Pokemon- The island of Arcanine.

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Pokemon- The island of Arcanine.

Post by Luminous on Thu Dec 10, 2009 8:23 am

Heh, I'm revising this idea from Marriland. There are actually some extremely skilled RPers on here so I figured that I should bring the idea that I had over here for better results and posting quality. x3
I hope that this RP interests you all, people.

The plot~
Just to the east of Johto sits an island known as Valuxia. People and their Pokemon populate this island, protected by a man known as Robert. He owns a Gym-like facility where the most skilled trainers test their talents against him. He is said to be even more skilled than the Champions of the E4. This claim is not in vain, however. As well as running his building it is his job to protect the island from trouble. He has managed to get rid of trouble himself without a fuss before. But now everything has changed.

A new team has risen. They have christened themselves as Team Utopia. They raided the island claiming that there was something that they wanted. Robert managed to drive them away, but they just built their own base to the west of the island. Nobody ventures to that side of the island now.

Robert has sent letters requesting assistance to the most skilled of trainers from each of the four main regions; Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. They have been told to meet at their respective ports in their home regions so that they can catch a ferry that will take them to Valuxia.

It is their job, along with the assistance of Robert, to find out exactly what Utopia are planning. And they will probably be in for an unpleasant surprise.

~ Standard rules of RP ettiquette apply. x3
~ To show that you have properly taken note of this simple section and the plot, put the word 'rum' at the bottom of your application.
~ This is not first-come-first-serve. The best applications will be the ones that make it through.

Name: (Well duh).
Gender: (Again, not exactly rocket science).
Age: (Between 16 and 20).
Appearance: (Words or images will suffice).
Accomplishments: (At least 8 badges are required, and expeirience in any of the Pokemon League Championships).
Backstory: (At least one paragraph of detailed text for this section please).
Pokemon: (Include information about nicknames, movesets, and personalities. You are allowed a team of fully-evolved Pokemon. No Legends! Up to six moves for each Pokemon is acceptable).

Have fun!

I reserve the position of being Robert. I will post my application here soon.
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