Tales of Alidaire: The Chase Profiles

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Tales of Alidaire: The Chase Profiles

Post by Masquerade on Wed Jun 30, 2010 10:45 pm

Here's where my The Chase person needs to post her character profile. That way, you can just update them here when you level up. The Current Inventory along with Enemy Profiles for each mission will be posted here as well.

Current Inventory

Herb x0 (Recovers 10 HP upon use)

Herbal Paste x4 (Recovers 15 HP and 5 MP upon use)

Potion x4 (Recovers 20 HP upon use)

Elixir x1 (Fully recovers HP and MP)

Mana Shard x1 (Recovers 5 MP upon use)

Mana Powder x2 (Recovers 10 MP upon use)

Antidote x2 (Removes Poison/Severe Poison upon use)

Anti-venom x3 (Removes Venom upon use)

Life Crystal x6 (Revives fallen character with 20% Max HP)

Chest Key x2 (Unlocks target Treasure Chest)

Winter's Brutality x0 (Permanently increases ATK by 1)

Autumn's Wind x1 (Increases Evasion Rate by 10% for the duration of one battle)


Tomato x3 (A ripe, red tomato)

Hard Scale x2 (A brownish-green scale that is rather durable)

Black Cloth x5 (Obviously black cloth that was torn from some black garment)

Stellar Gold x0 (Small lump of some rather odd gold material)

Wood Chip x2 (Chip of tainted wood from a door)

Sugar x4 (Sweetness...enough said)

Obsidian Fang x1 (Fang from a serpent that is black as a moonless night)

Dirt Clod x1 (A clod of dirt that can't be broken...even if you throw it at the ground really hard)

Ivory Fang x0 (Fang from a serpent that can dazzle you just by looking at it directly)

Onyx Orb x2 (Beautiful orb composed of what appears to be purified onyx)

Brimstone x3 (Fairly stinky rock...)

Broken Mask x4 (Wooden masks that have been cracked to a state of disrepair)

Scrap Metal x2 (Pieces of metal salvaged from armor)

Seaweed x6 (Long strands of freshwater seaweed)

Cracked Seashell x2 (Hard seashell that was roughed up to the point of cracking)

Aerolite x1 (Milky white, opaque crystal infused with a great deal of wind energy; it is extremely rare)

Jagged Rock x3 (Run-of-the-mill rock that's difficult to touch because of the sharp edges)

Snake Skin x6 (Full length scaly skin sliced right off of a snake)

Potent Venom x5 (Extremely concentrated venom that can have adverse effects if handled improperly)

Cloudy Crystal x1 (Opaque, blue crystal plucked from the shell of a certain crab)

Bat Wing x4 (The rather leathery wing of a bat)

Clear Crystal x7 (Translucent, blue crystal used to construct golems and other such artificial creations)

Rose Emblem x9 (Patch of cloth or metal with the seal of Elendia upon it)

Vile Poison x2 (Mysterious liquid filling a vial; its effects are unknown and should probably stay that way)

Galactic Mane x1 (Beautiful fur that looks like the outer regions of space)

Behemoth Claw x1 (Massive claw pried from a fallen behemoth)

Sandstone Spearhead x2 (Spearhead forged of sandstone, it is a trademark for the warriors of the Waste)

Cursed Steel x1 (Magic-infused ingot created for the purpose of making cages for powerful elemental spirits)


Chain (A long chain that is intertwined with Auza's hair and drops down to her ankles. Increases SPR by 1; equippable by Auza) [Accessory]

Dull Scythe (A wooden scythe with a blade that desperately needs to be sharpened.  Increases ATK and INT by 1; equippable by Vincent) [Weapon]

Long Cloth (A cloth that provides a small amount of protection, but protection nonetheless.  Increases DEF and SPR by 1; equippable by Auza) [Armor]

Worn Armor (Some light armor that has been worn from extensive use.  Increases DEF by 1; equippable by Klein) [Armor]

Elegant Quill (A beautiful quill pen with dark, brooding colors.  Increases ATK and INT by 1; equippable by Henry) [Weapon]

Gentleman's Coat (A fancy coat belonging to a high class gentleman.  Increases DEF and SPR by 1; equippable by Henry) [Armor]

Steel Mail (Rather heavyweight mail completely constructed from solid steel. Increases DEF by 4; equippable by Klein; Physical damage taken -5%) [Armor]

Commercial Pen (Click pen with the logo of some random business on it.  Increases INT by 2; equippable by Henry) [Weapon]

Terra Beads (Given the stalwart power of the earth, these tan beads have the power to alter the magic around a foe when infused with mana to unleash a simple attack.  Increases Max HP by 5 and INT by 4; equippable by Auza; Added Effect: Slow) [Weapon]

Fallen Grace (Sword abandoned by an unknown wielder, its pink blade is enchanted to unleash a mass of cherry blossom petals with each slash for some reason.  Increases ATK by 4 and INT by 2; equippable by Macha; Added Effect: Mesmerize) [Weapon]

Key Items

Travel Visa (A special card that permits the holder to travel from one continent to another)

Map of Berbatu (A surprisingly detailed map given to the party by "Rose")

Apocrypha (Book of the darkest magic that possesses spells to summon strong demons along with the undead)

Magic Key (Simple key imbued with magic to physically and magically release the lock binding Brygan's bedroom door)

Gold Cat (Ominous golden statue of a cat, just holding it makes one feel more wealthy; increases Gold earned at the end of battle by 10%)

Mysterious Locket (Odd, silver locket that looks brand new...but that can't be; it was found bound closed by sealing magic)

Ocarina of Heart (Ivory ocarina with the power to bring out one's song of the heart; it can be used to call upon Sonata in a time of dire peril)

Current Gold: 5547

Map of Berbatu

+S.S. Horizons

+Titik Masuk
---Item Shop
---Weapon Shop
---Armor Shop
---Town Exit

+Sungai Tanah
---Trickling Waters
---Rattler's Stretch
>Tali Sungai
---Northern Bank
---Floating Raft
>Manor of the Thieves
---Living Room
---East Hallway
---Hidden Basement
---Brygan's Room
>Membatasi Sungai
---Misshapen Arc

---Item Shop
---Weapon Shop
---Armor Shop
---Synthesis Lab

+Crystal Caverns
---Lagoon Tunnel
---Dead Man's Branch
---Bending Tunnel
>Resona's Keep
---Altar Room

+Naik Dataran
---Sihirian Plains

* * *

Map of ???

+The Wastes
>Cosmos Cave
---Ring of the Beast

---Gate of the Wasteland
---Highland Avenue
---Moraka'el City Library
>Elegant Rose
---Women's Bathhouse
---Room 902
>Moraka'el Castle
---Anti-Magic Block

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Re: Tales of Alidaire: The Chase Profiles

Post by Masquerade on Wed Jun 30, 2010 10:47 pm

Chapter 03-C: Black Magic Ball

Enemy Profiles

Name: The Witch of Autumn's Trace
Gender: Female
Age: ?
Level: 20
Next Level: --/--
"The front door opened suddenly revealing a beautiful woman in a long, silky, violet dress.  With every movement she made, the dress seemed to shimmer slightly which portrayed the image of a bird taking flight upon it.  It was quite the illusion.  Whoever made the dress had to have been skilled at both thread and magic.  The woman's light purple eyes bore into Vincent causing him to stagger backwards.  The woman's long, raven black hair seemed unfazed by the gentle breeze that blew through the village.  Her skin was an artificial white, as if she were wearing make up, and her black eyeliner and shadow seemed to accentuate the vivid hue of her eyes.  She folded her arms over her chest and continued to gaze at the young man who was nearly trembling on her front porch." ~Exerpt from Equivalence

Profession: Reality Sorceress - One of the most powerful witches in existence, the one who claims this profession has an ultimate control over reality and weaves its fabrics together as she sees fit with exceptional and frightening ease.  Any wish you may want granted can come true at her hands, but all good things come with a price... (Basic Attacks +2)(Balance In Favor)(Equivalent Exchange)

*Balance In Favor: Alters reality drastically in order to change the odds of victory for the user to something much more favorable.  Can only be used if the user's HP is less than 25% of its Maximum.  Only activates once per battle.
*Equivalent Exchange: Exacts a price from those who ask for a wish to be granted that is equivalent to the favor requested.

Weapon: Infinite Galaxy - Breathtaking fan with a panoramic scene of the night sky upon it that seems to shift constantly revealing different constellations. (Damage: INT)(Range: Infinite)(Target Hit Rate -5% per hit; max stack: 3)
Armor: Night Flight - Gorgeous silky violet dress that shimmers when the wearer moves.  It depicts a bird taking flight and as the folds of the dress waver, it seems as though the bird really is flying... (Attackers have a 10% chance of being Mesmerized)
Accessory: Amethyst Earrings - Gold earrings inlaid with amethyst gems filled with magical power. (Magic damage output +20%)
Accessory: Bottomless Satchel - To the eye, it appears as a simple satchel, but in truth, it is capable of holding a great many number of items, more than any one person could imagine. (Infinite Item)

A-Ability: Bending Reality:

+Land of Dreams: Completely changes the landscape of the battlefield to one of the user's creation.  What scenery and beasts come with it are only known to the user...  Changes the battlefield.  Range: Set.  24 MP.

