Tales of a Dreamer: The Beads of Light

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Tales of a Dreamer: The Beads of Light

Post by Zerifachias on Thu Jan 14, 2010 7:16 pm


Herb (x1) - Restores 10 HP and 5 MP upon use.

Potion (x4) - Heals 20 HP upon use.

Hi-Potion (x2) - Heals 50 HP upon use.

Phoenix Down (x3) - Revives one character with 1/2 health and the same amount of mana as when the character was "K.O.'ed"

Ether (x2) - Restores 10 MP upon use.

Elixir (x1) - Restores 25 MP upon use.

Antidote (x6) - Removes Poison upon use.

Eye Drops (x2) - Cures Blind and Darkness upon use.

Dark Gem (x2) - A gem that will deal 20 Piercing Darkness Damage to a single foe up to 3 cells away.

Chest Key (x1) - A key used for opening locked chests.

Meat Packages (x5) - A generous gift from Horace the Chef! Use them wisely! These may cause the Barbarians to leave the battle! (Special Item)

Bottles of Ale (x5) - A not-so-generous gift from the Bartender! Use them wisely! These may cause the Barbarians to leave the battle! (Special Item)


Demon Pendant - A pendant bearing the mark of demon, brings dark power to the wearer. (MP +5)

Midnight Staff - A staff that holds much power and controls the darkness around it freely. (+3 Int; +1 Spr)

Charcoal Whip - A whip of the darkest black that sprays a fine powder upon its enemies. (ATK+4)

Green Rapier - A rapier that was painted green for some reason. (ATK+3)

Sparkle- A star that shines brightly with radiant light. (+3 Int, +2 Spr)

Grae- Claws that are always clean despite the many battles they have been through. (+3 Atk, +1 Def)

Rainbow Sparkler- A sparkler that when lit shows off the colors of the rainbow. (+1 Atk, +3 Int)

Key Items

Beads of Light - An accessory that can be worn by Hikari. These beads hold the power to purge the darkness and allow light to take over once more.

Money Bag - Currently holds 4800 Gold.

Map To: The Temple of Light - A map with directions to the Temple of Light.

Temple of Light Painting - One of Twilight's, holds the memories of the visit to the Temple of Light.

Clay (x4) - There seems to be a use for this...

Iron Ore (x2) - There seems to be a use for this...

Gold Extract (x5) - There seems to be a use for this...

Enemy Profiles (Mwahahahaha! x3)

Name: Ueqi Oca
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Level: 20

Profession: Fallen Angel of Pride [+1 Basic Attack][Half Dark, Vulnerable Light][Immune Blind]

Weapon: Black Lance - A lance used by angels who have pledged their allegiance to the darkness. It leaves a trail of black whenever it moves. [Added Effect: Blind]
Weapon 2: Floating Sword
Weapon 3: Floating Sword
Weapon 4: Floating Sword
Armor: Midnight Armor - Armor that is as black as the darkest night. It's gives off an eerie feeling of hopelessness.
Accessory: Chaos Necklace - A pure-black jewel tied to a black string that hangs around the fallen angel's neck. It gives off an overwhelming feeling of despair.

A-Ability: Death Is The Only Way

+ Crawling Blindness - Ueqi summons a black magic to grab a hold of his enemies and blind them. Blinds all enemies for 3 turns. 14 MP.

+ Inevitable Doom - Ueqi takes his lance and impales his foe multiple times without stop, until all that is left of the foe is a crumpled mess of bones and blood. 100% ATK DMG. 30 hits. Adjacent cell. 34 MP.

+ Ultima - Ueqi raises his hand in the air and summons a huge orb of darkness to surround a foe. The sphere of darkness then explodes upon itself multiple times, dealing massive damage. 190% INT Dark DMG to one enemy up to 5 cells away. 4 hits. 36 MP.

+ Demi - Ueqi swipes his lance through the air, sending a wave of darkness at his foes. 3 rows/columns that are adjacent to each other. 150% INT Dark DMG. 46 MP.

+ Hell Firaga - Ueqi stabs his lance into the ground, then casts his magic, causing black flames to rise up from beneath his enemies and burn away their very existence. 180% INT Fire DMG to all enemies. 38 MP.

+ Grand Gaia - Ueqi raises both of his hands into the air, his lance abandoned, and slams them on the ground, causing a massive quake to destroy his enemies. 170% ATK Earth DMG to all enemies. 36 MP.

+ Immortal Fissure - Ueqi slashes through the foe's body, attempting to cut them in half. 50% Instant Death. 150% ATK DMG. Adjacent cell. 90 MP.

A-Ability: Fate's End

+ Rip and Destroy - Ueqi grabs the foe by their neck and begins slashing them with sharp claws, ripping them to shreds, then finished up by throwing them up in the air, taking his lance, and when the foe slams into the ground, Ueqi also slams them with the sharp end of his lance. 150% ATK DMG the first 5 hits. 20% Max HP DMG from the fall. 180% ATK DMG from the final hit. Adjacent cell. 55 MP.

+ Ripping Hole - Ueqi stabs his enemy through with his spear, then rips the spear out, rushing at the foe with sharp claws and, grabbing the hole he made, rips it apart. 150% ATK DMG from the thrust and the ripping out. 200% ATK DMG from shredding the hole open. Adjacent cell. 34 MP.

+ Jump Thrust - Ueqi uses his lance to jump up in the air and then slam down on the foe, stabbing them with the lance. 250% ATK DMG. 3 cells. 20 MP.

R-Ability: Rush and Rip - Whenever Ueqi sees that a foe is retreating away from an adjacent cell, he rushes back at them and slashes them before returning to his original spot. 100% ATK DMG.

S-Ability: Annoying Whistle - Ueqi whistles in the air to annoy his enemies, causing some of them to Berserk. Can only be used once per battle. 50% chance.

Final Judgement: Ending Judgement (Dark) 200% ATK DMG to one enemy up to 5 cells away.

HP: ???
MP: ???
ATK: 34 (+7 from Black Lance)(+3 from Chaos Necklace)(+4 from Floating Sword)(+4 from Floating Sword)(+4 from Floating Sword)
DEF: 21 (+3 from Midnight Armor)
INT: 30 (+10 from Black Lance)(+3 from Chaos Necklace)
SPR: 20 (+2 from Midnight Armor)
Move: 2 (+4 from Fallen Angel of Pride Profession)

~Neutral Party~

Name: Iraki Vera
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Level: 11
Progress: 24/36

Profession: Dream Claw - One who claims this profession has begun the practice of using dark arts and nightmares. [Resist Dark; Resist Wind; Vulnerable Light][+1 Basic Attack]

Weapon: Twilight Claws - Red and white claws that are for both hands. [2 hits]
Armor: Black Breastplate - A thick armor that prevents physical attacks from harming Iraki
Accessory: Beads of Darkness (+5 MP; +5 HP; +3 INT; +1 SPR)

A-Ability: Fraught Nightmare

+ Dreaming Silence - Iraki sends a wave of mana at the enemy, putting them to sleep. 5 cells. Inflicts Sleep status. 10 MP

+ Nightmare Rend - Iraki uses a strange magic to awaken her foe in the most unwanted way. 150% INT DMG. Damage doubles if the foe is asleep. 4 cells. 14 MP.

