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JCM's only character

Post by JCM on Sun Sep 26, 2010 11:10 am


Age: 18.
Race: Jesutical Cryptonum Wolf
Sex: Male

Hair: Red-ish hair.

Eyes: black with an occasional red glow

Weight: Approximentaly 170 lbs
Height: 5'11 exactly.

Weapon: He has the blade of the Lost Beloved, a blade that chooses it's master and is created by the fire in one's heart. The sword is formed by the intensity, and the greatests desire in one's heart. Deep within his heart, he wishes only to protect those who he loves or cares about, and those who cannot defend themselves; thus, the blade is broad, flat surfaces, and sharp edges, creating the ultimate defence and offence weapon. The sword's blood red trim burns with the intensity of a hundrend fires when he turns, burning anything that wouches it anywhere but the handles.

Armor: None, but he has good endurance and somewhat thick clothing.

He is high in endurance, and can take several fatal blows from an opponent, never will the thought of giving up cross his mind. He plans to fight until the end, even if there is no possible chance of survival. During his Jesutical state, he can move with extreme speeds, and is so smooth with it, it is a sight of a lifetime.

Weakness: He tries to avoid teamwork, and tends to try to fight solo. He feels that other people might slow him down, or they might even get hurt while trying to help him. No, he is not greedy for the glory, he is concerned of others. During his Jesutical state, he is uncontrollable but mentally and physically, he is a giant killing machine in that state, he will destroy anything that opposes him. Another thing that he is weak on is taking care of himself, it is almost as if couldn't careless about his body, he does his best to ignore the pain.

Jesutical State
Only one being in one thousand years is to be seen who holds the gift of the Jesutical Wolf Elder. The Jesutical Cryptonum Wolf is said to be born within a child of a Mayan tribe, it awakens only when it feels the master's greatest desire is near, and can be obtained; or the master is near Death. It gives the master a red-ish glow around them, their eyes glow red, this seal appears on the palm of his hands in inerasable blood that continues to bleed, and this seal appears on his chest, the blood continues to flow until he is appeased.

Personality: He is a warrior, not a tyrant, theif, archer, ect. He is like your guardian angel. When you first meet him, you get the impression that he is a mute, or something like that, however he is like a normal, talkitive person once you know him, and he shows true loyalty to you. He is kind, curtious, and generous to everyone that gives others respect, especially a lady. He thinks not of defeat, he only thinks of victory and peace. He is not the one to start the war, he is the type to end it.
Jesutical Cryptonum Wolf Form

Blade of the Lost Beloved
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