+Existential Array: Sets one's fan to circle around in front of oneself weaving a beautiful glowing glyph out of which a blistering ray of energy emerges scathing and severely debilitating all who are unlucky enough to be caught in the line of fire.  230% Int Dmg.  Range: Straight line; one direction.  Chance of Curse.  Chance of Frail.  Chance of Weak.  Chance of Misfortune.  36 MP.

+Wish: Grants a target their wish using one's power over reality to make it come true.  Can only be used if the target requests a wish.  Grants any wish made by the target.  Target must agree to terms of the wish associated with Equivalent Exchange.  Range: Set.  144 MP.

R-Ability: Nullification Zone - Upon being attacked from a nearby foe (within 2 layers of surrounding cells of the user), unleashes a magical force field in that range that suppresses all magic and weakens foes.  Magic damage dealt to the user is reduced by 75% when cast within the zone.  Enemies have their ATK reduced by 25% as long as they remain in the zone.

S-Ability: Affliction-Free Reality - Renders the user completely and utterly immune to all negative status effects and stat reductions.  Any that manage to afflict the user are automatically removed by the power of the user's reality alteration magic.

D-Ability: End Reality (Null) - When the universe's time has come, the witch will exact her ultimate power, shredding away her physical form so that her boundless magic can consume all that exists and render it into nothingness.  The birth of a new universe will arise from it, and reality shall begin...again.  User vanishes from the battlefield.  All existence ends.  There are no survivors.


HP: 3750
MP: 4225
Atk: 6 (+3 from Infinite Galaxy)
Def: 15 (+5 from Night Flight)
Int: 25 (+11 from Infinite Galaxy)
Spr: 17 (+8 from Night Flight)(+4 from Amethyst Earrings)
Movement: 2 (+0 from Reality Sorceress Profession)

Skill Points: 0

Vurlin, Lv. 21

Profession: Devourer Cultist
Type: Humanoid

A-Ability: Answering the Call:

+Darkness Flay: Summons tendrils of darkness to wail on enemies who draw to near.  Summons 3 Dark Tendrils that attack each turn to deal 120% Int Dmg to a foe in a 3 cell radius of them.  Range: Battlefield.  Tendrils fade after attacking three times and can be destroyed by attacks or spells of the light element.  14 MP.

+Gravira: Lowers a massive force of gravity down upon a foe to crush it.  Deals 50% Current HP damage to the target.  Range: 3 cells.  20 MP.

+Binding Shackles: Brings dark chains forth from below to strangle a foe and keep them in place.  No damage.  Range: 5 cells.  Chance of Immobilize.  Chance of Poison.  Chance of Mana Drain.  12 MP.

+Devouring Serpent: Unleashes a massive serpent of darkness to slither around the battlefield, passing through enemies to eat their souls, and the more afflicted the soul, the stronger the serpent’s assault is upon it.  200% Int Dmg.  Range: All enemies.  Deals 10% additional damage for each negative status affliction on the target.  24 MP.

R-Ability: Unbendable Focus – Upon successfully casting one spell, the subsequent spell cast will cost 25% less MP.
S-Ability: Everlasting Chant – This unit is constantly chanting to keep an Orb of Demise present on the battlefield which makes magical creatures invulnerable to damage and immune to effects of attacks and spells.  This unit subconsciously casts spells while focused on chanting.
D-Ability: None.


HP: 850
MP: 1350
Atk: 5
Def: 18
Int: 32
Spr: 22
Move: 2 cells

*See above for Connor

Ember, Lv. 21

Monster: Black Lantern
Type: Inorganic

A-Ability: Midnight Flame:

+Black Firaga: Sends three spheres of dark flames hurtling towards a foe where they spin around them and explode dealing massive damage to nearby enemies.  130% Int Dmg to main target.  200% Int Dmg (splash.)  Range: 3 cells (main), all surrounding cells (splash.)  Chance of Burn.  36 MP.  Fire elemental.

+Towering Flame: Enhances one’s own flame to greatly increase the damage of one’s fire magics.  Increases Fire Dmg dealt by 30% for 3 turns.  Range: Self.  16 MP.

+Cursed Embers: Unleashes wisps of flames that shred the skin and the luck of the target.  150% Int Dmg.  Range: 4 cells.  Chance of Misfortune.  Chance of Burn.  20 MP.  Fire elemental.

+Self-Destruct: Detonates self for a massive explosion.  300% Int Dmg.  Range: 2 layers of surrounding cells.  Can only be used when in Critical condition.  Takes 2 turns to use.  Cannot be interrupted.  KO’s user.  0 MP.

R-Ability: Magic Incense – When taking magical damage, unleashes a sweet aroma that removes a random boon from all enemies.
S-Ability: Condition Contract – The user deals bonus magic damage equal to 120% Int to targets that fail to receive a status effect from one of the user’s skills.
D-Ability: None.


HP: 990
MP: 1275
Atk: 10
Def: 19
Int: 32
Spr: 28
Move: 4 cells

*See above for Ashes

Neutral Profiles


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Re: Tales of Alidaire: The Chase Profiles

Post by Masquerade on Wed Jun 30, 2010 10:51 pm

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Re: Tales of Alidaire: The Chase Profiles

Post by Masquerade on Wed Jun 30, 2010 10:52 pm

~ B E S T I A R Y ~


Thief (Location: Titik Masuk/Number Defeated: 4/Exp: 2/Gold: 25/Items: Herb)
Desert Rose (Location: Tali Sungai/Number Defeated: 1/Exp: 4/Gold: 110/Items: Golden Ring)
Thief (Location: Manor of the Thieves/Number Defeated: 8/Exp: 5/Gold: 41/Items: Potion, Black Cloth)
Brygan (Location: Manor of the Thieves/Number Defeated: 1/Exp: 20/Gold: 210/Items: Winter's Brutality)
Resona (Location: Resona's Keep/Number Defeated: 1/Exp: 36/Gold: 280/Items: Prophet's Blindfold, Autumn's Wind)
Possessed Soldier (Location: Naik Dataran/Number Defeated: 3/Exp: 14/Gold: 128/Items: Rose Emblem)
Possessed Espionage Expert (Location: Naik Dataran/Number Defeated: 2/Exp: 18/Gold: 155/Items: Rose Emblem, Vile Poison)
Spearman of the Wastes (Location: Moraka'el Castle/Number Defeated: 2/Exp: 21/Gold: 155/Items: Sandstone Spearhead)


Terra Glider (Location: Sungai Tanah/Number Defeated: 2/Exp: 9/Gold: 91/Items: Jagged Rock)
Crystal Bat (Location: Crystal Caverns/Number Defeated: 5/Exp: 10/Gold: 102/Items: Bat Wing)
Cosmolith (Location: Cosmos Cave/Number Defeated: 1/Exp: 40/Gold: 550/Items: Behemoth Claw, Galactic Mane)


Sungai Croc (Location: Sungai Tanah/Number Defeated: 2/Exp: 3/Gold: 31/Items: Hard Scale)
Yang Serpent (Location: Tali Sungai/Number Defeated: 3/Exp: 5/Gold: 36/Items: Obsidian Fang)
Yin Serpent (Location: Tali Sungai/Number Defeated: 2/Exp: 5/Gold: 36/Items: Ivory Fang)
Rattler (Location: Sungai Tanah/Number Defeated: 4/Exp: 8/Gold: 79/Items: Snake Skin, Potent Venom)






Fishman (Location: S.S. Horizons/Number Defeated: 3/Exp: 2/Gold: 10/Items: None)
Sharkman (Location: S.S. Horizons/Number Defeated: 2/Exp: 3/Gold: 10/Items: None)
Shocktopus (Location: S.S. Horizons/Number Defeated: 1/Exp: 4/Gold: 75/Items: None)
Tentacle (Location: S.S. Horizons/Number Defeated: 2/Exp: 2/Gold: 25/Items: None)
Crystal Crab (Location: Crystal Caverns/Number Defeated: 5/Exp: 10/Gold: 105/Items: Cloudy Crystal)


Blood Golem (Location: Manor of the Thieves/Number Defeated: 2/Exp: 9/Gold: 65/Items: Brimstone, Broken Mask)
Water Elemental (Location: Membatasi Sungai/Number Defeated: 1/Exp: 13/Gold: 105/Items: ???? ?????, ??????? ????? ?????)
Crystal Golem (Location: Resona's Keep/Number Defeated: 1/Exp: 16/Gold: 132/Items: Clear Crystal, Life Crystal)
Crystal Mite (Location: Resona's Keep/Number Defeated: 3/Exp: 10/Gold: 110/Items: Clear Crystal)
Black Lantern (Location: Moraka'el Castle/Number Defeated: 2/Exp: 21/Gold: 133/Items: Cursed Steel, ??????? ???)