+ Worsening Nightmare - Iraki sweeps her hand through the air, sending a burst of mana at the enemy, increasing the damage they take from Nightmare by 10%. Cannot be stacked. 4 cells. 8 MP.

+ Aeroga - Iraki sends a huge blast of wind energy at the foe, blowing them away. 150% INT Wind DMG. Blows foe back 3 cells. 4 cell range. 14 MP.

+ Blazing Tempest - A huge tempest whipped up by Iraki's might. 230% INT Wind DMG to all enemies. 42 MP.

A-Ability: Blood Claw

+ Nightmare Strike - While the enemy is asleep, Iraki attacks them mercilessly with her claws. [140% ATK DMG][4 hits][Adjacent cell][Power doubles if enemy is asleep.] 18 MP.

+ Black Slash - Iraki slashes the air with her claws, causing them to leave a black rip mark in the air. The enemy she targeted then takes enormous damage as black rip marks appear on their chest. [160% ATK DMG.] [Single Enemy.] 16 MP.

+ Great Power - Iraki charges up her own strength in preparation for an all-out attack against the enemy. [Double Attack; Halve Defence.] 14 MP.


+ Nightmare Sleep - Whenever Iraki puts a foe to sleep, they are automatically put under the "Nightmare" status.


+ Sleepwalker - Iraki is unaffected by the effects of Sleep and Deep Sleep.

Final Judgement: Zephyr's Nightmare (Wind) 200% Piercing damage to one enemy 5 cells away.

HP: 60 (+5 from Beads of Darkness)
MP: 80 (+5 from Beads of Darkness)
ATK: 10 (+7 from Twilight Claws)
DEF: 11 (+4 from Shining Breastplate)
INT: 15 (+4 from Twilight Claws)(+3 from Beads of Darkness)
SPR: 12 (+4 from Shining Breastplate)(+1 from Beads of Darkness)
Move: 2 (+1 from Dream Claw Profession)

Name: Sayu Mila
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Level: 13

Profession: Samurai Knight - One who claims this profession is a master of the bladed arts, and can easily overwhelm anyone of a lower level. [Resist Neutral][+1 Basic Attack]

Weapon: Serrated Katana
Armor: Sunflower Kimono
Accessory: White Rose

A-Ability: Talent

+ Shred - Sayu mercilessly tears her foe apart with her sword, no hint of mercy in her eyes. 130% ATK DMG each hit. 6 hits. Adjacent cell. 18 MP

+ Quick Swipe - Sayu cuts through the foe's defence with an alarmingly quick swipe. 80% Piercing ATK DMG. Adjacent cell. 6 MP.

+ Clash - Sayu clashes swords with the foe, and continues to push against them. The loser is cut in half, the winner walks to live another day. 190% ATK DMG. Adjacent cell. 13 MP.

+ Dual Stance - Sayu takes a stance and remains motionless, increasing her focus. Increases ATK stat by 200% for 3 turns. 15 MP.

+ Slash Through - Sayu runs at the foe at blinding speed, slicing through their body with alarming strength. 150% ATK DMG. 2 cells. Ends 2 cells away from the foe in the direction Sayu moves. 14 MP.

+ Tri-Attack - Sayu slashes through the foe three times, injuring them greatly. 160% ATK DMG each hit. 3 hits. Adjacent cell. 18 MP.

+ Recovery - Sayu has been trained in multiple ways of the sword. Although she may be fierce in battle, some feminine traits still remain. She has acquired the ability to restore another's vitality with her own healing style. Recovers 30% Max health to one ally. Adjacent cell. 8 MP.

A-Ability: Skill

+ Attach and Cut - Sayu rushes at the foe, jumping onto their back. She then slices off one of the enemy's limbs, or at least attempts to. 160% ATK DMG. May cause Bleeding. Adjacent cell. 18 MP.

+ Stab and Shred - Sayu plunges her sword into the enemy's gut, then forcefully rips and tears the enemy's body until the sword comes out. 190% ATK DMG. May cause Blood Loss. Adjacent cell. 26 MP.

+ Sweeping Slice - Sayu slices through the enemy's gut, causing all sorts of blood and gore to spill out. 120% ATK DMG. Causes Blood Loss. Causes Bleeding. Adjacent cell. 30 MP.

R-Ability: Tangled Feet - Sayu's footwork capabilities have increased over time, and now whenever she is attacked physically, she will automatically dodge it.

S-Ability: Wakizashi - Sayo focus is razor sharp, increasing her magical defence by 50%. (Calculated before any other bonus)

Final Judgement: Zanmato (Neutral) 200% Piercing to one enemy up to 5 cells away.

HP: 130/130
MP: 85/85
ATK: 23
DEF: 20
INT: 13
SPR: 24
Move: 4

Name: Luna Memory
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Level: 12

Profession: Moon Watcher - One who claims this profession is an observer of the large, pale orb in the sky. [Resist Ice; Resist Water; Vulnerable Fire][+1 Normal Attack]

Weapon: Crescent Staff - A long staff that has a crescent pointed skyward. The pole is a light blue, and the crescent is yellow.
Armor: Lunar Armor - Armor that is as pale blue as the moon itself. A yellow crescent can be seen on the center of the armor, in front as well as the back.
Accessory: White Orb - An orb that seems to follow Luna everywhere she goes.

A-Ability: Astral Magic

+ Moonlight - Luna waves her staff in a circular motion, a pale light falling over her allies. Heals one ally up to 50% of their maximum HP. 5 cells. 14 MP.

+ Lunar Pull - Luna uses magic to absorb health from her enemies. 20% Max HP DMG. 20% Max HP restore. 15 MP.

+ Crescent Ice - Luna conjurers up a crescent made of pure ice energy and hurls it at the foe. 120% INT Ice DMG. 5 cells. 8 MP.

+ Pale Light - Luna dims the lights around her enemy, causing them to sometimes miss their attacks. Causes Blind. 5 cells. 8 MP.

+ Moon Crash - Luna creates a huge sphere of ice and crashes it down on a foe and everyone around them. 150% INT Ice DMG to target, 100% INT DMG to surrounding cells. 5 cells. 19 MP.

A-Ability: Shards of the Past

+ Lunar Dance - Luna begins to dance in a peculiar fashion, swinging her staff up in the air. A cold breeze soon flows in and assaults the enemies. 130% INT Ice DMG to all enemies. May cause Freeze. 18 MP.

+ Water Mirror - Luna raises a barrier of water around herself or one of her allies. This barrier reduces all magical-based attacks, except for lightning-element, by half.

+ Ice Sphere - Luna creates a barrier of ice, surrounding an enemy with it. The barrier then turns into hardened, thick ice, encasing the enemy in it's layers. Causes freeze. Single enemy. 16 MP.


