Few quick ideas..

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Few quick ideas..

Post by Nightwish on Tue Jul 20, 2010 11:57 am

Few quick ideas. (Xeno, I cannot find my 1on1 roleplay file anywhere so I am making it up now. >.< Sorry) The Kingdom Hearts role play going on gave me some ideas that I've personally wanted to try. Votes would be appreciated. Someone who could sort of help me out with the stages and such would be most appreciated.

->Fire Emblem role play
->Final Fantasy (Tatics) role play
->Some sort of an anime, depending on what you guys want. (There will be no vote for this, just post on what kind of anime would be fun to try.) Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, etc..

I am sort of brain dead, so as I can remember I will add more so..Yah. Please vote and for option 3, please post! Very Happy

Multiple choice is allowed here! Some people may be torn, so I thought that may be fair.

For those who would like to co-host/help develop with me when the votes are in please PM me! I'd like to see at least one of these up. (y)
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