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Something new yet not...

Post by VIII Redeta on Fri Nov 27, 2009 7:33 pm

I'm dying for some good ol' character interaction in a roleplay. I'm hoping for something more character-driven than plot-driven really... Thus the whole school setting idea would work. I know. People hate them, amirite? Well. That's why we've got to include a twist.

Uh huh. A school for killers. One where someone dies every week 'cause they're too stupid to lock the windows at night. Wow. This would be hella cool actually. A school for assassins-in-training? Shweetness. I've been playing too much AC. Anyways, I guess the ages would range from middle school (squicky...) to college.

And... no doubt there's going to be plenty of tension amongst the older crowd. I'm thinking a two character limit, but I personally wouldn't employ more than one. I'm lazy like that. Anywho, the way this would work would be...

Phases composed of say... 5-10 rounds of everyone posting at least once.
- Morning Classes
- Lunch
- Afternoon Classes
- Training
- Someone dies...

Rinse and repeat.

And maybe I'll throw in special events. Like... factions. Oh. That'd be fun... encouraging people to slit each others' throats. C'moooon, I know the violent people want in on this idea.

What I mean by rounds is like...

VIII Redeta posts
You post
3rd RPer posts
Then I post again, starting a new round. 'cause unless people start typing "RESERVED" and go back in to edit-- we'll be posting all over each other, ne? Okay, it doesn't necessarily have to be in order, but don't tea party, and make sure you give everyone a chance to reply!
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