Munch Imp (Location: Sungai Tanah/Number Defeated: 4/Exp: 4/Gold: 23/Items: Tomato, Sugar)
Timekeeper (Location: Manor of the Thieves/Number Defeated: 2/Exp: 6/Gold: 45/Items: Stellar Gold)
Hobgoblin (Location: Manor of the Thieves/Number Defeated: 5/Exp: 6/Gold: 46/Items: Herb, Dirt Clod)
Tome Guardian (Location: Manor of the Thieves/Number Defeated: 4/Exp: 10/Gold: 62/Items: Apocrypha)
Guardian of the Gate (Location: Manor of the Thieves/Number Defeated: 4/Exp: 8/Gold: 55/Items: Wood Chip, Yellow Glass Eye)
Stair Ghoul (Location: Manor of the Thieves/Number Defeated: 1/Exp: 10/Gold: 73/Items: Onyx Orb)
Aurea (Location: Manor of the Thieves/Number Defeated: 1/Exp: 24/Gold: 225/Items: Gold Cat)
Rain Dancer (Location: Membatasi Sungai/Number Defeated: 3/Exp: 8/Gold: 84/Items: Seaweed, Cracked Seashell)
Rain Champion (Location: Membatasi Sungai/Number Defeated: 1/Exp: 13/Gold: 97/Items: Scrap Metal, Hero's Blade)


Shade (Location: Crystal Caverns/Number Defeated: 1/Exp: 15/Gold: 127/Items: ????? ?????, Black As Night)

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Re: Tales of Alidaire: The Chase Profiles

Post by Masquerade on Wed Jun 30, 2010 10:53 pm

Name: Alaster Klein
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Level: 22
Next Level: 103/183

Profession: Apprentice Blademaster - Humbling himself before one more experienced at the blade than he, the one who claims this profession becomes a student in order to learn more in-depth usage of the blade for the purpose of becoming stronger. (Basic Attacks +2)(Dual Wield)(Power Stance)(Flowing Blade)

*Dual Wield: Allows for the equipping of a second weapon.
*Power Stance: At the start of each battle, boosts ATK and DEF by 10% for 5 turns.
*Flowing Blade: Allows linking of basic attacks and skills.

Swordsman - The one who claims this profession is dedicated to learning the way of the sword and executes a variety of attacks using only that weapon. (Not in use)

Arcane Knight - The one who claims this profession utilizes neutralized mana to augment his powerful sword abilities while bolstering defenses and bestowing beneficial effects for greater survivability in battle. (Basic Attacks +1)(Enhance Glyph)(Reduce Glyph)(Not in use)

Weapon: Harmonyx - Ultimate balance between light and darkness, this blade is the epitome of a soul in equilibrium.
Weapon: Hero's Blade - Righteous sword bestowed upon only those who are fit to be called a champion. (Physical damage output +10%)
Armor: Polished Mail - Armor made from some random sort of metal that's been polished to shine.
Accessory: Golden Ring - Wondrously crafted ring of gold, it possesses a magic that keeps the wearer moving and acting. (Immune Immobilize/Disable)
Accessory: Gauntlet - A simple gauntlet made of iron.

A-Ability: Flashing Star:

+Trick Blade: Delivers two quick strikes before switching the sword to the other hand to deliver a third and unexpected blow.  120% Atk Dmg.  Range: Adjacent cell.  3 hits.  High critical hit chance for final hit.  10 MP.

+Enthusiasm: Devastates the enemy with a multitude of energetic slashes ending with a final burst of pure mana.  100% Atk Dmg for strikes.  120% Int Dmg for burst.  Range: Adjacent cell.  5 hits (4 strikes/1 burst.)  14 MP.

+Burst Rush: Shrouds self in a dense sphere of light and charges madly at the enemy, crashing into them full force.  140% Atk Dmg.  Range: 3 cells.  10 MP.  Holy elemental.

---Sword Shower: Quickly recovers form the crash and leaps back to the user's original position after which the user then reforms any remaining light energy into myriad swords that descend swiftly, stabbing the enemy.  110% Int Dmg.  Range: Set.  6 hits.  14 MP.  Holy elemental.

+Z Variable: A three-hit combo in which the user slashes the target's legs, followed by their arms and torso, with the final hit landing on the target's throat.  100% Atk Dmg.  Range: Adjacent cell.  3 hits.  Chance of Immobilize on first hit.  Chance of Disable on second hit.  Chance of Silence on the last hit.  18 MP.

+Heartstring: Lunges at an enemy with an intent to drive one's weapon straight into the enemy's cold heart, only to rip out the weapon to worsen the wound.  140% Atk Dmg.  Range: 2 cells.  Chance of Blood Loss.  12 MP.

---Swift Harmony: Stabs at the victim several times, each stab accompanied by blades of light that mimic the action of the user with each strike aimed at the target's heart and surrounding organs.  70% Atk Dmg.  Range: Set.  9 hits.  16 MP.

---Eternal Peace: Leaps back and charges up light mana around one's blade to enlarge it before cleaving the target horizontally with a mighty swing of the empowered weapon.  190% Atk Dmg.  Range: Set.  Chance of Blind.  Chance of Weak.  20 MP.  Holy elemental.

+Sonic Strike: Moves with such energy that the enemy sees multiple copies of the user making it unable to dodge the right blow.  130% Atk Dmg.  Range: Adjacent cell.  Sure Hit.  10 MP.

---Symphonic Fury: Performs an agile flip over the target and lands perfectly, turning sharply to deal a small flurry of slashes to the target's back, catching the enemy unawares.  90% Atk Dmg.  Range: Set.  4 hits.  Lands in cell behind target; cell behind target must be unoccupied.  High critical hit chance.  18 MP.

+Radiance: Coats weapon in ethereal light and unleashes a brutal slash that dissipates the with a dazzling flash, leaving the enemy unable to see.  180% Atk Dmg.  Range: Adjacent cell.  Chance of Blind.  14 MP.  Holy elemental.

+Blazing Jet: Focuses light around one's weapon and on one's back forming makeshift wings, angled down and out focused not on flight, but on speeding oneself up momentously.  Basic Attacks become of the Holy element.  Increases number of hits of basic attacks and skills by 1.  Boosts Move by 4 cells.  Boosts Evade by 25%.  3 turn duration.  Range: Self.  20 MP.

+Dawn Thorn: Plunges one's weapon into the ground sending a stream of orange energy towards an enemy only to have it separate and rise in the form of multiple needles that pierce the target and those near it.  80% Int Dmg.  Range: 6 cells; linear, and all enemies surrounding target.  5 hits.  18 MP.  Holy elemental.

+Fell Light: Leaps into the air while drawing in light mana from any available source to coat one's weapon before reaching the pinnacle of one's ascent and starts to descend upon a foe, slicing it from above and causing the gathered light to splay outwards to scathe nearby enemies.  200% Atk Dmg.  Range: 3 cells; all enemies adjacent to target.  24 MP.  Holy elemental.

---Fated Ascension: Calls forth the splayed light and forces it to stop, and utilizing mana, commands the light to form into abstract shapes and shoot upwards multiple times to damage enemies, the forms of light appearing as souls longing to reach the heavens.  90% Atk Dmg.  Range: Set.  12 randomized hits.  26 MP.  Holy elemental.

---Converging Holy: Swarms of the lights gather together in an enormous mass forming a sphere that slowly descends upon the battlefield and, upon making contact with the enemies, spreads outward in a mighty wave to catch all the other foes in its scathing grasp.  250% Int Dmg.  Range: All enemies.  Purges the undead.  44 MP.  Holy elemental.

A-Ability: Valiant Arcana:

+Arcana - Rage: Activates rune beneath oneself or an ally that unleashes a blazing inferno of mana that strengthens the target's physical attacks.  Increases ATK by 20% for 5 turns.  Range: 3 cells.  12 MP.

+Arcana - Fortify: Activates rune above oneself or an ally that rains down heavy, translucent blocks that strengthen the target's physical defenses.  Increases DEF by 20% for 5 turns.  Range: 3 cells.  12 MP.

+Arcana - Sharpen: Activates rune in front of oneself or an ally that projects a clear aura to cling about the target to bolster assaults based upon mana.  Increases INT by 20% for 5 turns.  Range: 3 cells.  12 MP.

+Arcana - Believe: Activates a rune around oneself or an ally that emits a pulse which serves to amplify the target's faith making them more resistant to magical assaults.  Increases SPR by 20% for 5 turns.  Range: 3 cells.  12 MP.

A-Ability: Trained Blade:

+Focus: Clears the mind of extraneous thoughts in order to enhance battle potential. Boosts ATK and Critical Hit Rate by 10% for 5 turns. Range: Self. 10 MP.

+Serpent Fury: Piercing stabs aimed at the foe with blades coated in malicious energy.  70% Atk Dmg.  Range: Adjacent cell.  4 hits.  Chance of Poison.  10 MP.

+Soul-Eating Blade: Channels a powerful aura in one's blade that steals away all forms of the enemy's energy and keeps it for oneself. Basic attacks heal the user for 3% of the raw damage dealt and deals 10% Piercing Atk Dmg to MP which the user drains for himself. On-hit effect. Range: Self. 14 MP.