+ Crescent Path - When attacked from an adjacent cell, Luna retaliates by conjuring an ice crescent and swinging it around her body. 80% Piercing INT DMG to all foes in surrounding cells.


+ Lunar Guidance - Luna's attacks will never miss.

Final Judgement: Disappearance (Ice) 200% Piercing to one enemy.

HP: 95/95
MP: 135/135
ATK: 20
DEF: 20
INT: 26
SPR: 20
Move: 3

Name: Shane
Age: Appears to be 18
Gender: Male
Level: 12

Profession: Blood Reaper - One who claims this profession takes their time in destroying their foe, using blood as a weapon, as well as a means to strike fear into others. [Resist Dark; Vulnerable Light][+1 Normal Attack]

Weapon: Blood Scythe - A scythe with a blade the color of blood. It seems to feed on the souls of the living. It takes two hands to wield this properly.
Armor: Death Cloth - A long cloth that had multiple symbols on it. Not many know what they mean.
Accessory: Heavy Chain - A chain to symbolize all of the souls that were released by this man's scythe.

A-Ability: Soul Reap

+ Decapitation - A swiping move that cuts off certain parts of the opponent's body. Effects depend on where the enemy is hit. 2 cell range.

>Arm - Shane slices through both arms with his scythe. No damage is seen, but in reality, the nerves and other receptors of the arm have been shut off. Disable. 8 MP

>>Leg - Shane sweeps through both legs with his scythe. No damage is seen, but in reality, the nerves and other receptors of the legs have been shut off. Immobilize. 8 MP.

>>>Neck - Shane slices through the neck with his scythe. No damage is seen, but in reality, the brain has been completely shut off from the other limbs. Stop. 14 MP.

+ Soul Steal - Shane casts a strange magic to steal part of the enemy's soul. He then takes it into his own body, restoring some of his strength. 30% Piercing INT DMG. 3 cells Damage is converted into MP. (Syphon)

+ Spiritual Drain - Shane drains the strength out of his enemy, and uses the energy to heal himself. 100% INT DMG. Heals self by amount of damage dealt. 3 cells. 15 MP.

+ Sow and Reap - Shane stops his own movement completely, disarming the foe slightly before taking up his scythe and cutting through their body. 140% INT DMG. 2 cells. 9 MP.

+ Spreading Slash - Shane ducks down and swipes the area around him, dealing critical damage to all enemies surrounding him. 100% INT DMG. Surrounding cells. 12 MP.

A-Ability: Scarlet Blood Reaper

+ Make Them Bleed - Shane swings his scythe about dangerously, cutting any enemy who decides to get too close to him. 100% ATK DMG. May cause Bleed. Surrounding cells. 10 MP.

+ Blood Rope - Shane strikes the enemy with his bare hands, causing an open wound. He then grabs onto the blood and starts pulling it out. 130% ATK DMG. Causes Blood Loss. May cause Bleeding. Adjacent cell. 20 MP.

+ Blood Rain - Shane opens his hands towards the sky, causing a downpour of blood to fall upon him and his enemies. May cause Fear. All enemies. 14 MP.


+ Vengeance - Whenever Shane is attacked by magical means, he takes some of that energy and hurls it back at the enemy. Deals 50% Piercing of the damage taken.


+ Physical Immunity - Shane is automatically resistant to physical attacks, halving their damage potential.

HP: 115/115
MP: 70/70
ATK: 19
DEF: 14
INT: 20
SPR: 20
Move: 3

Name: Matti Vinni
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Level: 12

Profession: Fire Princess [+1 Basic Attack.][Resist Fire; Resist Ice; Vulnerable Water]

Weapon: Flamethrower - Two small canisters filled with a chemical that turns into fire when it comes in contact with oxygen. One is attached to each arm. (Fire Elemental normal attack)(3 cell range)(+1 Basic Attack)
Armor: Flame Plates - Plates that prevent the Pyro from being burnt. (Null Fire; Immune Burn)
Accessory: Fire Gauntlets - Gauntlets that help handle extremely hot tools and weapons.

A-Ability: Scalding Inferno

+ Dragon Breath - Matti blows an extremely hot fire at the foe for massive fire damage. Surprisingly, the green flames don't cause Burn. 140% ATK Fire DMG. 3 cells. 10 MP.

+ Scald - Matti sets the enemies' clothes on fire, and in turn, the enemy itself. Causes Burn. 3 cells. 6 MP

+ Double Flame - Matti uses both of her flamethrowers to burn the enemy on the spot, also causing massive damage. 130% ATK Fire DMG. 2 hits. 3 cells. 11 MP.

+ Valve Twist - Matti twists the valve on her flamethrowers, increasing how much and how fast the chemical comes out. Increases Matti's next attack by 100%.

+ Never Ending Fire - Matti blows a continuous stream of fire at the foe until they've been charred black. 190% ATK Fire DMG. 3 cells. Burns the foe. 18 MP.

A-Ability: Burning Hell

+ Living Fire - Matti raises her hands to the sky, summoning the essence of fire from the ground to burst up and scald her enemies. 220% INT Fire DMG. All enemies. 46 MP.

+ Flames of Ares - Matti surrounds herself with a thick coat of fire, protecting her slightly from being attacked through magical means. Bestows Shell except when attacked by a water-based attack. Self only. 8 MP.

+ Inferno - Matti points both her flamethrowers at the enemy and continuously shoots fire out at them, no matter how far away she is, for 3 turns. 140% INT Fire DMG. Continuous damage for 3 turns.

R-Ability: Burning Circle - When attacked from a surrounding cell, Matti releases a stream of fire all around her, harming every enemy in a surrounding cell by 80% Piercing ATK Fire DMG.

S-Ability: Burning Skin - Matti's skin is extremely hot, so any enemy that touches it from an adjacent cell will be burned.

Final Judgement: Overheat (Fire) 200% Piercing ATK DMG to one enemy up to 4 cells away.

HP: 95/95
MP: 85/85
ATK: 22
DEF: 21
INT: 25
SPR: 20
Move: 3


Exhaustion - After the use of a Final Judgement (D-Ability), the user is afflicted with exhaustion, which cuts attack, defence, intelligence, and spirit in half. It also reduces movement to 1. This is to prevent anyone from carelessly throwing their ultimate attack all over the place.

Regen - The affected restores heath equal to 15% of their MAX HP each turn for 5 turns.

MP Regen - The affected restores mana equal to 5% of their MAX MP each turn for 5 turns.

Poison - The afflicted takes 1/6 Max HP damage for 3 turns. Can be Cured by Esuna-type magic or by an item.

Toxin - The afflicted takes 1/4 Max HP damage for 3 turns. Can only be cured by highly advanced Esunagle magic.

Burn - The first degree Burn. The afflicted takes 1/8 Max HP damage for every turn Burn is in effect. Can be cured by Water magic, Esuna magic, or by an item.

