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Re: Sky Covenant

Post by Zerifachias on Sun Feb 06, 2011 12:52 pm

"Damn!" The female mage cursed, immediately pulling the machine up to rest on her shoulder. It was emitting a black smoke that showed that it overheated. "Damn the Sky Covenant mages to hell! Matsi, get me more machine parts, and quickly!"

"Calm down, Tilora," the male mage, Matsi, said. "It didn't work the first time, and it's not going to work again." Matsi paused, peering down at the small specks of mages. He was certain they couldn't see them from up here, but his hawk-like vision allowed him to see them clearly. "Wait a second, I remember that magic. That's Falar, no doubt about it!"

"Falar? Isn't he the mage that kicked your ass?" Tilora asked, now also peering down at the mages.

"He beat me and Sakom by himself," Matsi grimaced, glaring at Falar. Matsi took a look back at the other male mage that was with them.

The other mage paused, giving Matsi a cold look, "Beam magic..." He said, then fell silent once more.

"Sakom, we know what his magic is," Tilora snapped, "And Matsi, stop blaming others for your own loss."

"I wasn't even-!" Matsi started.

"Shut the fuck up, Matsi!" Tilora shouted back, "Unless you want to end up at the bottom of the river here, then I suggest you stay quiet and let me handle this!" Tilora stood up, throwing the useless machine off the cliff. She began to make her way down the hill, ordering the others to follow her. "What we need to do is simple," Tilora said, "Allow me, the S-Rank mage here, to handle Falar, and you two can get whoever is left."


Falar grimaced, "I've had a few run ins with Dark Guild mages," he said, putting a hand on a smooth stone. It was covered in slime, and some of it managed to rub off on Falar's hand. He shook it off quickly, standing up straight. "It was mostly during missions. Once, they took my client hostage and demanded that the village give them all of their treasures for the man. I managed to fight them off, but ended up severely wounded." Falar continued to walk, getting slightly closer to the other two while inspecting some nearby foliage. "Hm, this plant is edible...we ought to remember it." Falar made a mental note of the plant in his head before continuing on to watching his surroundings.

"I also had to fight two mages at once, on my own. They were also interfering with my job," Falar continued, "That was only a few months ago, I still have the scar they gave me."

Falar turned his head towards the sea, searching the surface for any sign of Xecilla. She had been away for quite some time, she ought to be back any second now. And as if on cue, a dim light began to appear near the surface. Xecilla's hair gave off the same hue when her Mermaid magic was activated, so there could be only one explanation for the light.

Xecilla poked her head out of the water, shaking slightly. She then continued to the shore, her legs returned to her. After she had exited the water completely, Xecilla grabbed her long hair and pushed it behind her head. With a sigh, Xecilla said, "The old man is being taken care of by some other sailors. He should be fine though."

"And now that you're back, I feel comfortable about moving on," Falar replied. "Be on your toes everyone, we're headed into the forest here." Falar pointed to the forests that stood behind them. "We should arrive at the other port in a few hours of walking."

"Aren't we taking another boat?" Xecilla asked.

"No, I don't want to risk it with a Dark Guild out here. We'd be much better off if we were able to defend ourselves rather than be sitting ducks in the water. No offense to you, of course," Falar said, looking at Xecilla.

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Re: Sky Covenant

Post by Masquerade on Mon Feb 07, 2011 4:30 pm

Krasi sighed. "Sounds like too much of a hassle," she stated flatly and looked at the foliage they were to enter. "First day on the job and already bullied by a Dark Guild. Fantastic." She didn't wait for the others to start walking. It was into the trees with her.

"Oh, sister...," Kuro said when she was out of earshot. "It's a shame that enthusiasm of hers from earlier didn't last particularly long. I wonder now seriously what she was expecting." He took a few seconds to peer into the forest before marching forward. "She'll seriously leave us behind if we don't follow...even though she has no idea where she's going..."

Krasi could hear her brother's latest comment, but chose to ignore it. Getting too far ahead would just end up putting them all in danger, so she made it a priority to stick close enough for them to hear her and for her to hear them. The trees of the forest were very large, towering over her. Of course, she had come to terms with being a short stuff, so it was fine. "Damn trees....," she muttered. Fortunately, those very damn trees began to spread a bit farther apart so a somewhat navigable path presented itself. It was here that she stopped to wait for the others.


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