+Crimson Edge: Sets one's heart and blade ablaze and charges through a foe leaving it to wither and die. 150% Atk Dmg. Range: Adjacent. Winds up in cell behind target. Chance of Burn. Reduces target Move by 1 cells per turn until it reaches 0 after which it takes 30% Current HP Dmg and it's Move returns to normal. 18 MP.

R-Ability: Haste Counter- When attacked physically, counterattacks the enemy once, followed by a second, swifter counterattack enhanced by time magic as long as the attacker is in range.

S-Ability: Adrenaline Surge- After being weakened significantly, the adrenal gland mass produces adrenaline allowing for increased energy used for executing two actions in one turn.  User gains Haste when Current HP is below 50% Max HP.

D-Ability: Celestial Impact (Holy) - Leaps high into the air and garners the power of the stars and all astral bodies to create an aura of light that blazes around the user's sword, after which the user plummets back down to earth and impacts one enemy only to create a surge of energy that scathes the other enemies.  Deals 200% Piercing Atk damage to one enemy up to 3 cells away and 100% Piercing Atk damage to all other enemies.


HP: 105
MP: 55
Atk: 16 (+5 from Harmonyx)(+5 from Hero's Blade)(+2 from Golden Ring)(+1 from Gauntlet)
Def: 18 (+2 from Polished Mail)
Int: 10 (+3 from Harmonyx)(+2 from Golden Ring)
Spr: 13 (+0 from Polished Mail)(+2 from Harmonyx)
Movement: 2 cells (+1 from Apprentice Blademaster profession)

Skill Points: 0

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Re: Tales of Alidaire: The Chase Profiles

Post by Masquerade on Wed Jun 30, 2010 10:53 pm

Name: Henry Chaucer
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Level: 21
Next Level: 112/122

The one with the feather and the book.

Profession: Novelist - Going beyond simply relaying the stories of actual events, the one who claims this profession creates entire worlds purely from imagination, and the things that dwell within these worlds are not to be messed with. (Basic Attacks +2)(Tome Adept)(Avid Writer)(Words of Power)

*Tome Adept: Allows immediate action upon exiting the book to join the battle, and also enables immediate action for Vincent in the same manner.
*Avid Writer: Allows for two Literary Genius skills to be used on the same turn.
*Words of Power: Increases healing potential/damage output of all skills by 20%.

Scribe - Many wondrous stories are brought forth into existence by the one who claims this profession, and the words of the very stories are his weapons. (Not in use)

Storyteller - With great knowledge of lore, the one who claims this profession shares stories of real adventures with the enemies, using the might of the stories themselves to subjugate the opposition. (Basic Attacks +1)(Tome Adept)(Avid Writer)(Not in use)

Weapon: Snow Quill - Made of a feather as white as snow, this beautiful quill radiates a slightly cold aura. (Damage: INT)(Range: 3 cells)(Ice elemental)
Armor: Princely Coat - The coat of coats, this fine specimen is often purchased by the young royalty for casual occasions with the intent on still looking one's best. (All damage taken -5%)
Accessory: Cup of Ketchup - One of those little cups you get at a fast food joint filled with ketchup.
Accessory: Prophet's Blindfold - Crimson cloth used to obscure one's own vision, it strengthens the mind's eye which vastly bolsters magical capabilities while honing reflexes as well. (Evade +10%)

A-Ability: Literary Genius:

+Brother: Writes the incantation that unseals the user's brother from the Book of Binding and summons him to do battle in place of the user.  Range: One surrounding cell (adjacent/diagonal.)  Summons Vincent.  User becomes trapped in the book and disappears from the battlefield.  User can trap Vincent back in the book at any time.  4 MP.

+Prelude: Prepares the target for a long story, one that may be fraught with much danger.  Range: One ally.  Casts Protect on target.  8 MP.

+Refreshing Start: Taking a deep breath, the target is plunged into the beginning of the story, characters introduced, all of which possess a certain vitality that can be felt in one's own heart.  140% Int HP Recovery.  Range: 3 cells.  12 MP.

+Enlightening Tale: As the story progresses, it appears to be one filled with happiness, friends getting together and everything working out--a truly peaceful read.  Removes one negative status effect.  Range: 3 cells.  8 MP.

+Troubling Turn: In a rather sad twist of fate, our characters are plagued by some horrid events, but it is in times like these that they must have great faith to surpass.  All stats +10% for 5 turns.  Range: 3 cells.  12 MP.

+Rising Tension: The plot progresses, and all the action seems to be leading up to a certain point; it's almost as if anything could happen now.  Boosts Critical Hit Rate by 25%.  Range: 3 cells.  12 MP.

+Explosive Climax: It is here.  The action has reached the peak, and all hell breaks loose at last!  All who read are enthralled by the turn of events.  Bestows Haste.  Boosts Critical Hit Damage by 25%.  Range: 3 cells.  16 MP.

+Facts Come Together: As the action fades, everything told before pieces together, the plot put into true perspective causing the reader to feel a great understanding of the tale that has been told.  Bestows Doublecast.  Range: 3 cells.  8 MP.

+Peaceful Resolution: And so the story comes to a wondrous end, the characters never forgetting the momentous journey that they had together.  It is one that will live on in the hearts of the readers...forever.  Doubles the duration of all positive status effects cast by the user.  Range: Self.  12 MP.

+Epilogue: Now that the story's over, time to sit back and get rich off of it...wait, I wasn't supposed to put that in the book itself.  ...  Increases amount of gold gained at the end of battle by 10%.  Increases item drop rate by 25%.  Increases chance of double drop by 50%.  Range: Set.  16 MP.

A-Ability: True Story:

+The Corruption: Relates a story that tells of a powerful group of people setting out to get rid of those who would awaken and manipulate the gods to use them for their own evil purposes.  110% Int Dmg.  Range: 2 layers of surrounding cells.  Lowers target DEF and SPR by 10%.  16 MP.

+Heart of the World: Speaks of a tale involving the fate of many worlds in the universe, their very own hearts at risk of being devoured by a scourge of darkness.  No damage.  Range: 2 layers of surrounding cells.  Chance of Fear.  Chance of Apathy.  12 MP.

+The Tragedy: Tells of an era where a vicious queen has taken the throne and a force of rebels that was formed to take her out before she could destroy the country with her evil intents.  140% Int Dmg.  Range: Straight line; one direction.  Any allies in the line of fire take no damage and get ATK and INT boosted by 10% for 5 turns.  24 MP.

+The Betrayal: The jealousy of a major deity gets the best of him, and he turns his back on he who created him in the first place; a vicious story of those who must rise up against this renegade god to save their homeland is told.  No damage.  Range: 2 layers of surrounding cells.  Chance of Mesmerize.  Chance of Berserk.  12 MP.

+The Ravaged: Speaks out about the tale of a land turned barren by the gods as punishment for some unknown crime, though it seems there is more to this land than meets the eye, and it will be up to a select few to find out the secrets that lie just beneath the surface.  170% Int Dmg.  Range: 6 cells radius.  Chance of Severe Burn.  Chance of Frail.  22 MP.

+The Chase: Tells the tale of a new found land under the threat of involuntary colonization, the informal ruler going as far as increasing demonic activity in the land for some greater purpose, while a select few scour this very land in an attempt to find and stop her.  140% Int Dmg.  Range: 2 layers of surrounding cells.  Bestows Haste to allies within range.  34 MP.

+War of the Moons: A brother and sister turned against each other, competing for the throne of their kingdom; it is a tale of a full force struggle to claim power, and nothing but exile awaits the loser of this fight...  190% Int Dmg.  Range: Single enemy.  Chance of Oblivion.  48 MP.

A-Ability: Faraway Worlds:

+Taint of Decay: Conjures forth a horrid disease that drains away the color and mana of living things, something not seen upon this world and praise the many gods for that...  Target loses 10% Max MP per turn for 3 turns.  Range: 4 cells.  14 MP.

+Eye of the Rune: A power the likes of which have never been seen, the almighty rune grants an unrivaled vision and frightening power to those that receive its blessing.  Bestows Sure Hit.  Targets are able to see Invisible units, chests, and traps and can also see through Fog of War.  Target's Evasion is increased by 10%.  3 turn duration.  Range: 6 cells.  14 MP.

+The Expanse: Fills the air with a large force of pure Mana that suffuses the body and rejuvenates one's capability to cast spells and use skills.  Regenerates 10% Max MP per turn.  5 turn duration.  Range: Ally party.  26 MP.

+Crisis Calling: Calls upon a power hidden away in the core of one's being specifically designed for handling creatures the likes of which have not been seen before and wields this power to save the world from demise.  Bestows Bravery.  Bestows Faith.  If the target is in Critical condition, the effects of Bravery and Faith are doubled.  Range: 3 cells.  16 MP.

+Cataclysm: The sequence of unknown events causes a disaster of unparalleled proportions causing the land to shift and quake and the very climate to change.  250% Int Dmg.  Range: All enemies.  Changes the geography of the battlefield and may inflict varying status effects on foes.  48 MP.