Severe Burn - The second degree Burn. The afflicted takes 1/4 Max HP damage for every turn Severe Burn is in effect. Can be cured by advanced Water magic, Esuna magic, or by an item.

Lethal Burn - The third and final degree Burn. Instant Death takes place at this Burn. Lethal Burn cannot be cured, but it can be stopped by Null Fire magic or clothing effects. Lethal Burn can only be reached through Severe Burn.

Sleep - The afflicted falls asleep for 3 turns. During this time, the afflicted can no longer move or act. Can be cured by taking damage, Esuna magic, or by an item.

Deep Sleep - The afflicted falls asleep. During this time, the afflicted slowly looses their soul. 5 turns Instant Death. Can only be cured by taking massive damage, highly advanced Esunagle magic, or by a certain rare herb.

Instant Death - The afflicted is instantly K.O.'ed with no exceptions.

Doom - The afflicted is K.O.'ed in 5 turns. Can only be stopped by extremely advanced Esunagle magic.

Confuse - The afflicted is dazed for 3 turns. During this time, they may attack themselves, allies, or enemies. Can be cured by Esuna magic, a slap in the face, or by an item.

Blind - The afflicted has a dark black cloud hovering around their head for 3 turns. During this time, the victim cannot move in a straight line, and attacks have a 50% chance of missing. Can be cured by an item or by Esuna magic.

Protect - The afflicted has his/her defense boosted by 50% for 3 turns. This move cannot be used while Shell is active. Can be cured by Dispel magic.

Shell - The afflicted has his/her Magic Defense boosted by 50% for 3 turns. This move cannot be used while Protect is active. Can be cured by Dispel magic.

Mighty Guard - The afflicted has Protect, Shell, Null Fire (1), Null Water (1), Null Lightning (1), and Null Ice (1) cast onto him/herself. Can only be cured by highly advanced Dispel magic.

Drown - The afflicted cannot act as his/her life is slowly being drained away. Movement is reduced to 1 and the afflicted takes 20% Max HP damage each turn. Cannot be cured unless the afflicted gets out of the water.

Stop - The afflicted is stopped for 3 turns. During this time, the afflicted cannot act or move. Can be cured by Dispel magic.

Slow - The afflicted will only act or move every other turn. Can be cured by Haste magic or Dispel magic.

Slowga - The afflicted will only act or move every 3 turns. Can be cured only by Hastega magic.

Haste - The afflicted may act twice in one turn, and move twice as far as normal. Can be cured by Slow magic or Dispel magic.

Hastega - The afflicted may act three times in one turn, and move three times as far as normal. Can be cured only by Slowga magic.

Berserk - The afflicted has his/her ATK doubled and DEF halved for 3 turns. The only exception are Dwarves. Can be cured by Esuna magic.

Immobilize - The afflicted cannot move for 1 turn (unless specified otherwise), but they may act.

Freeze - The afflicted is frozen solid for 3 turns. During this time, the afflicted takes double damage from all attacks. This can be cured by Esuna magic, Fire magic, and by item.

Dizzy - The afflicted is forced to stumble about with unorthodox movements. This may confuse the foe if the afflicted's attacks land.

Shrink - The afflicted has his/her ATK is halved for 3 turns. Can be cured by Enlarge magic or Dispel magic.

Enlarge - The afflicted has his/her ATK doubled for 3 turns. Can be cured by Shrink magic or Dispel magic

Petrify - The afflicted is turned to stone. Can be broken by a critical hit or my an attack that is specifically designed to break stone. Can be cured by an item or Esuna magic.

Wet: The afflicted is soaked with water and will take double damage from Lightning-based attacks. Lasts 5 turns and can be purged.

Hypothermia: The afflicted takes damage equal to 10% of their Max HP each turn for 5 turns. At the 5th turn, they suffer 40% Current HP damage.

Embarrassment: The afflicted is so distraut by a certain...event...that they automatically flee from battle. (Eject)

Eject: The afflicted is kicked out of the battle for the remainder of the battle.

Concussion: The afflicted is subject to such extreme pain that they are unable to move for awhile, and take damage every turn for 5 turns. 10% HP DMG each turn. Paralysis.


Sekai (Fighter)
Amount defeated: 1
Chapter of appearance: Tutorial - I
Sekai is now an ally of the party.

Senna (Glider)
Amount defeated: 1
Chapter of appearance: Chapter III~I
Senna is a member of the cult "Zephyr and Zion."

Sophia (Element Blade)
Amount defeated: 1
Chapter of appearance: Chapter III~I
Sophia is a member of the cult "Zephyr and Zion."

Amount defeated: 10
Chapter of appearance: Chapter III~II
Barbarians have very large muscles

Shadow Creature
Amount defeated: 14
Chapter of appearance: Tutorial - II; Chapter II~I
Shadow creatures only come out in the darkness.

Shadow Lurker
Amount defeated: 8
Chapter of appearance: Chapter I-II; Chapter II~I
Shadow lords may come out of even the light.

Dark Resident
Amount defeated: 1
Chapter of appearance: Chapter I-III
Dark Residents, as the name suggests, live on the flip-side of the realm of Light.

Temple Guardian
Amount defeated: 2
Chapter of appearance: Chapter I-I
Temple Guardians are the sacred protectors of many temples.

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Re: Tales of a Dreamer: The Beads of Light

Post by Zerifachias on Thu Jan 14, 2010 7:17 pm

Name: Hikari Kizuna
Level: 13
Progress: 5/54
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Job: REM Cleric - One who claims this profession is a master of all dreams, both good and bad. [Resist Light; Resist Wind; Vulnerable Dark][+1 Basic Attack](Normal Attacks are INT-based)
Weapon: Kinshinra - A graceful circlet that sits atop the wearer's head. The pure gold outline, combined with the ruby jewel in the center give it a dazzling appearance.
Armor: Midnight Dress - Elegant and silky cloth designed to protect and comfort the wearer.
Accessory: Beads of Light - Beads that emanate a mysterious and powerful light. (+5 MP; +5 HP)

A-Ability: Spirited Away

+ Sweet Dreams - Hikari yawns loudly towards a foe, causing both of them to become drowsy and fall asleep. Forces Sleep upon a foe and Hikari. Range: 5 cells. 8 MP.

+ Dreaming Silence - When a foe is asleep, Hikari can use this attack to cause the foe to fall into even greater slumber. Hikari may use this if she is asleep. Causes Deep Sleep. 5 cells. 20 MP.

+ Wakening Nightmare - Hikari sends pictures of horrible images at the foe, which damages their psyche greatly. [100%] INT DMG. If the foe is asleep, the damage is doubled. Range: 4 cells. 10 MP

+ Nightmare Blast - Hikari twirls her staff in the air and fires a magic that assaults her foes with nightmares of the past. 140% INT DMG. Hits all foes. It's power doubles if a foe is asleep. 28 MP.

+ Awaken - Hikari sends a gentle magic towards her ally, wakening them from their sleep. Cures Sleep and Deep Sleep. 5 cells. 7 MP.

