Terraria: Zeri's Impressions

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Terraria: Zeri's Impressions

Post by Zerifachias on Fri May 20, 2011 8:54 pm

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As you may have heard, I've begun playing a new game on my Steam account, which has a few similar qualities as Minecraft. It is called Terraria. Now, when I say that it's alike to Minecraft, do NOT misunderstand me, Terraria has a LOT more depth to it than Minecraft does. A LOT. Although Minecraft can't be blamed for this, since it hasn't even been released yet, that doesn't mean that there won't be some competition between the two.

Terraria is actually only similar to Minecraft with the crafting, and all similarities stop there. In fact, Terraria seems to resemble The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario more than Minecraft. The battle interface is very similar to Zelda, and there are a lot more diverse mobs in Terraria. For example goblins, slimes, demon eyes, worms, skull heads, etc. And so far there are three kinds of bosses: Eater of the Worlds (giant worm), Eye of Cthulu, and the Goblin Army (Sorcerer, Peon, Warrior, Thief).

There are multiple different "biomes" in Terraria as well, such as floating islands, ground level, underground, underground forest, the underworld, corruption, and dungeon.

You can craft many different tools and equipment, as well as accessories that can boost your character's stats or give a really neat ability, like regeneration or the double jump or immunity to fire blocks (but not lava). I currently have the best pickaxe right now, the Molten Pickaxe, which is made from hellrack (found only in the underworld).

Well, I think that's enough explaining. Time to move on to my actual "score" of Terraria.

Top 5 Games:
1. Portal 2 (Portal 1/Orange Box) 10/10
2. Terraria 10/10
3. Minecraft 9.9/10
4. Super Paper Mario 9.8/10
5. N64 Donkey Kong 9.7/10

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