R-Ability: Sequel - Upon being revived by any means, the user gains Regen and MP Regen status for 5 turns.

S-Ability: Hidden Chapter - Revives user with 20% Max HP upon KO.  Only works once per battle.

D-Ability: Miserable Ending (Neutral) - With solemn atmosphere, the user writes down the final moments of the targets life putting a complete end to its story.  Deals 200% Piercing Int damage to one enemy.


HP: 60
MP: 105
Atk: 3 (+0 from Snow Quill)
Def: 16 (+4 from Princely Coat)
Int: 22 (+4 from Snow Quill)(+3 from Cup of Ketchup)(+3 from Prophet's Blindfold)
Spr: 11 (+6 from Princely Coat)(+3 from Prophet's Blindfold)
Movement: 2 cells (+1 from Storyteller profession)

Skill Points: 0

~ | ~ | ~

Name: Vincent Chaucer
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Level: 18
Next Level: 51/81

The one with the scythe.

Profession: Necromancer - The one who claims this profession practices the forbidden art of raising the dead to do his bidding, and was even condemned to a horrid punishment for engaging in the prohibited art. (Basic Attacks +1)(Emissary)(Affliction)

*Emissary: Increases stats of summons by 10% upon summoning.
*Affliction: Increases chances of inflicting negative status effects by 10%.

Weapon: The Gathering - In essence, just a farming scythe, but it has been polished to give it a nice reaper's feel. (+50% Item Drop Rate)(75% chance of double drop)
Armor: Dark Coat - A stylish, long, black coat that is more of a fashion statement than defensive armor.
Accessory: Leather Choker - Fits snugly around the neck. (INT+1)

A-Ability: Dark Resurrection:

+Summon Hellhound: From the depths, the user calls upon the power of a skeletal hound, leftover cartilage, muscle, and tissure still clinging desperately to the bones, and summons the vile beast to the battlefield to fight against the enemies.  Summons Hellhound.  Range: Adjacent cell.  6 MP.

+Abstruse Arrow: Focuses the shadows into a single bolt before releasing it to strike an enemy.  120% Int Dmg.  Range: 6 cells.  Chance of Poison.  8 MP.

+Lifesiphon: Sends out orbs of darkness to collect the life force of foes and draws them back to recover lost stamina.  120% Int Dmg.  Range: 3 cells.  Absorb 50% of damage dealt as HP.  14 MP.

+Summon Lich: From the depths, the user calls upon the power of lich, a corrupted magician seeking eternal life by binding his intellect to his animated corpse, now nothing but a skeleton, and summons the creature to assault the opposition with powerful magic.  Summons Lich.  Range: Adjacent cell.  6 MP.

+Writhing Anguish: Sends tendrils of dark mana up from the ground to wrap around a foe and inflict a great pain upon it leaving it writhing in absolute misery, desperately wishing for the pain to subside.  150% Int Dmg.  Range: 3 cells.  Chance of Pain.  12 MP.

+Summon Golem: From the depths, the user calls upon the power of the golem, a creature so foul and disturbing, constructed from a random collection of corpse parts from a variety of different people, killed in cold blood which now seeks restitution for crimes committed against it.  Summons Golem.  Range: Adjacent cell.  6 MP.

+Misery Fog: Sends a bolt of darkness into the ground that surges along and erupts in a black cloud that envelops the target and robs it of its luck.  170% Int Dmg.  Range: 4 cells.  Chance of Misfortune.  14 MP.  Dark elemental.

+Mind Sublimation: Shrouds the targets mind in a cloak of darkness, reducing its very resistance to the shadows along with making it difficult to concentrate on spellcasting or using skills requiring peace of mind.  100% Int Dmg.  Range: 3 cells.  Reduces target Dark resistance by 50% and decreases target INT by 20% for 3 turns.  16 MP.  Dark elemental.

+Dark Restraint: Calls upon shaded chains from the abyss to surge upwards and wrap themselves around the target, squeezing it in order to drain away every last bit of its strength whilst inflicting harm upon it.  130% Int Dmg.  Range: 6 cells.  Reduces target ATK by 20%.  Inflicts 15% Max HP Dmg upon the target for 3 turns after the initial attack.  16 MP.  Dark elemental.

+Abyssal Contract: In the abyss dwells a demon with powers far greater than mere undead, and with the formation of this contract, he who is foolish enough to conjure this great being best be prepared to handle its power, lest he wish to lose his soul forever.  Summons Abyssal Demon.  Range: Adjacent cell.  12 MP.

R-Ability: Corrupt Magic - When attacked with a spell, fires back the same spell only changed to the Dark element as long as the attacker is within range and as long as the user has enough MP.

S-Ability: Array of Dark Knowledge - The user's vast expertise regarding summoning of the undead and the usage of dark magicks only serves to amplify those very arts.  Increases INT and Critical Hit Rate by 15% passively.

D-Ability: Revenge Manifest (Dark) - After fostering the deep-seated anger in the depths of the soul, the user releases an enormous burst of dark energy that scathes all enemies with the user's scorn.  Deals 100% Piercing Int damage to all enemies.


HP: 55
MP: 90
Atk: 10 (+1 from The Gathering)
Def: 9 (+0 from Dark Coat)
Int: 18 (+2 from The Gathering)(+1 from Leather Choker)(+2 from Array of Dark Knowledge)
Spr: 10 (+1 from Dark Coat)
Movement: 2 cells (+0 from Necromancer profession)

Skill Points: 1

Name: Hellhound
Gender: Male
Age: ?
Level: 17
Next Level: 51/81
Basically, you take the skeleton of your basic wolf.  Then, take some globs of flesh and cartilage and what have you and stick them on here and there.  Boom.  There ya go.

Profession: Hellhound - An undead hound brought back into the realm of the living from the very bowels of Hell, the one who claims this profession follows his master's bidding and unleashes severe attacks upon his master's enemies.

A-Ability: Undead Bestiality:

+Bite: A simple bite made worse by the user's nicely preserved fangs.  130% Atk Dmg.  Range: Adjacent cell.  7 MP.

+Vile Breath: Unleashes a foul fog from the user's mouth that vastly weakens an enemy.  110% Atk Dmg.  Range: 2 cells.  Chance of Weak.  Reduces target ATK by 50%.  12 MP.

+Phantom Form: Shrouds oneself in the very cloaks that obscures Death from sight.  Boosts Evasion by 50% for 3 turns.  Range: Self.  10 MP.

R-Ability: None.

S-Ability: Soulless - Possessing no soul, the user becomes more resistant to magical attacks, for there is nothing for mana to affect.  Magical damage taken is reduced by 10%.

D-Ability: None.


HP: 110
MP: 65
Atk: 27
Def: 20
Int: 10
Spr: 15
Movement: 2 cells (+1 from Hellhound profession)

Skill Points: --

Name: Lich
Gender: Male
Age: ?
Level: 17
Next Level: 52/81
Just a walking skeleton with impressive attire, mainly wondrous flowing robes and such.  A few amulets and medallions hang from bracelets and necklaces that he wears.  He's a magician even into the realm of death and looks the part.

Profession: Lich - Evil magician that sought immortality by binding his mind to his corpse, the one who claims this profession now serves powerful necromancers in an attempt to expand upon his magical power.

A-Ability: Soul of Ice:

+Blizzard: Drops sphere of ice upon the target.  110% Int Dmg.  Range: 6 cells.  8 MP.  Ice elemental.

+Icy Grip: Clenches a bony fist causing ice to solidify around the target's legs.  140% Int Dmg.  Range: 3 cells.  Chance of Immobilize.  14 MP.  Ice elemental.

R-Ability: Superiority - When the user manages to defeat an enemy, the user regains MP equal to 100% of the damage dealt by the killing blow.

S-Ability: Wisdom Through Death - Boosts all forms of magical damage output by 20%.

D-Ability: None.


HP: 65
MP: 125
Atk: 3
Def: 14
Int: 26
Spr: 16
Movement: 2 cells (+0 from Lich profession)

Skill Points: --

Name: Golem
Gender: ?
Age: ?
Level: 16
Next Level: 22/81
A rather large disgusting construct--a golem comprised of random body parts of different people roughly sewn together.  It smells as foul as it looks, and has an immense iron spike stuck through its misshapen head.

Profession: Golem - Built from corpses, the one who claims this profession uses sheer might to overwhelm foes and its size to attract attention from those who would do harm upon its summoner.

A-Ability: Corpse Shield:

+Evil Aura: Surrounds oneself in a black aura radiating the power of oneself, proving one to be a dire threat compared to anything else around.  Bestows Center of Attention.  Boosts ATK by 20%.  5 turn duration.  Range: Self.  12 MP.

+Power Crush: Slams an open palm down upon an enemy with great strength.  160% Atk Dmg.  Range: Adjacent cell.  Reduces target's stats by 10% for 3 turns.  No stack.  10 MP.

R-Ability: None.

S-Ability: Dysfunctional Body - Renders user completely immune to all negative physical status effects.

D-Ability: None.