+ Gale - Hikari blasts the foe with wind energy that assaults them from behind, confusing them slightly. 120% INT DMG. May Confuse. 5 cells. 10 MP. Wind Elemental.

+ Nightmare Void - Hikari uses an immense amount of power that not only puts her enemy to sleep, but also causes them to take damage worth a fourth of their maximum health each Calculation Phase. 50% Chance of working from up to 4 cells away. 20 MP.

+ Aeroa - Hikari sends a huge gust of wind to assault her enemies. 140% INT Wind DMG to all enemies. 24 MP.

+ Ragnarok - Hikari sweeps her hand down, pointing it towards one particular enemy. A sword composed entirely of light mana then shoots out of the clouds and pierces the enemy, dealing massive damage to it. 160% Piercing Int Light DMG. May Confuse Foe. 4 cell range. 28 MP

+ Gravity - Hikari sweeps her hand across the length of the battlefield. A small black hole appears in the center of the battlefield, and forces everything down to the ground with high pressure. 140% INT Dark DMG. All enemies. May Immobilize. 28 MP.

A-Ability: Dreaming Influence

+ Peaceful Rest - Hikari puts an ally to sleep and fully restores both their HP, their MP, and healing any status inflictions other than KO and Doom. The ally cannot wake until 2 turns have past. 30 MP.

+ Eternal Awakening - Hikari revives an ally with 20% Max HP and the same amount of MP they had when they were KO'ed. 16 MP.

+ Holy Winds - Hikari smothers the battlefield with the cleansing Breath of Life and Death, allowing her to attack enemies or heal allies. 200% INT Light DMG. (Healing allies OR Damaging enemies) 36 MP.

R-Ability: Magic Counter - When Hikari is assaulted by a magical attack, she retaliates for double the damage done to her.

S-Ability: Self-Induced Sleep - Even when she is asleep, Hikari can move and act as if she were awake.

Final Judgement: Eternal Nightmare - Hikari locks a foe into a deep sleep, then unlocks their mind to unleash their own fears upon the foe, giving them the worst nightmare they could possibly experience, dealing permanent damage to their psyche. (Light) 5 cell range. 200% Piercing INT DMG to one foe.

HP: 45 (+5 from Beads of Light)
MP: 65 (+5 from Beads of Light)
ATK: 0
DEF: 10 (+2 from Midnight Dress)(-3 from Kinshinra)
INT: 17 (+9 from Kinshinra)
SPR: 9 (+3 from Midnight Dress)(-2 from Kinshinra)
Move: 2 (+1 from REM Cleric Job)

Skill Points: 0

Name: Sekai Kizuna
Level: 12
Progress: 14/36
Age: 19
Gender: Female

Job: Martial Artist - One who claims this profession can use many weapons besides her fists. [Power Grip - Allows the Martial Artist to equip heavy weapons and armor without any side-effects.][Resist Fire; Resist Earth; Vulnerable Water][+1 Basic Attack]
Glove Weapon: Black Gloves - Gloves that are protected by many wards to avoid the user from breaking their own bones.
Gripped Weapon: Battle Axe - An axe usually held by Barbarians. Few others have the gripping strength required to hold it, let alone use it.
Armor: Skin-Tight Suit - A mobile suit designed to allow maximum movement and flexibility, although it shows off quite a lot of the wearer's body.
Accessory: Short Boots - Boots designed to allow maximum movement, flexibility, and speed. (+1 DEF)

A-Ability: Judo Arts

+ First Encounter - Sekai lunges at a foe, pounding them multiple times with her fists in a broken fury. [100%] ATK DMG each hit. 5 hits. Adjacent Cell. 8 MP

+ Double Spin Kick - Sekai swings her right foot into the air, smacking the enemy on the side of their head, then jumps up, her body spinning, and slams her left foot on the enemy's head, knocking them down. [120%] ATK DMG each hit. 2 hits. Adjacent Cell. 10 MP.

+ Fist Fury - Sekai pummels her foe multiple times, each hit doing a different amount of damage. 5 hits. 120% for the first, 100% for the second and third, 110% for the fourth, and 130% for the fifth. Adjacent cell. 12 MP.

+ Flaming Kick - Sekai launches an insanely powerful kick so fast, that flames spurt from it and assault the foe, dealing massive amounts of damage. 180% ATK DMG. May Burn. Adjacent cell. 14 MP.

+ Electro Boost - Sekai charges up her body with an electric charge, causing her next attack to deal more damage. Boosts the power of the next move by 100%. 16 MP.

+ Field Advantage - Sekai uses the structures around her to confuse her enemies while she attacks them ruthlessly. Can only be used if there is a building or structure on the field. Being in an Adjacent cell to the structure increases the power by 50%. 150% ATK DMG. 7 hits. Attacks one enemy in an adjacent cell to a structure. 24 MP.

+ Mount and Strike - Sekai jumps onto her enemy's shoulders, allowing her to attack them in multiple ways, and fast. 80% ATK DMG each hit. 20 hits. Adjacent Cell. 22 MP.

+ Transfer Spirit - Sekai steps forward, grabbing onto one of her allies and transferring a huge current of power into their body, increasing their next attack's potential by 100%. Surrounding cell. 18 MP.

A-Ability: Martial Arts

+ Barrel Smash - Sekai rolls forward like a barrel, her weapon in both of her hands. The weapon catches the ground and hurls her into the air. She then falls down and crashes the weapon atop her enemy's head. MUST be 4 cells away or more to work. 250% ATK DMG. 38 MP.

+ Crushing Blow - Sekai grips her weapon with both hands and smashes it into the enemy, dealing massive damage. 170% Piercing ATK DMG. Adjacent cell. 20 MP.

+ Shun-Shin - Sekai increases the speed of her movements dramatically, running around the enemy at mach speeds, confusing them. She then begins her attack, striking the enemy from all directions while maintaining this speed. 120% ATK DMG. 12 hits. Bestows Haste to Sekai for 3 turns. May confuse enemy. 3 cell range. 40 MP.

+ Guard - Sekai steps in front of an ally in a defensive position. From that point onward, as long as Sekai stays in a surrounding cell with that ally, she will block any attacks from the enemy. However, there is a continuous use of mana, so it's not permanent. Bestows Allied Protection on one ally in a surrounding cell. 16 MP.

R-Ability: Evade and Counter - When attacked physically from an adjacent cell, Sekai automatically dodges and retaliates for 100% ATK damage.

S-Ability: Fighter's Spirit - All abilities requiring the use of mana have their costs cut by half.

