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Post by Zerifachias on Fri Jul 29, 2011 8:02 pm

This isn't mine. If it was, it would be in the Original Fiction section. The only other reason this is going here is because I think it's important.

This is actually from a Japanese song. After I read the translation, I realized how much this applies to my life, so naturally, I have fallen in love with this song.

I'm posting the English lyrics here and I will give a youtube link to the song itself.

My Song - Iwasawa Masami

The day ends while I’m searching for where I can vent my irritations to
The sky turns gray and I can’t see anything beyond it
Those who feign common sense are laughing; what kind of lies will they tell next?
Can you leave the things gotten that way carefully displayed?
But I must move forward to tomorrow
So I’ll sing like this

It’s you who are crying, it’s you who are lonely
You’re right, you’re being human
Tears I’ve shed will say this
It’s not a lie that it’s so beautiful, even like this; thank you for our true selves

There are dreams you want to fulfill and dreams you can’t reach
That itself turns into a dream, turns into hope, and people are able to live on, right?
A door exists; it’s waiting there
So I’ll reach out my hands

For you who are crushed,
Here’s the strength and confidence for you to be able to fight again and my song
Tears I’ve shed will say this
Thank you to the miracle that we were able to meet in a dirty and ugly world, even like this

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