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The young teen looked around, shyly, she didn't feel like talking, ever. Most of her classmates didn't really know her, and they called her weird when they thought she couldn't hear. She didn't mind.
She never minded.
The teacher was talking about something along the lines of the properties of Neon, but it really didn't matter, she already studied before class began and was already able to ace the test.
She got straight A's, and she was taking high level classes for just a freshman.
Her teachers always bragged about her, as though they had anything to do with it, and they always praised her, as though they cared.
She sighed, she was getting more bored if thoughts like those arose.
The bell rang--FINALLY. I...shouldn't care, i thought.
I gathered my things--wait, where are they? I stared at my desk blankly, recalling what happened in class. A few kids snickering about some that's what she said joke...a kid talking about his halo profile, aaaand...oh, right! The teacher was talking about something I already studied, so I didn't need to take notes.
I ran off through the door, not really wanting to wait any longer to meet up with my best friend, Erica.

Hey Eri! I called out, and her head shot at me, with that usual smile. That loving smile. Ugh...
She ran up to me and bumped into a few people, haha.
Oh my god so we should totally hang out at a-- she hugged me, really tightly. I hugged back after a bit, she's been getting more emotional. --"At a Costco, and start saying, 'Welcome to Costo, we love you', right mimi?" She mimicked the monotone voice perfectly, it made me giggle, yup! I responded.
"You're lame, haha." Yeah, kinda.
Nah, you are. I joked and stuck my tongue out, she just laughed.
We hung outa little longer, at least until the 5 minute bell rang to tell us to get the hell out of their halls.
They're such nazis, hehe. I told her, mimicking my thoughts, she just put her hands over my mouth and yelped, "Shush! THEY'LL HEAR YOU!'
bahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! oh god, hahahahahahaha!
"You're crazy mimi, cya"
i giggled and waved back at her as she left, wasn't much for goodbyes.
my smile faded quickly when She left. Very quickly.
The rest of the day was boring, but i texted Her a lot, and a bunch of My other Friends.

Finally, school ended...I crawled into bed after undressing and looking in the mirror for awhile...God...why did i have to have small boobs? It's so stupid.
i put on my small b size bra and a pair of pink panties and crawl into bed. life is so tiring.
"why do you torture me God? i don't even matter, why keep toying with me? i always feel like crying and you keep pushing me." but i went on, i always kept whispering.
"Stop pushing me, push somebody who matters." i whispered to Him...
Tears welled up, but, but, no. I need to stay strong, for everybody.

Ring a dinge a ling, boyfriend! I pick up the phone and give a cheery heya Love!
"Is it okay if I come over?" He asks this every night...he really loves me, and, well, i don't know. i'll just hurt him, i shouldn't get attached, i dont deserve to get attached...

sorry, not today, i'm super tired, blegh, dumb teachers ranting about dumb stuff.

"Yeah, I know right? But you get awesome grades, I'm just..." -- NO!
No, no You're really not, You're the coolest guy ever! I yell, and that voice tells me, that little goddamn voice. "JASON'S more than i will ever deserve."
He sighed, he said, "Thanks. I...I really love you." He's so serious...so what does he see that I can't? Why do I feel this way?

~End of Prologue~

Yeah, umm, it'd be great if people discussed, like mistakes I made or things you did like or didn't like.
In other words, constructive criticism or praising PL0X.

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