Final Judgement: Meteor Crash - Sekai's fists light up with fiery passion as she lunges at the foe, attacking them mercilessly. 200% Piercing ATK DMG. 4 cell range. (Neutral Element)

HP: 60
MP: 45
ATK: 16 (+3 from Black Gloves)(+4 from Battle Axe)
DEF: 7 (+1 from Short Boots) (+3 from Skin-Tight Suit)(+1 from Black Gloves)
INT: 0
SPR: 11 (+2 from Skin-Tight Suit)
Move: 2 (+2 from Martial Artist Job)

Skill Points: 0

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Re: Tales of a Dreamer: The Beads of Light

Post by Masquerade on Thu Jan 14, 2010 7:19 pm

Name: Autumn Savage
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Level: 12
Next Level: 32/36

Profession: Beast Hunter - The one who claims this profession specializes in capturing wild creatures and saving them for use in future battles. (Basic Attacks +1)(Resist Earth)(Resist Water)(Vulnerable Fire)

Weapon: Chain Whip - A whip made entirely of chains. It's creation was purely for the control of beasts, yet it has a small amount of magical properties. (Range: 2 cells)
Armor: Jaguar Cloth - A fur obtained from the hide of a jaguar. It is slightly revealing.
Accessory: Golden Bell (ATK+1)

A-Ability: Beast Taming:

+Tame: Whips a creature into shape causing them obey the tamer for the rest of the battle. Range: 2 cells. Gains control over one enemy for the rest of the battle. Does not work on Humanoid or Boss enemies. Only one enemy may be controlled at a time. 8 MP.

+Join: Tames an enemy to the point where they follow the tamer around allowing her to execute one of its attacks during battle. Range: 2 cells. Learns a new skill from an enemy. Does not work on Humanoid enemies. Only one skill can be learned from an enemy at a time. Costs 1 SP in addition to MP. 8 MP.

+Twin Shadows: Summons a Shadow Lurker that performs an unorthodox series of movements so quickly, it's almost as if there are two of them. As a result, the foe feels as if not one, but two blades are striking them. 120% Atk Dmg. Range: Adjacent cell. 2 hits. 8 MP. (Monster: Krat.)

+Bloody Claw: Summons a Shadow Lurker that slashes at the foe, digging it's claws into their flesh before ripping them out. 150% ATK DMG. Range: Adjacent cell. May cause Blood Loss. 14 MP. (Monster: Zyu.)

+Water Form: Summons a Shadow Morph and commands it to enter Water form which opens up a whole new arsenal of attacks. (Monster: Forres)

---Liquify: The Shadow liquifies its body, enabling it to move much faster. In this form, it cannot take damage or deal damage. Triples movement. 14 MP.

---Engulf: The Shadow surrounds the enemy in a sphere of water, suffocating them. 140% INT Water DMG. Single Enemy. 14 MP.

A-Ability: Beast Capture:

+Cage: Whips out a cage and traps a nearby weakened enemy within it, making it able to be used in future battles. Captures 1 Enemy with >50% Max HP. Range: Adjacent cell. Can only be used once per battle. Cannot be used if Seal was used. Does not work on Bosses. Costs 1 SP to use. 10 MP.

+Seal: Activates a magical seal in order to form a spirit pact between hunter and beast which traps the target in eternal servitude under the hunter. Captures 1 Enemy with >50% Max HP. Range: 3 cells. Can only be used once per battle. Cannot be used if Cage was used. Works on some Bosses as specified by GM. Costs 1 SP to use. 20 MP.

+Leviathan: Summons a Shadow Morph to contribute to the battle by shifting into various forms and unleashing a myriad of elemental attacks.

R-Ability: Kneel Before Me- When an enemy becomes Tamed, its ATK and INT stats are increased by 20%.

S-Ability: Slave and Master- Allows Humanoid enemies to fall under the effects of Tame and Join.

Final Judgement: Nature Havoc (Earth) - Calls upon the creatures inhabiting the surrounding environment to unleash a massive barrage of attacks upon an enemy. 200% Piercing Earth Atk damage to one enemy up to 3 cells away.


HP: 60
MP: 45
Atk: 13 (+7 from Chain Whip) (+1 from Golden Bell)
Def: 7 (+3 from Jaguar Cloth)(+1 from Charcoal Whip)
Int: 4 (+3 from Chain Whip)
Spr: 5 (+2 from Jaguar Cloth)(+2 from Chain Whip)
Movement: 2 (+1 from Beast Tamer Job)

Skill Points: 2


Name: Flora Alraune
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Level: 12
Next Level: 19/36

Profession: Aromatherapist - The one who claims this profession uses her vast knowledge of flowers and herbs to concoct potions and remedies with which to heal and strengthen her allies.(Basic Attacks +1)(Resist Earth)(Resist Water)(Vulnerable Fire)

Weapon: Thorn Lance - A rapier that took the shape of a lance while it was being made. Although it holds no magical power, it's puncture rate is extremely high. (Added Effect: Poison)
Armor: Sun Dress - A dress decorated with many light colors to show of the radiance of the wearer.
Accessory: Pink Scarf (MP+5)

A-Ability: Flower Arrangement:

+Piercing Thorn: Manifesting the protective adaptation of the rose's thorn, the user brings her weapon downward only to end up thrusting it through the enemy. 50% Piercing Atk Dmg. Range: Adjacent cell. Poisons enemy. 8 MP.

+Green Needle: Summons two roots twisted together to form something similar to a needle to burst up from underneath the enemy to puncture them. 120% Atk Dmg. Range: 3 cells. High critical hit chance. 10 MP.

+Verdant Breeze: Causes a calming breeze smelling of fragrant nature to flow through the area restoring health to nearby allies. Heals 30% Max HP. Range: All surrounding cells (adjacent/diagonal.) 12 MP.

+Un Deux Trois: A diagonal slash followed by a horizontal one with the finishing blow being a powerful thrust. 120% Atk Dmg. Range: Adjacent cell. 3 hits. 12 MP.

+Rose Shower: Surrounds the enemy in brilliant red rose petals that slash the enemy as a collective causing the enemy to become mesmerized. 140% Atk Dmg. Range: Adjacent cell. Charms target. 12 MP.

+Florescent Sphere: Gathers a small ball of petals and hurls it at a faraway foe, only to have the ball grow in size and strength, gathering more and more petals as it travels along before striking the target full force. 100% Atk Dmg. Range: One enemy in the same column or row as the user. Damage output increases by 10% for each cell traveled. 16 MP.

A-Ability: Graceful Fragrance:

+Sweet Herb: Feeds a very sweet herb to an ally that recovers some health and recharges mana. Recovers 60% Int HP/MP. Range: Adjacent cell. 14 MP.

+Raining Blossoms: Summons a cascade of aromatic cherry blossoms to descend upon the battlefield whose smell continuously heals the party. Bestows Regen and MP Regen. Range: All allies. 36 MP.

+Crysanthemum Defiance: The petals of the crysanthemum are released into the air, their fragrance forming solid barriers around allies that reduces physical damage taken. Bestows Protect. Range: All allies. 28 MP.

R-Ability: Petal Whirl- After being attacked, releases a blanket of petals that circles the attacker making it difficult for the attacker to focus on making attacks giving them a 50% chance to completely miss with their attack for 3 turns.

S-Ability: Toxic Reverie- All enemies that find themselves in an adjacent cell to the user have a 50% chance of becoming Poisoned. The effect can lead to Toxin if a Poisoned enemy enters an adjacent cell to the user again or remains in an adjacent cell to the user for more than one turn.

