Christmas Stories! (ED Edition; Multiple Authors Welcome)

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Christmas Stories! (ED Edition; Multiple Authors Welcome)

Post by Zerifachias on Fri Dec 09, 2011 12:18 pm

A Christmas Story:
How The Durn Stole Christmas
Root Story: How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Author: Zeri

Once upon a time, in the land of Eternal Dream, there once lived a peaceful little village in a small valley of a large mountain range. The residents were few, but the spirits were high. Everything was as it should be in the land of ED. With their mayor Masq and his assistants, Cerani and Sliv, the little village was in order and at peace.

But, high up on the mountain top, the despicable creature Durn and his little puppy, Kuori, hated the village of ED, and wanted to make the villagers miserable. So they plotted. And as Christmas approached, the spirit of the villagers grew in size, which only irritated Durn, and so he made a plan. He would steal all of their decorations and all of their food. Durn would steal all of the toys for the good little boys and the good little girls of ED. He would steal their bed sheets and their socks. He would even steal the Christmas tree in the center of the village.

So Durn rigged up his sleight with automatic shotguns and grenades. He dressed up his dog, Kuori, in a reindeer outfit and tied him to the sleight. Durn then dressed up his scrawny little ass into a santa outfit, and then he began his descent into the ED village.

Durn slipped into the houses in the village during the night, stealing all the decorations and all the food from every house and refrigerator. He stole all the toys for the good little boys and the good little girls of ED. He stole all their bed sheets and their socks. And finally, he stole the great Christmas tree in the center of the village, and all of the ornaments on it. Even the angel that sat atop the tree.

Durn slyly sneaked out of the village and had his little dog, Kuori, drag all of his stolen goods back up the mountain, where he would throw everything, except the food and the socks, off the edge of the mountain and into the abyss below.

But just before he was able to, a bright light and a torrent of flame came crashing down from above, and from this mighty flame arose someone, who held an angry glare and pointed accusingly at Durn.

With a magical breath, Zeri shot fire at Durn and roasted him down to the very last bone, so that nothing but ashes were left. Durn's little dog, Kuori, was caught in the massive blast of flames.

Zeri took the stolen goods back down to the village, arriving just as the sun began to rise on the horizon. Zeri acted quickly, returning all of the decorations and the food to their homes. Zeri gave back the toys for the good little boys and the good little girls of ED. Zeri returned the bed sheets and the socks. Zeri even went so far as to erect the Christmas tree and place the ornaments and the angel back onto the tree, exactly as it was supposed to be.

With a great leap into the sky, just as the residents of the village awoke, Zeri disappeared with a flash of fire and the jingle of a tambourine.

And all was well within the village of Eternal Dream.

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