Tales of the Universe [Updates]

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Tales of the Universe [Updates]

Post by Masquerade on Sun Aug 15, 2010 6:07 pm

As I expect to be very busy with my studies from now on, things will have to become much more organized when it comes to my role plays, which, when they become unfrozen, will be systematically updated according to the order in which I have prepared to list them and which ones are ready to update. Thought this was a new role play or something didn't ya? XD Well, I labeled this appropriately Tales of the Universe, for other role plays take place in other worlds besides Alidaire such as the Dreamlands, Levall/Crazed Levall, and Orenthia. However, when some of these role plays are finished, do expect a role play which will combine characters from these different worlds. It'll be something similar to Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology.

Anyway, back on topic. In this thread, I will list my role plays in the order in which updates will take precedence. Beside each role play will be either 1) a list of characters yet to post, or 2) a 'ready for update' status. A role play will only be updated if it is its turn on the list AND has a 'ready for update' status. If a role play is next on the list, but does not have the 'ready for update' status, I will skip it and move on to the next role play that is ready. If the people that need to post in said role play happen to be away for some reason, then I will update it even if it does not have the 'ready for update' status, but this will ONLY happen if the person/people that need to post have alerted me of a possible absence or inability to post.

Here is the list and the current status of each role play, listed in order of priority:

Tales of Alidaire: The Corruption - Xeno, Windy

Tales of Alidaire: The Betrayal - Ready for update

Tales of Alidaire: The Tragedy - Windy

Destiny of the Dreamweaver - Ready for update

Tales of Alidaire: Heart of the World - Ready for update

Normality, Shattered - Ready for update

Twist of Fate: Seals of Orenthia - Ready for update

Project dIsToRt - Ready for update

Tales of Alidaire: The Presence - Silver, Ace, Shadow, Zaneko, Xeno

Tales of Alidaire: The Ravaged - Undefined

Tales of Alidaire: War of the Moons - Undefined

Tales of Alidaire: The Chase - Ready for update

Tales of Alidaire: Armageddon - Ready for update

[NOTE: I plan on unfreezing my role plays on either 8/18 or 8/19, and from there, I'll probably make time for updating about one per day. After I get used to things, get ahead in my studies, and have more free time, I'll be able to update more than that per day. Just keep that in mind.]

[NOTE: This thread's purpose has been clearly explained, but was only created because of the numerous role plays that I manage. No one else should need a thread like this. If you happen to eventually manage 10 role plays at once, then come talk to me.]

[NOTE: Keeping an eye on this thread and the role plays that you participate in will become critical if you want them updated on time. Please also keep that in mind.]

[NOTE: Some role plays may have the 'Event' status which entails that a cutscene is occurring which means there is no definite amount of people that have to post before update. Things will move on when I see that the cutscene has reached a point where it can be ended comfortably.]

[NOTE: Role plays that have battles that are soon coming to an end and role plays with 'Event' status have priority that overturn the rules of the cycle.]


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