Adventures of Naletia: The Lost Continent

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Adventures of Naletia: The Lost Continent

Post by Zerifachias on Wed Dec 14, 2011 11:25 am

"Good evening, my name is Amaise Bortesseli. I have a story...of tell you. About a certain continent, which not many know the tale of.

"I'm thinking of the fifth and final continent of Naletia, which is no longer a continent since it was broken up and submerged as a result of the great Dragon-God War. In the expanse of sea that is to the east of Ermith was once the place where this continent stood. By far it was the largest, the most technologically advanced nation known to man. Current technologies in Ermith pale in comparison to this continent during it's Golden Age, only a few years before the Dragon-God War began. Man were incredible beings back them, each one of them held a separate, single power that defined them as "human" in that age, the birthed treasure of gods, and through gods, dragons.

"Back in the Golden Age, it was known as Isandu, which meant "glory beyond treasure" in the language of dragons. Now it is called the Lost Continent of Heshiram. Heshiram is dragon-tongue for 'mother of creation' or 'mother of servant.'

"It is told in legends passed down by word of mouth that this continent, Isandu, was the first continent to rise out of sea by a massive, volcanic eruption. Hence why it is now called the Lost Continent of Heshiram, as it was the first appearance of solid land, as well as being the place where Heshiram lost her life, in a deep, underwater cave beneath the continent.

"In the current age, there are a few adventurers who wish to explore the ruins beneath the surface of the water, but they are unable, as technology has not yet advanced to the point of safe underwater exploration. They must rely on their mana to reach the sunken continent and that requires a massive sum of power.

"However, there is one creature that can help them safely enter the sea without worry. The merpeople, typically a very hostile race, but there are few who can be friendly, and others can be charmed very easily.

"In order to reach the lost continent of Isandu, there must be those willing to traverse the dangerous seas who are also willing to, despite all the danger, recruit one of the merpeople to assist them, as well as search far and wide for the cities on the continent, where the technology far exceeds that of any continent today, and might still work even underwater."

Special Stuff:
-Not Statistical
-Any number of people can join, if they meet the necessary requirements
Requirements for Participation:
-Must be well-informed about Naletian lore.
-Must be experienced in my role plays.
-Must be able to post regularly.
-This is kind of old fashioned, you people know most of this stuff, so I'm gonna stop now.

Basically, what I want, is upwards of 3-4 people in this role play. I will handle most, if not all, the NPC's and the Narrator. Also, merpeople.

In other words, my only role is to guide you, not to lead you. Though I will be urging you in a linear direction. Though exploration is allowed. Actually, exploration is the entire point. This entire role play is made in order to unravel some secrets that only these ruins hold, so that I can move onto a different role play.

Plus, you guys don't want to miss out on hearing what kind of Seed was planted in Isandu, do you? It's probably the strongest one. Also, the most influential. You might already have an idea as to what it is, actually.

Let me know if you're interested.

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