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Post by TOM 5.0 on Sun Nov 20, 2011 9:19 am

Name: Johnny Raven "The Crow"
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Three times larger than a regular human
Profession: Sea Raven Pirate Captain- Whoever claims this profession is the leader of the sea raven pirates. The most notable thing about him other than his fearsome Bisento is his Sea Raven Medallion.
Level: 1
Exp: 0/10
Weapon: Bisento- An extremely long polearm similar to a javelin. It has amazing durability.
Armor: Captain's Coat- A white coat similar to a marine admirals. It has the Sea Raven Pirate's Jolly Roger on the back.
Accessory: Sea Raven Medallion- The Crow's treasured lucky golden medallion. A sea raven is on both sides.
A-Ability: Bisento Skills

+Blood Splattering- Johnny slams his Bisento ferociously into his opponent, the blood covering his body with each slash.
(Damage: 80% Atk x 3/Effect: Bleeding 50%/Range: Adjacent Cell/Mp: /Element: --)

+ Ultimatum Blade- Johnny knocks his opponent into the air with the blunt end of his Bisento followed by a quick downward slash of the blade knocking his opponent back to the ground.
(Damage: 90% Atk x2/Effect: Target Airborne/Range: Adjacent Cell/Mp: /Element: --)
A-Ability: Item

+Mantra- Johnny gains a 15% Critical and Evade bonus.
D-Ability: Come On Join Up With The Best!- Johnny claims he admires his opponents skill and grins. Johnny slams them down with his Bisento and swipes them away. As he watches his opponent fly away he shouts "Come On Join Up With The Best!".
(Damage: /Effect: /Range: /Mp: /Element: )

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