Seeds of Evil: Pit of 100 Trials

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Seeds of Evil: Pit of 100 Trials

Post by Nightwish on Mon Feb 08, 2010 3:21 pm


Rumors have been spreading that the root of all evil has been found. When people go to look for it they never come back. Some are lucky and come back trembling telling a tale of sheer evil so chilling they have to kill the men from going insane at night. Ten of over one thousand have only survived and only one of the ten has told a most reliable story. He called it the pit of 100 trials. He didn't know the exact number but the pit kept going on and on; monsters never ending. Men he knew from his childhood decayed in some floors further down. People tried not to believe him but it lingered on their mind. Though one thing he forgot...The pit could move itself freely to any location wanted. Eventually there was an earth quake under the peaceful village a giant hole ripping up devouring all the people into the hole. The Pit of 100 trials was found by the dead. Over run by monsters, it truly is the root of evil...
Floors and the Options
~You have the choice for each floor of going through a Survival floor or a Kill all the enemies.

~Survival floors get more gold and experience but is longer. Kill all the enemies is shorter and get usual experience and gold.

~Every 10 floors you battle a fairly strong boss.

~If you get KOed on any given floor you can be revived for 10 gold. Leaving a floor results in 15 gold and you lose your gold and experience. 25 gold to leave on a floor with your gold and experience. 50 gold to skip a floor and 100 gold to open a shop with survival items.

~Easy and Hard mode for each floor. Easy reduces of everything the cost but shops have less items, lose half of your gold and experience. Hard results in same price better items and keeping all your gold and experience when you pay the price.

~Everyone starts with one Freebie pass. Allowing you to do anything for free. If you would like to skip a floor one person is allowed to do it but everyone goes with you. It is suggested you ask before you skip a floor.

~You may only do a floor when a mission is done. If you are doing on mission not leveled and you level in here it would cause mass confusion.

~ You cannot class change here. Magic is strong here...

~Anyone can join but they will not get bonus exp for their other role plays suck as: 'The Tales of Alidare' You may join it would be helpful, but be warned. No bonus experience or Bonus gold.
-Please post your sheet here:
Will start after the first mission is complete in 'The Unknown'
Please your your characters used in 'The Unknown' if you have one made there.
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