My lovely sister.. Bullshwankey!!!!!!

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My lovely sister.. Bullshwankey!!!!!!

Post by Via on Tue Mar 23, 2010 6:26 pm

My sister is Phsyco.. Its actualy funny. but , when I try to offer a little comfort food , a pudding cup , and it turns out we have no whipped cream , she FLIPS. She claims she HAS to eat the cup cuz she opened it , like why cant she be that way when my mom tells her to eat her dinner.. she claims she will never talk to my mother EVER again , and once she blows off her steam she will be all "mommy , I love you , i promise i will never act that way ever again." That is a big bunch of BULLSHWANKEY!!!!! Plus , when im watching my shows with my mom , she is all , mommy come lay with me till i fall asleep , ... and in walks the big bowl of Bullshwankey.. im scared.

P.S. She is 8.

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