The Prophecy

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The Prophecy

Post by Via on Sun Jan 10, 2010 7:47 pm

The Prophecy

The world of the underlanders is located under earths surface also know as the Underworld. The Underworld contains many different races of creatures (animals) from mice and rats to bats and even humans that coexist with each other. These creatures have developed many different powers, or abilities throughout their existence. Bats and humans have become allies over the years, and developed a special bond with each other. The rats and mice of the world have always existed together with an uneasy relationship. The queen of this world is called Zoe, and she is currently about 15 years of age. Zoe and her bonded bat Shadows have been running the world for years together. Until the prophecy came into place. The prophecy states:

The combat among us has changed the world

the time has come for the past to no longer have existed,

for the present to live in fear, and terror,

And for the future to never come true.

It all started when war broke out between the mice and the rats.

Character sheet
Race- (human, rat, bat, mice, etc, basically anything you want)
Personality/ appearance- (feel free to add a pic for appearance, and personality is personality)
Companion- (for humans only, meaning a “bonded” bat)
Personality-(again feel free to add a pic and personality is personality)

(I will post my character sheet soon.)
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