Fight to the death [Accepting]

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Fight to the death [Accepting]

Post by Plattack on Sun Jan 17, 2010 1:20 pm

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Many adventures you hear about involve people trying to accomplish great things. Of course, some of them do, and some of them don't. But the adventures you don't hear about often are the ones where people are captured, and have to fight for their survival. Well, this is where that story gets its due.


Name: The name of your character, Lv.1 (all characters begin at level 1)

Jobs: You all know this.

Weapons: You all know this.

Armor: You all know this.

Accessory: HP +5, MP +5, ATK + 1, DEF +1, INT +1, SPR +1

A-Ability: Y'all know this.

+ NAME, what it does, DAMAGE, RANGE

+ NAME, what it does, DAMAGE, RANGE

A-Ability: Item.

R-Ability: N/A

S-Ability: You know this.

G-Ability: Give a name and element

- HP:
- MP:
- ATK:
- DEF:
- INT:
- SPR:
- Movement:
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