Heavenly Aroma- Enemies attacking from an adjacent cell have a 50% chance of their attack failing. (Not in Use)

Final Judgement: Floral Waltz (Wind) - Strikes and slashes the enemy multiple times causing different colored flower petals to burst into the air with each attack with which the user utilizes to form a tornado of flower petals to crash into the enemy as the finishing blow. 200% Piercing Wind Atk damage on to one enemy up to 3 cells away.


HP: 40
MP: 50 (+5 from Pink Scarf)
Atk: 15 (+7 from Thorn Lance)
Def: 7 (+2 from Sun Dress)(+3 from Thorn Lance)
Int: 3 (+0 from Thorn Lance)
Spr: 7 (+3 from Sun Dress)
Movement: 2 cells (+1 from Florist job)

Skill Points: 0

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Re: Tales of a Dreamer: The Beads of Light

Post by Silver on Thu Jan 14, 2010 7:42 pm

Name: Dawn
Age: Appears 21
Gender: Female
Profession: Eventide- The one who claims this profession is split between two souls but stuck to one physical transforming body. This half stands for all that is Holy in an Angel Form. (Resist Light) (Vulnerable Dark) (+1 Basic Attack)
Level: 12
Exp: 33/36
Weapon: Triumph- An incredibly bright star with an enormous amount of power embedded into it's small frame. (Added Effect: Blind) (Damage: Int) (Range: 3 Cells)
Armor: Silk Cloth- A very smooth and light cloth that is much harder to break than it looks.
Accessory: Angel Pendant- A pendant surrounded in Holy Light, brings Holy power to the wearer.

+ Demon- Dawn transforms herself into her Demon form, Dusk.
(Damage: --/Effect: Dusk/Range: Self/Mp: --/Element: --)

+ Angel Arrow- Dawn creates a Bow of Light, her Star becoming an Arrow. The Arrow piercing her foe at the very soul.
(Damage: 120% Int/Effect: --/Range: 4 Cells/Mp: 9/Element: Holy)

+ Holy Cosmos- Dawn lets loose a whirl of holy energy.
(Damage: 100% Int/Effect: --/Range: All Surounding Cells/Mp: 14/Element: Holy)

+ Aurora Light- Dawn calls forth a beautiful ray of multicolored lights that wrap around her ally, filling them with energy.
(Heal: 100% Int/Effect: --/Range: 3 Cells/Mp: 8/Element: --)

+ Angel's Embrace- Dawn reaches down at a fallen ally and slowly brings them back to life.
(Heal: 20% Int/Effect: Revive/Range: Adjacent Ally/Mp: 18/Element: Holy)

+ Healing Touch- Dawn touches an ally fondly, light causing the negative infliction upon them to disappear.
(Heal: --/Effect: Cure Negative Status Effects/Range: Adjacent Cell/Mp: 3/Element: Holy)

+ Shinedown!- Dawn causes a beam of light to shoot down from the heavens, piercing an enemy straight to their soul.
(Damage: 140% Pierce Int/Effect: --/Range: Single Foe/Mp: 16/Element: Holy)

+ Comet- Dawn releases her star, allowing to fly away for what to her seems like forever. But when it returns, she unleashes the power only know to Angels residing at the edge of the universe.
(Damage: 250% Int/Effect: Dawn can't act (3) Turns/Range: Single Enemy/Mp: 32/Element: --)

+ Sacraficial Protection- Dawn relinquishes her energy to move or act so that another may be protected.
(Damage: --/Effect: Protect/Shell (Target)/Seal (Self)/Range: Dawn/Single Ally/Mp: 38/Element: --)

+ Heavenly Recruits- Dawn calls upon the angels to come to her aid.
(Damage: --/Effect: Summons 2 Angels/Range: Surrounding Cells/Mp: 16/Element: Holy)
Heavenly Recruit Stats:

Hp: x1 of Dawn's
Mp: x.5 of Dawn's
Atk: x.5 of Dawn's
Def: x.5 of Dawn's
Int: x1.6 of Dawn's
Spr: x1.4 of Dawn's
Move: 2 Cells

+ *Holy Charity*- Whenever an Enemy attacks Dawn Physically, it takes 50% Pierce INT Damage to it's Mp.

*Skill* is currently equipped

+ *Angel's Touch*- Any Allies in Adjacent Cells heal 20% Hp each turn.

*Skill* is currently equipped
Final Judgement: Divine Star- Dawn sends her star to the heavens and flies after it, once in Heaven combining with it and shooting off its divine energy at her foes.
(Damage: 100% Pierce Int/Effect: --/Range: All Enemies/Mp: --/Element: Holy)

Hp: 45
Mp: 45 (+5 from Angel Pendant)
Atk: 0
Def: 11 (+2 from Silk Cloth)
Int: 12 (+7 from Triumph)
Spr: 12 (+3 from Silk Cloth) (+3 from Triumph)
Move: 2 Cells (+1 from Eventide Job)
Skill Points:


Name: Dusk
Age: Appears 21
Gender: Female
Profession: Eventide- The one who claims this profession is split between two souls but stuck to one physical transforming body. This half stands for all that is Demonic in a Demon Form. (Resist Dark) (Resist Fire) (Vulnerable Light) (+1 Basic Attack)
Level: 12
Exp: 33/36
Weapon: Destruction- A pair of claws of an irregular make. They seem to glow with an ominous aura. (Added Effect: Fear) (2 Attacks)
Armor: Red Cloth- A cloth tainted red. It's very heavy due to the paint that has covered it.
Accessory: Bear Fang- A fang from a large beast that boosts attack power and such. (Normal Attacks become Critical Hits)

+ Angel- Dusk transforms herself into her Angel form, Dawn.
(Damage: --/Effect: Dawn/Range: Self/Mp: --/Element: --)

+ Demonic Pierce- Dusk slashes the enemy with her claws, dark energy piercing the skin before her claws do.
(Damage: 100% Pierce Atk/Effect: --/Range: Adjacent Cell/Mp: 10/Element: Dark)

+ Fiery Rage- Dusk leaps at her foe, slashing them over and over with fiery claws.
(Damage: 100% Atk x 7/Effect: Ends Enemy Adjacent Cell/Range: 3 Cells/Mp: 12/Element: Fire)

+ Hell's Meteor- Dusk, with flaming claws throws a boulder twice her size at a foe.
(Damage: 150% Atk/Effect: Burn 50%/Range: 3 Cells/Mp: 13/Element: Fire)

+ Shade Assassin- Dusk appears behind a foe and stabs a foe in a vital part of the body.
(Damage: 200% Atk/Effect: Instant Death (10%) or Damage/Range: Adjacent Cell/Mp: 30/Element: Dark)

+ Hide- Dusk melds with the shadows, allowing her to become invisible for awhile.
(Damage: --/Effect: Invisible 3 Turns (Can be attacked by higher level opponents)/Range: Self/Mp: 8/Element: --)