HP: 125
MP: 45
Atk: 22
Def: 21
Int: 3
Spr: 14
Movement: 2 cells (+0 from Golem profession)

Skill Points: --

Name: Abyssal Demon
Gender: Male
Age: ?
Level: 1
Next Level: 0/10
A tall bulky demon with membranous wings spiked at the tips.  His muscular, slightly furred flesh is a darker gray almost black color while the furred parts themselves are solid black.  His face is oval in shape with a prominent pointed chin and gleaming turquoise eyes with darker green diamond-shaped pupils.  Pointed fangs fill his wide-opening maw and black, gem-like protrusions jet out from his head forming a helmet like structure.  The claws on his hands and feet are sharp and pointed, ready to gore whatever unlucky creature may cross his path.

Profession: Abyssal Demon - Powerful demon sentenced to dwell out the rest of his infinite days in the darkest abyss of hell, but should he be released, the true powers of destruction would rest within the hands of his conjurer. (Unparalleled Power)

*Unparalleled Power: All attacks and skills from this unit and his conjurer ignore 20% of the target's DEF and SPR.

A-Ability: Unsealed Strength:

+Severity: In the blink of an eye, your blood and guts paint and splatter upon the ground, the demon's claw running through your body.  The last thing you see is the thirst for your life essence in those gleaming eyes.  180% Atk Dmg.  Range: 2 cells.  Chance of Blood Loss.  22 MP.

+Dance of the Depths: Flies about the battlefield laying waste and contaminating foes with a horrid disease only found within the murky darkness of the abyss.  120% Atk Dmg.  Range: All enemies.  Chance of Abyssblight.  [Abyssblight - Afflicted takes 50% Max HP damage per turn for 2 turns.  Targets cannot be KO'd by this damage and are left with 1 HP if fatal.]  36 MP.

R-Ability: None.

S-Ability: Blood of the Covenant - This unit's stats are increased by 10% for each 10% of the conjurer's HP that is given in offering.

D-Ability: None.


HP: 45
MP: 25
Atk: 8
Def: 6
Int: 4
Spr: 6
Movement: 2 cells (+2 from Abyssal Demon profession)

Skill Points: --

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Re: Tales of Alidaire: The Chase Profiles

Post by Masquerade on Wed Jun 30, 2010 10:54 pm

Name: Macha the Tempest
Gender: Female
Age: ?
Level: 22
Next Level: 79/184

Profession: Blademaster - Through the insurmountable training and journeying, the one who claims this profession wields the blade as if it were an extra limb, bringing out its full grace to mask the devastating killing potential of her awe-inspiring techniques. (Basic Attacks +2)(Extension)(Calm Mind)(Skill Chain)

*Extension: Boosts Critical Hit Rate by 20%.  Attacks become harder to dodge.
*Calm Mind: Boosts ATK and SPR by 10%.
*Skill Chain: Able to link basic attacks with skills and some skills with other skills.  Max chain is Basic Attack ~ Skill ~ Skill.

Weapon: Black As Night - Evil sword with an obsidian blade and a hilt as dark as a starless, moonless night. (Dark elemental)(Darkness damage output +25%)
Armor: Master's Garment - Flowing garments offering wondrous protection while still allowing a decent amount of mobility. (Physical damage taken -15%)
Accessory: Fang Necklace - Simple necklace made of string with various fangs of beasts hanging from it.
Accessory: None.

A-Ability: Trained Blade:

+First Step: Takes a step forward and launches a powerful slash.  120% Atk Dmg.  Range: 2 cells.  User enters a cell adjacent to the target for the attack if launched from 2 cell distance.  8 MP.

+Focus: Clears the mind of extraneous thoughts in order to enhance battle potential.  Boosts ATK and Critical Hit Rate by 10% for 5 turns.  Range: Self.  10 MP.

+Chain Slice: Two quick slashes to make the enemy relent.  90% Atk Dmg.  Range: Adjacent cell.  2 hits.  Bypasses enemy R-Abilities.  16 MP.

+Resolve: Remembering one's goal causes one's spirit to swell with determination.  One shan't be stopped.  Bestows Immunity.  Boosts SPR by 20% for three turns.  Range: Self.  14 MP.

+Aura Blade: Slashes target with a blade coated in a blazing aura.  110% Atk Dmg.  Range: Adjacent cell.  Chance of Burn.  Lowers target ATK and SPR by 10%.  12 MP.

+Dire Threat: Imposes an aura of intense might that draws the attention of enemies.  Bestows Center of Attention.  Range: Self.  8 MP.

+Brutal Stab: Thrusts sword mercilessly into the gut of a foe.  100% Atk Dmg.  Range: Adjacent cell.  Chance of Blood Loss.  14 MP.

+Safeguard: Plunges blade into the ground to generate a force field around oneself and nearby allies.  Bestows Protect.  Range: Self; all adjacent cells.  12 MP.

+Rending Fang: Stabs the enemy twice before unleashing an upwards slash the knock the target back.  80% Atk Dmg for stab.  110% Atk Dmg for slash.  Range: Adjacent cell.  3 hits.  Knocks target back 2 cells.  14 MP.

+Destruction: Gathers all strength into one's blade and unleashes a frighteningly powerful slash that shatters and removes all protections and wards placed on the target.  200% Atk Dmg.  Range: Adjacent cell.  Dispels beneficial status effects.  24 MP.

A-Ability: Ethereal Encounter:

+Crescent Slash: Expert slash in the form of a crescent that leaves the enemy bleeding profusely.  130% Atk Dmg.  Range: Adjacent cell.  Chance of Bleeding.  10 MP.

+Blade Wave: Slashes towards target unleashing a wave of pink energy that strikes the target with great force.  110% Atk Dmg.  Range: 4 cells.  6 MP.

+Blurred Tempest: Lunges forward with a spinning motion, stirring up the winds to slice surrounding foes.  150% Atk Dmg.  Range: 3 cells (user's landing point); all surrounding cells.  18 MP.  Wind elemental.

+Lunar Axle: Jumps up slightly and deals a spinning slash at a downwards angle at a specific target.  170% Atk Dmg.  Range: Adjacent cell.  12 MP.

+Midnight Phantom: Frontal slash to the enemy before flashing into and out of existence to strike the enemy from all sides.  140% Atk Dmg.  Range: Adjacent cell.  4 hits.  Chance of Addle.  26 MP.

+Otherworld Sign: Evokes a forgotten magic to form a large glyph beneath oneself that makes it easier to control one's own mana which in essence makes it even easier to execute attacks that require mana as an energy source.  Reduces MP costs of skills by 50% for 3 turns.  Range: Self.  14 MP.

+Surging Storm: Unleashes a torrent of blazing energy around oneself and one's weapon before plowing forwards at a hazardous speed to slash through any enemies that stand in one's way.  170% Atk Dmg.  Range: Straight line; one direction.  20 MP.

+Descending Hysteria: Hurls weapon into the air where it is swallowed by a vortex of stormy wind only to have it reappear, enlarged and transmogrified into a more nightmarish version, above the enemy after which it falls and crashes into the foe with a blast of darkness.  150% Atk Dmg.  Range: 4 cells.  Chance of Confusion.  Chance of Curse.  18 MP.  Darkness elemental.

+Full Moon Maw: Leaps into the air and plunges one's blade into the earth forming a huge zone of beautiful ghostly light beneath out of which piercing fangs of radiance emerge, striking foes unpredictably from below.  At the end, all life stolen is reverted to Mana and returned to the user.  40% Piercing Atk Dmg.  Range: 5 cell radius.  8 randomized hits.  No target can be hit more than twice.  50% of the total damage dealt to all units is returned to the user as MP.  The user takes Piercing damage equal to 40% of their Max HP.

+Zephyr Purge: The blade flashes as it slashes the foe twice, the user then spinning around rapidly becoming shrouded in a small tornado with blade outstretched to just as rapidly slice the foe only to come to a halt abruptly, channeling all the built up energy into one's palm and slamming it into the foe causing a minor explosion.  120% Atk Dmg for first two slashes.  70% Atk Dmg for 6 tornado slashes.  190% Atk Dmg for explosion.  Range: Adjacent cell; all foes surrounding main target (explosion.)  9 hits.  32 MP.

A-Ability: The Way of the Wind:

+Become As Wind: The body flickers as a constrict gale envelops it, threatening to rip one's corporeal form to shreds but allowing one to move as the breeze itself, striking with deadly accuracy from everywhere and nowhere, unpredictable and sly.  There is no place this unit can't go.  Enters Zephyr State.  [Zephyr State - Allows unit to pass through solid objects.  Movement is now a Teleport.  Increases Critical Hit Rate by 30%.  All basic attacks are Sure Hit.  Skills have a 50% elevated Hit Rate.  Evasion Rate increased by 20%.]  Lasts for 5 turns.  Range: Self.  30 MP.

+Bloody Gale: Swirls around the target quickly, delivering painful slashes to fill the air with blood, twisting around to form a crimson tornado.  80% Atk Dmg.  Range: 2 cells.  6 hits.  Chance of Bleeding.  14 MP.

R-Ability: Shadow Split - When attacked by a projectile-based attack, lowers the attacker's Hit Rate by 50% for the attack.

