ACCEPTING** Pokemon Zeroes ~ (5 Stars for Stupidity. and Leing about Cake.)

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ACCEPTING** Pokemon Zeroes ~ (5 Stars for Stupidity. and Leing about Cake.)

Post by Dwaggy Sama~ on Tue Nov 03, 2009 2:27 pm

We Are:
~Pokemon Zeroes~

Okay, so I decided to try my hand at this ~
A basic Pokemon Role Play with no sense at all, to remember when cats and dogs rule the earth. <3

Currently Accepting 5-8; err, depending on how things are going.

The Rules:

~ No flaming (this isn't Hells Kitchen on the Internet guys.)
~ No God Modding (Don't be a power hog please. :naughty: )
~ Type LOL at the end of your app to see if your reading this.
~ Try to follow the 5 Line / 7 sentence rule.
~ Use the appropriate grammar / spelling.
~ When doing your app, please follow the guidelines.
~ Do your very best, and have fun. <3


Name: (Seriously guys, Do I HAVE to explain?)
Side: (Either the Silver Guild, the Gold Guild, or the P.W.N.E.D; the PokeMafia)
Age: (13 - 18)
Gender: (Male or Female; no alienz.)
Appearance: (Give us a picture, or just explain it.)
Personality: (Try to retain through out the story~)
Bio: (Just give a quick one; but the more, the better, and more cookies.)
Trainer, or Coordinator: (what is says.)
Pokemon: (Only up to max. 6 pokemon; they are allowed to be fully evolved, but at least one non-evolved, and fairly petite.)

Accepted Applicants:

(needs moar applicants. Mine coming soon ^_~)

Back Story:

Not too far from the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinooh regions lies: the Watermelon region. This region has one thing that stood out:
The Gold and Silver Guilds.

While the Teens from the Silver Guilds are Noisy, Weird, and too shy to show their smarts, the Gold Teenagers are Bratty, Snobbish, and really love to brag.
These two guilds are rivals; they would always strive to do better than the other.

And with a tournament coming up in Oracle soon, will the Random Silver kids get to brag this time? Or will the Gold kids how off their superiority once again?
Only time will tell in this crazy ass epic battle of supremacy.

Meanwhile, with team Rocket disbanded, Team Aqua and Mama literally had their plans washed and crumbled away, and with the bowl cut freaks: Team Galactic's plans for a new world epically failed, a new Mafia called Team P.W.N.E.D wishes to show their supremacy by world domination and making everyone bow down to their awesome skill and having the more dominant pokemon by stealing and making generate clones. Will they succeed? Or will the Guilds stop them?


(A Region Called the Watermelon Region)

~ Oracle City (where the guilds are; and where it all starts)
~ Route Pineapple (where there are normal, grass, bug, and flying type pokemon)
~ Yanikae town (Where the P.W.N.E.D's HQ is located)
~ Eeek Forest (Where there are pokemon that only comes out in night)
~ Haniku Town (Where the grand festival is held)
~ Zafarea City (Where the pokemon league is held)
~ Chocolate Mountain (where rock, ground, steel and other cave pokemon are)
~ Midou VIllage (Where japenese like people have their traditional japenese feel)
~ Hottie Mountian (Where a volcano and fire type pokemon are)
~ The Okazi Desert (where the desert pokemon are)
~ Soul Lake town ( a town that has a large lake, hosting water type pokemon)

(More coming soon)


Ch 1: Gold and Silver = Nerd Wars Gone Dum
Ch 2: Team P.W.N.E.D's glory begins
Ch 3: The Watermelon Century

(More coming soon)
Dwaggy Sama~
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