: User breathes ice at his foe, chilling them to the bone. 120% INT Dmg. Range: 2. May cause freeze.
MP: 7

+Poison breath: User breathes a poisonous gas on foe, which gets into their skin. 100% INT Dmg. Range: 3. May cause poison.
MP: 5

+Lightning slash: User lunges at foe with lightning speed and thrusts his claws into the enemy, electrocuting them. Range: 4. 120% INT Dmg. Electric element.
MP: 7

R-Ability: N/A

S-Ability: Flight: User is able to fly over ground based obstacles. (Includes water) Always active.

Z-Ability: Dragoon rage. Fire element.

Health: 30
Mana: 25
Attack: 4 (+3 from Serrated claws)
Defense: 2 (+1 from Tattered Garments)
Magic: 4 (+1 from Wings) (-1 from Serrated claws)
Magic Defense: 4 (+0 from Tattered Garments)
Movement: 2 (+2 from Dragonoid Human job)

Sphere Points: 1
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Re: The Land of Roq-na ~Role Play~

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