S-Ability: Fluid Moment - Innately boosts the user's Evasion Rate by 25%.  Movement is boosted by 2 cells.

D-Ability: Pulsing Soul (Neutral) - Raises blade high into the air and pours forth one's own soul into the blade, shrouding it with the soul's true light and amplifying the weapon's normal strength a thousand-fold before bringing down upon it who incurred one's wrath to the point that such a fierce technique was executed.  Deals 200% Piercing Atk damage to a single target in the same row or column as the user.


HP: 100
MP: 80
Atk: 18 (+6 from Black As Night)(+3 from Fang Necklace)(+2 from Calm Mind)
Def: 15 (+3 from Master's Garment)
Int: 6 (+2 from Black As Night)
Spr: 13 (+4 from Master's Garment)(+1 from Calm Mind)
Movement: 2 cells (+2 from Blademaster profession)(+2 from Fluid Moment)

Skill Points: 0

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Re: Tales of Alidaire: The Chase Profiles

Post by Zerifachias on Thu Jul 01, 2010 4:14 pm

Auza Varshtig
Female, 20 (July 1)

Full Image

Profession: Oblivion Witch - A powerful witch that controls the Chains of Eternia to rip out the souls of the wicked and cast them to the underworld. These witches are typically the loner types and try not to get too influenced by others. (Resist Light)(Resist Darkness)(+2 Basic Attack [Int-Based: 3 cells])(Equips: Beads; Circlets)(Practiced Hand)(Debilitator)(Chained)

Practiced Hand - Decrease MP usage by 15%.
Debilitator - Increases chances of inflicting status issues by 10%.
Chained - When casting to help an ally or herself, Auza's magic ends up being linked to another ally and granting them the same effects for no extra cost. Distance and range are not an issue.

Bind Witch - A magician who's sole purpose is to travel the world and banish the enemies of this world.

Seal Witch - A witch who uses glyphs and seals to bind her enemies and ruin their souls. They are proficient in the restricting black magic and banishing spells. They tend to have a dark personality as well. (Resist Dark; Vulnerable Light)(+1 Basic Attack [Int-Based: 3 cells])(Equips: Beads)


Banisher - The most powerful witch that reigns full control over her powers and the powers of the Void, including, but not limited to, the Chains of Eternia and the Works of the Abyss. (+3 Basic Attack [Int-Based: 3 cells])(Equips: Beads; Circlets; Necklaces; Catalysts)(Sage's Mind)(Debilitation Aura)(Chained Souls)(Sapping Magic)

Sage's Mind - Decrease MP usage by 20%.
Debilitation Aura - Enemies have a 10% increased chance of being affected by status issues if they are within a 3 cell range of Auza.
Chained Souls - When casting a beneficial spell on an ally or herself Auza can chain her magic to all of her allies, granting them the same benefits for no extra cost.

Weapon: Runic Beads - Violet beads made from amethyst that have golden symbols imbued upon them. (Added Effect: Silence)
Armor: Black Garb - Usually only worn by the stealthy, these robes are as black as night. (+10% Evade)
Accessory: Yellow Glass Eye - False eye made of glass that is mainly used for reserving mana. (MP Cost of casting skills -10%)
Accessory: Aquarius Manacium - Elegant, turquoise sphere of pure, condensed water mana, it bestows great gifts upon the wielder centered around the element. (Absorb Water; allows wielder to walk on water)

A-Ability: Bound Shackles

Restrict - Auza incapacitates the foe with binding magic, restraining their movements. Reduces movement of one foe to 0 from up to 3 cells away for 3 turns. MP: 8

Seal - Auza binds the foe with her magic, preventing them from attacking her. Disables one foe from up to 3 cells away for 3 turns. MP: 8

Mana Seal - Auza drills unfriendly mana into the foe's own mana system, soiling it and forcing the enemy to use double MP for all of their attacks. Lasts 3 turns. 3 cell range. 8 MP

Drain - Auza attaches tendrils of dark magic to an enemy that burrows through their physical form to attach to their spirit. The tendrils suck out the very source of magic, mana, and returns the essence directly to the caster in a form easy to mold. On target cast: Attaches a Draining Tendril that takes one turn to fully burrow. On the second and each following turn, the Draining Tendril saps 5% of the afflicted's Max MP and returns it to the caster. The Draining Tendril can be removed through zapping it with a Lightning-elemental spell. After the Draining Tendril burrows, it can only be removed by casting a spell that uses up more mana than this ability cost and has absorbed or until all mana is drained. 3 cell range. 24 MP.

Restoring Bonds - Auza summons an incredibly warm magic to surround one of her allies and restore their strength over time. Casts the Mana Regen Status on one ally. 3 cells. 10 MP

Bonds of Protection - Auza can use this move to protect an ally, or herself, from any status infliction excluding Doom, KO, Berserk, and Charm for 3 turns. Range: One Ally. 16 MP

Anti-Gamma Field - Auza's magic suddenly fires itself from the soles of her feet and spread out to cover a large radius. The magic, though invisible to enemies, glows a bright red color as it passes through their bodies. Any enemy touched by these rays are assaulted by magic on the molecular level that destroys their immune systems. When the field is cast, it has a permanent and heavy effects on enemies it touches. When the field disappears, it leaves behind slight traces of gamma rays that will only slightly affect enemies. Expands magic into a 3 cell radius that destroys the immune system of mammals. It also causes machines to malfunction, but has no effect on supernatural beings. Reduces enemies' Resist by 25% at full power. Field lasts 3 turns. Resist is reduced by 10% when only traces are left. Resist reductions are permanent until the enemy is KO'ed. 36 MP

A-Ability: Sealed Beast

Demi - Auza creates a complex seal in front of her body. From there she loads an enormous amount of mana into the center of the seal, forming a concentrated orb of mana. The orb spreads to become as wide as the seal, then it fires a beam of the concentrated energy at the enemy. 190% Int Dark DMG. Straight Line. 20 MP

Magic Seal - Auza casts magic that prevents her foe from using an INT-Based attack. Inflicts Magic Break upon the foe. 5 cells. 18 MP.

Power Seal - Auza casts magic that prevents her foe from using an ATK-Based attack. Inflicts Power Break upon the foe. 5 cells. 18 MP.

Glyph of Motion - Auza raises her beads into the air and casts a hellish magic that surrounds a single enemy with multiple blood-red glyphs. Each seal spins counter-clockwise at the same speed, as if they were gears. While under this spell, the enemy is unable to move, completely anchored to the ground. Time has stopped for the enemy. Inflicts Stop upon an enemy up to 3 cells away. 16 MP.

Distortion - Auza waves her beads through the air, facing the intended target. Her mana then penetrates their mind and seals off a peculiar portion in the frontal lobe of the brain. The target then becomes a mindless servant to Auza, obeying her every command, as their judgement capabilities have been sealed off. D-Abilities are also sealed during Distortion. Possession Magic. Lasts for 3 turns. [Level x2 (40)] MP.

Seal Release - Auza identifies certain seals within the body of her target and breaks them, letting the energy that was blocked run free. Buffs a target's dominant stat (Atk or Int) by 30% and increases critical hit rate by 15%. 3 cell range. 14 MP.

Meditate - Auza calms her mind in the midst of battle, expanding her awareness to everything around her, increasing her foresight as well. Increases Int by 15%. Increases Evasion by 15%. Self only. 12 MP.

A-Ability: Chains of Eternia

White Chains - Auza casts a glyph below an enemy target from which many white chains shoot up from the glyph and capture the enemy, preventing the enemy from moving or attacking. Chance of Seal. For every turn the enemy target is Sealed, 5% of its Max HP is taken away. 3 cell range. 16 MP.

Magic Needles - Auza snaps her fingers a few times, causing long, white needles to appear in the air around a target before they shoot through the target, piercing its lips multiple times with the poisonous tips, sealing the mouth shut. 90% Int DMG. 7 hits. 3 cell range. May cause Silence. 20 MP

Hallucination of Death - Auza casts a mist similar to Distortion, only this merely attacks the senses rather than control them. Chance to Confuse all enemies. 14 MP.

Soul Chain - Auza casts a similar magic to White Chains, only this time the white chains pierce through the center of every enemy's chest and wraps around their arms before nailing them to the spot. Targets all enemies. Chance of Seal. 24 MP.

Deathfire Chain - Auza embeds a blood-red chain link into her target with magic, the chain releasing a corrupted source of energy that marks the target, making them more susceptible to magic damage. Deals 100% Int DMG. 3 cell range. Increases the damage dealt by Int-based abilities by 100% for two turns. Does not stack if used in succession. 16 MP.

Shatter Spirit Chain - Auza reveals a chain of life on her target with her powerful magic, and using a complicated glyph, sucks away power from the target through that very chain of life. Dispels all active beneficial effects from the target. 16 MP.

Sunder the Abyss - Auza casts a quick-acting magic that ravages the air around her enemy and distorts the living world with forces that tears space to shreds. The enemy caught in this rift in the world is torn asunder. 170% Int DMG every active turn. 5 cell range. Affects a 2 cell wide area for 3 turns. The enemy caught in the very center of the area is unable to act or move for the duration. 36 MP.

