Mere Myths: Forsaken Lands

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Mere Myths: Forsaken Lands

Post by Seraphiel on Wed Sep 29, 2010 6:20 pm

I'm still working on the whole thing but I am making another attempt at making a roleplay, though it also may be that some of you are busy with school and are at your personal limit for roleplays but let us see if this one will attract any attention.

Bethroen and old mercenary group and now one of they few rebel groups who still stand against the mad queen of the land. Torturing, caging and even killing people for no reason. Though there is always a reason, the reason that someone goes mad, the reason someone does un-speakable things to people. Bethroen the underground rebel group is about to send their newest recruits through rigerous training and then allow them to go dig up what they can. If they don't survive...Well it was their own risk of joining the rebel group.

There is always a flaw within a perfect plan though. The mad queen has spies, lurking even in the rebel groups. She has been picking them off one by one until the Bethroen is the only group remaining. The trainees may have been done training, but now the whole land is corrupt. Fields lit afire, no animals or human life, the rare slave or villager running and begging for mercy looking as if they were tortured. This land is no longer as it was and the queen must be stopped for this act, even if the blade must fall upon her neck. She may be mad but she has a field commander who has sent out 10 generals to find the Bethroen's headquarters and to wipe them off the map. The now graduated trainees acompanied by the Bethroen leader and maker must make their way to the castle. Of course, it might not be as easy as it sounds.. Even for the expirienced leader of the Bethroen..

[color=black]So that's all I have so far..[color]

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