True Beginnings

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True Beginnings

Post by Masquerade on Tue Aug 31, 2010 11:41 pm

~True Beginnings~

By: Justin Jackson


"I have a tale to tell. A tale? Can it really be called that? No. Not anymore. Not after what we have experienced here on our world. This, dear readers, is reality. I know not by what means you have acquired these, not notes anymore either. This account. Yes, that sounds much better. Regardless, you now possess something that may have been used to change the world, or something that has been hidden away, for the revolutionary ideas within are too much for our unstable realm of existence. To release it might shatter the foundations upon which our society has been built: hatred, malice, jealousy, manipulation.

But you have this account. You are holding it right now. This is a key that unlocks the door that leads to an immense and important knowledge. You are about to learn that we go much farther than just sperm and eggs. Much farther than eukaryotic cells. Much farther than the DNA and RNA that lie within said cells. You must be questioning where there is left to go, am I correct? But of course. In this account, you will learn, but you must have an open mind.

You might also be questioning my identity. Let me just say that I am a scientist who has discarded all that I have spent my life studying because of a single, miraculous discovery that proves that nothing is as it seems. You will come to understand that there is a realm besides our own out there, one that is connected to ours, but one side cannot communicate with the other. Then how do I know this? An event occurred not too long ago, one that led to a near cataclysm. A rapid decline in birth rate and fertility brought fear and panic into the population. No babies were being conceived, let alone born. However, the death rate certainly did not slow down. It took a few years to really notice how catastrophic things had become, but...they became noticeable. For several more years, this battle against some unknown factor waged on. Scientists such as myself leapt on the chance to discover what was happening, but all science could come up with was nothing.

A light appeared to us, however, in the form of a child. She was my own child. The first child to be born after this disaster. After her birth, other babies were conceived and born, and things suddenly got back on track again. Even though the mystery factor had disappeared, scientists still obsessed to find out what caused the stagnant birth rate in the first place. I didn't care anymore, however, for I had my very own daughter to care for. It wasn't until she was around seven years old that she began recalling something: a very important memory. She was only seven though, so what memories could she possibly have? It was then that she told me a tale so vivid, that I knew it had to be a memory no matter how ludicrous it sounded. I was completely mesmerized. I asked her to repeat details, and I even went as far as taking notes on her story.

A story. That's all it could be right? She had always been a very intelligent child, yet here she was at the age of seven, reminiscing about some fantasy world that she herself could not have possibly derived alone! Everything she said correlated perfectly to what had happened before she was born, and how could she have known about that?! After things returned to normal, no one spoke of it. Only the obsessed scientists, who kept to themselves nearly all the time, carried on conversations about the mystery factor. It was all too strange. There was nothing I could do but to accept what she said at face value.

That is what has led me to publish this work. What my own daughter told me of her life before her life was so radical that I had to let the world know. But this is not just something concerning science, if it can even be called that. What she told me of 'consequences' and 'revenge' all coincided together to form a massive force that took over my mind and filled it with the truth: that humanity has been conquered by malice and false ethics. People are bad in general, but they are not doomed to be so forever. There are many great people out there, but in order for us to move on as a species, we need cooperation from each other. Companionship. Strength. Love. Courage. All of it will drive us towards a better future, for if it hadn't been for a few good heroes, including my beloved daughter, the human race would have ended years ago. And thus my account begins..."

~Dr. Ian Rothschild, Ph.D.


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