Chains of Displacement - Auza ravages the enemy party with a multitude of golden chains that sprout from portals close to where enemies are. The golden chains suck the enemies into the portals and spit them back out in the general direction Auza dictates for each enemy. Knockbacks all enemies 3 cells in the chosen direction. ? MP.

Relocation Tether - Auza uses a magic rope to connect herself to terrain or an ally in order to escape from her current position or to help an ally escape. Teleports Auza to a physical object or ally. If used on an ally, teleports that ally to an adjacent cell to Auza. ? MP.

Eternia Cloth - Auza conjures a very light cloak that is invisible to the naked eye. This cloak, when wrapped around herself, will provide an insane knowledge of oblivion spellcasting. Increases Int by 50% for 5 turns. Self only. ? MP. Auza is allowed a second Action.

A-Ability: Works of the Abyss

Abyssal Conduits - Auza conjures forth seven large, magical conduits from the Void. These Abyssal Conduits empower Auza and provide her with an insane amount of magical fortitude and energy. These conduits can also be consumed to empower one of Auza's or an ally's ability. Conjures 7 Abyssal Conduits that remain active for 10 turns. Grants Auza massive MP Regen and a 30% bonus to Spr. Consuming one Conduit reduces her bonuses by 2% and 5% respectively, but empowers the next ability used by the one who consumed the conduit by 50%. The percentage reduction for Auza's bonuses cannot go below 5% and 0% respectively. This ability may only be used once per battle. ? MP.

Obliviate - Auza summons magic to her fingertips, drawing in the air with violet energy to create a seven-layered glyph. Upon completion, Auza splits the glyph layers apart and point them towards a target. Energy ammasses in the center of each glyph before seven high-powered beams fire. The violet energy is comprised of pure, destructive force, eradicating anything and everything they touch. 200% Int DMG. 7 hits. 7 cell range. Uses the lingering magic to restore modicums of mana for a short period. Restores 50% of the mana used for this spell over 5 turns. This spell cannot be used again for 3 turns. ? MP.

Dark Negation - Auza briefly channels her mana, sacrificing it and turning it to poison as she targets a large area of the battlefield. A giant glyph appears, marking and negating all use of magic in that area. Spells that are being channeled go awry, dealing piercing damage equal to the amount of mana the spell being cast costs. No magic from any source can be cast within this area for three turns. 3 cell-wide area negation. 6 cell range. ? MP.

Fist of the Gods - Auza channels her magic, turning it into a lethal toxin to mages and, keeping it a safe distance from her own magic, smites a target, draining them and making it impossible for the target to cast any spells for a duration. 170% Int DMG. Inflicts a Magic Curse on the target. 5 cell range. ? MP.

Death Hex - Auza summons magic around her target, cursing them with dark intent. Every move or action that target takes now saps its life energy, making it impossible for the target to do anything without killing itself in the process. Inflicts Curse upon the target. 3 cell range. ? MP.

Creeping Curse - Auza curses her target with black magics, making the target's pacing slow to a crawl as she saps away at its heart's life and energy. Deals 120% Int DMG each turn for 5 turns. Reduces target Movement to 1. 5 cell range. ? MP.

Blast of Mana - Auza channels her magic, creating a massive glyph in a target area that creates a bright, purple light. The light illuminates enemies in the area before exploding in a massive surge of haywire mana. 150% Int DMG. 3 cell radius. 5 cell range. This ability has a 75% Chance of going Haywire.

Ultima - Auza channels every ounce of her strength and energy into a single, devastating attack. The world shifts and the sky blackens as a dark magic fills the air with deafening silence. Bolts of lightning scatter across the sky, marking each and every enemy before a massive pull of gravity forces all of them into the center of the affected area. 400% Int DMG to all enemies. Forces all enemies into the center of the battlefield and Stuns them for three (3) turns.

R-Ability: Reflection Field - Whenever an enemy attempts to use a debilitating attack on Auza, the debilitating effect is ripped from the enemy's attack and sent right back at the enemy. Auza takes the damage, but the enemy takes the debilitating effect.

S-Ability: Barrier of Immunity - A green field of pure energy surrounds Auza at all times, preventing any mysterious and negative effects from reaching her. Bestows a constant Perfect Immunity. (Passive)

Eternia's Mark - The mark signifying Eternia's realm, a raven freed from it's cage, lies upon her brow, a symbol showing to the whole world that she has gained ultimate control over Eternia. Her magic is boosted innately by this mark, allowing her to perform feats of magic no ordinary mage dare dream of. Increases success rate of debilitating effects by 20%. Upon successful application of a debilitating effect, that target also takes 3% of their Max HP per turn for every turn afflicted. Status effects like Poison and Burn are calculated inclusively with this percentage.

D-Ability: Oblivion Glare - 200% Int Dark DMG to a single enemy. 5 cell range. May cause Confusion, Seal, or Oblivion.

"Demons of all worlds, you have spent far too long in this plane. Thus, I send you to your doom! To Oblivion with the lot of you, never again will you see the light of day, the warmth of the sun, the bitter sting of the cold! A white expanse awaits you, empty of all life and essence! I send you to Eternia!"

Level: 22
Progress: 117/184

Hp: 70
Mp: 115 (+10 from Yellow Glass Eye)
Atk: 3 (+0 from Runic Beads)
Def: 13 (+2 from Black Garb)
Int: 17 (+5 from Runic Beads)(+2 from Aquarius Manacium)
Spr: 17 (+3 from Black Garb)(+5 from Aquarius Manacium)
Move: 2 cells (+0 from Oblivion Witch)

Skill Points: 0

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Re: Tales of Alidaire: The Chase Profiles

Post by Masquerade on Sun Aug 05, 2012 10:32 am

Side Quest Log

Master Synthesist

-The group encountered Riori, a young traveling synthesist in the process of improving her synthesis skills.  She informed the group that her master was named Elusia, a hermetic woman whose location was unknown and remains to be unknown.  Only Elusia could perform master syntheses with the group's rare items.

-No leads on Elusia's whereabouts have been discovered so far, but perhaps if we keep searching...

Current Objective: Find leads on Elusia's whereabouts.

The Mysterious Locket

-A strange locket sealed closed by magic was found in possession of a bat in the Crystal Caverns.

-The locket belonged to a skeleton also found nearby in the Crystal Caverns based on an inscription that was read as thus:

"The end of the line...lost everything. I let her have the diary...I have to scratch on the walls with crystals to stay sane...but no more. I'm at the end. My locket...it's gone. I looked in the chest where I put it but it wasn't there. My last hope...gone. I'll perish now...alone."

-The double-layered seal on the locket was removed and within was a picture of a young woman with caramel skin and emerald eyes.

-The chest near the skeleton was opened to reveal an inscription that read as thus:

"Stay safe, my darling Ramia..."

-It is deduced that the skeleton had been keeping the locket in the chest nearby.  The woman in the picture in the locket is assumed to be Ramia.

-Farther along in the Crystal Caverns, the Bending Tunnel wall bears another inscription.  Before it is read, an entity is released from the locket by Auza.

-The entity is a shard of the skeleton man's sanity, and the shade that forms in the area is his true spirit.  He is named Damos.  The shade is sealed using the entity's ectoplasm, and then defeated after which Damos is able to reclaim his spirit and move on.

-The diary mentioned in the last inscription was apparently tossed into the lagoon by Ramia based on the second inscription which reads as thus:

"I finally found the way back to the lagoon...and it seems my darling Damos did as well. But he didn't make it. I found him in a tunnel that was close. If he had just continued on a bit longer, he would have made it, but...he didn't. I saw that his locket was taken from him. I hadn't seen it while I was wandering around. The lagoon was my way out, but I chose not to take it. I wrapped the diary up and tossed it into the waters so it wouldn't get damaged, but would hopefully find its way to land somehow. As for me...I think I'll take a rest for now, right here... May we meet again someday, Damos. I love you."

It is also assumed by the inscription that Ramia died in the caverns and did not escape.

-Damos, before moving on, briefly mentions there being two lockets...

-Perhaps finding the diary could be of some use in locating the second locket...?

Current Objective: Find the diary.

The Demon of Fire

-Keeping Eternia at bay has been stressing Auza as of late, but she seems to have a handle on it for now--this, she assures herself...

Current Objective: None.

Paying Respects

-Wallace mentioned keeping the portal to the Crystal Caverns open so that the group could visit Resona's Memorial Site.  That doesn't sound like a half bad idea...

Current Objective: Visit Resona's Keep with Wallace in the current party.

End of a Legacy

-Macha grimly remembers that Death will come for all beings regardless of their situation. What is the mysterious truth behind this legendary blademaster?

Current Objective: Unravel the details of Macha's enigmatic past.

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Re: Tales of Alidaire: The Chase Profiles

Post by Masquerade on Mon May 19, 2014 2:17 pm

Damn it.


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WhippedCreame wrote:oh god yes eat my spaghetti confetti

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Re: Tales of Alidaire: The Chase Profiles

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