The Screwed Up Dreams Thread

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The Screwed Up Dreams Thread

Post by Azure on Sat Nov 28, 2009 9:41 am

Bored....but everyone's had freaky dreams, so toss'em in here so we can marvel at your madness.

My recent dream was a...very short yaoi story that was like a collage of different settings focused on them. It started on a train or a plane, then it moved on to the Oasis cruise ship, then the beach. There appeared to be mutual interest, but the supporting character was almost demonstrating it vaguely, which frustrated all involved.The weirdest settings came near the end. The area was the same, but snow turned into sand almost in the blink of an eye. It was kind of like an RTS, except you could go through overhead view to 1st person view....maybe it was a simulator game I would think would be on the cruise ship, I dunno.

It started with the main character of the story using a snow mobile kinda thing to go to the other base by having it dive under the snow and popup in front and start shredding paper. Made no sense. This repeated with the snow becoming sand until finally, the opposing side(the supporting character was on the enemy team, btw) brought in a badass mech that had a gigantic drill for a face and it was a combination of construction vehicles and tools.

Coolest thing I'd ever seen. It went haywire and started attacking everyone(of course attacking the supporting character more often than not), and the main character took it down by eating it's jelly-based battery(wtf?) and it turns out it was on the cruise ship, and everyone started leaving the area through a random door. As the supporting character passed the main one, the main character said, "The hell? I saved your life and I don't even get a thank you?". I thought that part was kinda funny....

Graced with Good Dreams
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Re: The Screwed Up Dreams Thread

Post by EternalDoom on Tue Dec 01, 2009 4:44 pm

I had a crazy behind dream where I was at first waking up and the next thing I knew, I was outside standing by the curb just outside my house when a big ass white pick up truck came barreling down my street and it tripped, yes tripped over a soda can. i think it was a Sprite one at that and it went spiraling out of control and did a few donuts near my city's mayor's house. I live down the street from him too.

It then it starts bucking around likie a horse until it regained its control and went back down the street opposite the direction it came and flew down the street again! This time, I rolled out an empty Campbell's tomato soup can and it tripped over that, galloping like a horse!

And it caught one of its wheel in the back of one of my neighbors' sky blue pick up truck and it turned around a few times, dragging the other truck with it until it finally chucked the dang thing across the whole damn city! So it finally stopped and hit one of my other neighbros' minvans and I heard someone shout "Wooooohooooo!" and at that time I was running toward the thing and at the end of the dream I stopped at the end of my block after looking at the smoke the horse truck made and I turned around and said "This thing is fucked up!"

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