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A fairly simple and short list of the different races...nothing too extreme.

Overview: Cat furs...basically...
I made this race without even thinking about that. (Moving onward) They are skilled in elemental magics, and some grow to the point of Geomancy--the manipulation of nature. They are outcast by the humans as demons, but are secretly traded with, because they are capable of acquiring many ingredients that humans cannot--mostly from their body.

Physical Makeup: Their shape and physical attributes...and mental attributes, are determined by what animal inhabits them and to what degree. When pure, it is clear as to what their mental and physical capacities will be, and to a degree, their personality. When they are a large mix of animals, they tend to be very random. Most Feyduuni have 3 to 7 breeds mixed in. The Abom class of Feyduuni has over 15 breeds in them. The Purity Children, and the only Feyduuni allowed to protect the World Tree, only has 1 breed. The Exiled Children may have as many breeds as the wretched class, or even the Purity Children, but the common factor is that they've either done something to wrong the World Tree or Theira, or they are part human.

Sociological Patterns: Stays as far from human civilization as possible, but is very nomadic. Most Feyduuni use their claws, but some have been known to use quarter staves or spears. Enjoys the environment along with its animals, and tries to preserve this environment, but is also extremely pious and tries to keep the peace, in spite of humans wishing to build more.

Religion: They believe in the Goddess Theira, and would fight to the death to preserve her. They do not have holy script, but only word of mouth. However, the religion is still very similar to catholicism. At the center of Yggdrasil (the World Tree, Tree of Ages, Tree of Knowledge) sits the blade of Theira. A sword with runic inscriptions powerful enough to annihilate a city..or drain the world's mana.

Military Might: Due to their nomadic tendencies, for all except the Magi Guards, they have little military might. While a Feyduuni can take down at least 4 humans in a fight, granted the Feyduuni has appropriate wargear, the Feyduuni stay very peaceful, and tend to appease the humans in order to avoid conflict. A holy war has broken out, when humans attempted to build around/on Yggdrasil. Over 4,000,000 humans were annihilated. 17,197 deaths on the Feyduuni side. The Feyduuni also have a special dragon, that only the High Magi, who is chosen at a very tender age, may summon. His name is Feybrand, and he is the guardian of the Sword of Theira.

Current Leadership: Only known leadership resides with the High Magi, for the most part, it is many people listening to the wisest of their respective tribe. The current High Magi is a runaway 8 year old named Fel.

Reproduction Rate and Mating Patterns: In order to give birth to a Feyduuni, a female must mate with an animal. The animal mated with determines the breed of Feyduuni, and many are Aboms... A mix of several dozen or hundred animals. There are few hybrids, and they tend to be very extreme in abilities. (I.E. a cheetah with speed, an elephant with power and knowledge (don't ask), or a komodo dragon with poison) No known Dragon Feyduuni. Currently the Feyduuni is less than 25% of the human population and far more spread. Therefore, most Feyduuni like to have several babies before death.

Overview: Beings with two bright white angel wings. Their wings glow a bright green, as do their eyes. Their main form of entertainment is actually reading books, debating, and ...surprisingly enough, dueling. Great sense of honor.

Physical Makeup: Their body is made of mana, and is held together by their mother's mana. Strangely enough, this means that something -else- must have given birth to them, but they've never considered it. They gather mana through their wings, and converts it into their energy. This is because mana weakens at an extraordinary pace, so if they do not, they will shrivel quickly That mana taken in not only supplies their own mana, but their mother's mana as well, to ensure they do not dematerialize. Most Empyreans dematerialize before they die, otherwise they'd be extremely weak in the arts of magic, which near none are.

Sociological Patterns: Again, their usual hobbies are reading, debating, and dueling. They have no sense of justice, and instead believe that the World Tree will hand out justice. Although they are capable of lying, they do not, for it is dishonorable. Each blade is crafted from their mana signature, a signature that exists in all beings, but is only visible and prominent in the Empyreans.

Religion: Atheism

Military Might: If they lose one wing, they are crippled for life (best case), if they lose both, they either dematerialize or shrivel seconds before death. As it stands, however, they are the most powerful (magic wise) beings in the entire universe...known to man. Although their body is easy to cut through, anything that does is seared by extreme heat, and a clash deep enough can also dematerialize an Empyrean. This is why most Empyrean soldiers are also as skilled as any human in swordsmanship.

Current Leadership: The King of Light is currently unknown to most Empyreans and Feyduuni and humans. The government is a democratic system, where the town/village elects a chief, and the chiefs elect a regional chief. The regional chiefs elect regional representatives. The regional representatives elect four castle chiefs each. The castle chiefs each elect one kingdom chief. And the kingdom chiefs come together once a year to elect 30 Parliament chiefs. The Parliament and King of Light cooperate to create new laws and regulations. The King of Light creates the laws based on visions, and the Parliament views these laws. Should the Parliament disagree with said law, they are allowed to refuse it to be passed. No law has ever been refused, however Parliament still has a purpose; they create most of the laws still, and the King of Light is given these laws to review and possibly deny.

Reproduction Rate and Mating Patterns: Their birth rate is low, however still existent. Due to most Empyreans having eternal life until they are killed, however, they are still near the millions in population. Every so often, a Seraphim class Empyrean is born. These Empyrenas have six wings, and are therefore about nine times stronger than a normal Empyrean. On top of that, they do not need their mother's mana to keep them together, because they are strong enough to supply themselves with a mana band to hold them together. Only a Seraphim class can be the King of Light, because only they can hear the World Tree.
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