+ Devil's Strike- Dusk causes a beam of pure darkness to raise from the ground and strike her foe.
(Damage: 140% Pierce Atk/Effect: --/Range: Single Foe/Mp: 16/Element: Dark)

+ Cursed Gift- Dusk runs her claws down her arm, tasting the blood that remains, its magic powers strengthening her ability to fight, but losing her ability to protect herself.
(Damage: --/Effect: Atk x 2 (3) Turns/Def/Spr x 0 (3) Turns/Range: Self/Mp: 24/Element: --)

+ Sacraficial Cripple- Dusk relinquishes her energy to move or act so that her foe may be crippled to an extreme.
(Damage: --/Effect: Deprotect/Deshell (Target)/Seal (Self)/Range: Dusk/Single Foe/Mp: 38/Element: --)

+ Demon Rampart- Dusk calls upon two demons to fight under her command.
(Damage: --/Effect: Summons 2 Demons/Range: Surrounding Cells/Mp: 16/Element: Dark)
Demon's Rampart Stats:

Hp: x1 of Dusk's
Mp: x.5 of Dusk's
Atk: x1.6 of Dusk's
Def: x1.4 of Dusk's
Int: x.5 of Dusk's
Spr: x.5 of Dusk's
Move: 2 Cells

+ *Hell's Flare*- Whenever an Enemy attacks Dusk, an intense flame leaps out and strikes her attacker dealing 60% ATK Damage and may inflict Burn.

*Skill* is currently equipped

+ *Bloodlust*- Any Enemies in Adjacent Cells lose 20% Hp each turn.

*Skill* is currently equipped
Final Judgement: Hades' Cross-Slash- Dusk is struck with pure demonic energy, her whole body covered in pure power. She rushes forward and slashes a foe over and over until they are nothing but battle scars.
(Damage: 200% Pierce Atk/Effect: Instant Death 10%/Range: Single Foe/Mp: --/Element: Dark)

Hp: 45
Mp: 45
Atk: 12 (+7 from Destruction) (+3 from Bear Fang)
Def: 12 (+3 from Red Cloth) (+2 from Destruction)
Int: 0
Spr: 11 (+2 from Red Cloth)
Move: 2 Cells (+1 from Eventide Job)
Skill Points: 0


Name: Vivian "Vivi" Nash
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Profession: Festival Goer- The one who claims this profession enjoys the many festival games and rides. She even joins the festivities and fires off rockets with her sparklers and uses her many festival items to fight. (Resist Fire) (Resist Wind) (Vulnerable Water) (+1 Basic Attack)
Level: 13
Exp: 14/54
Weapon: Paper Fan- A simple fan with an incredible amount of magical power embedded into it's small frame.
Armor: Firework Kimono- A Kimono with Firework colors and patterns sewn into it, it is stunning.
Accessory: Bag of Goodies- A red velvet bag with gold silk strings, it's full of goodies and objects from many festivals.
A-Ability: Festival Fun!

+ Pinwheel- Vivi whips out two Pinwheels that she throws at her foe, the dazzling colors confusing her foe.
(Damage: 50% Pierce Atk x 2/Effect: Confusion 50%/Range: 3 Cells/Mp: 8/Element: --)

+ Flamework- Vivi fills a firework with the essence of fire, shooting it at the foe.
(Damage: 100% Int/Effect: Burn 50%/Range: 4 Cells/Mp: 7/Element: Fire)

+ Blizzwork- Vivi fills a firework with the essence of ice, shooting it at the foe.
(Damage: 100% Int/Effect: Freeze 50%/Range: 4 Cells/Mp: 7/Element: Ice)

+ Thundawork- Vivi fills a firework with the essence of lightning, shooting it at the foe.
(Damage: 100% Int/Effect: Paralyze 50%/Range: 4 Cells/Mp: 7/Element: Lightning)

+ Water Balloon- Vivi pulls a water balloon from her Kimono and throws it at a foe.
(Damage: 100% Int/Effect: Wet 50%/Range: 4 Cells/Mp: 7/Element: Water)

+ Festival Fan- Vivi pulls out a Festival Fan and whips it around hard enough to cause the air around her to whirl and spin at her foe.
(Damage: 100% Int/Effect: Airborne 50%/Range: 4 Cells/Mp: 9/Element: Air)

+ Rock- Vivi picks up a rock from the ground and chucks it at her foe, the lack of power behind it barely hurting her foe.
(Damage: 1% Atk/Effect: --/Range: Single Foe/Mp: 1/Element: --)

+ Test of Strength- Vivi pulls out a large hammer, a test of strength meter springing from the ground, a foe attached to it. She hit the target and the foe goes flying into the air, hitting the ground with a thud.
(Damage: 140% Atk/Effect: --/Range: Adjacent Cell/Mp: 8/Element: --)

+ Darts- Vivi pulls out seven Darts and throws them at the foe, the darts piercing weak points of the foe's skin.
(Damage: 40% Pierce Atk x 7/Effect: --/Range: 3 Cells/Mp: 22/Element: --)

+ Cotton Candy- Vivi pulls out Cotton Candy from her Kimono, either taking a bite and enjoying the sweetness of it or giving it to a friend.
(Heal: 80% Int/Effect: --/Range: Adjacent Cell/Mp: 5/Element: --)

+ Festival Fireworks- Vivi lights off thousands of fireworks, the many fireworks shooting off at each foe on the field.
(Damage: 200% Int/Effect: --/Range: All Enemies/Mp: 24/Element: --)

+ Oooh... Awe!- Vivi watches as a Festival Finale goes off, her eyes sparkling in awe.
(Heal: 50% Int/Effect: Heals Mp/Range: Self/Mp: --/Element: --)

+ *Rocket*- Whenever Vivi is attacked, She lets off four rockets, hitting any enemies in 3 Cell formation dealing 80% Piercing Int Damage.

*Skill* is Currently Equipped

+ *Excitement*- Vivi has Haste cast on her until she takes damage.

*Skill* is Currently Equipped
Final Judgement: Festival Finale- Vivi traps her foe and whisks them away to a Festival where she wows a crowd of people with one amazing feature of the Festival.
(Damage: 200% Pierce Int or Atk/Effect: Varies/Range: Single Foe/Mp: --/Element: Varies)

Hp: 35 (+5 from Bag of Goodies)
Mp: 60 (+5 from Firework Kimono)
Atk: 9
Def: 7
Int: 11 (+8 from Paper Fan)
Spr: 8 (+4 from Firework Kimono) (+2 from Paper Fan)
Move: 2 Cells (+1 from Festival Goer Profession)
Skill Points: 1

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Re: Tales of a Dreamer: The Beads of Light

Post by Zerifachias on Tue Jan 19, 2010 2:54 pm

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Re: Tales of a Dreamer: The Beads of Light

Post by Zerifachias on Sun May 23, 2010 5:34 pm

This is a bump post. I may also use this post for something else.

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Re: Tales of a Dreamer: The Beads of Light

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