Hypocritical Bitch

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Hypocritical Bitch

Post by Silver on Sat Feb 04, 2012 9:06 pm

Don't we all hate hypocrites? Wouldn't we all be better if we just dumped them all on some random island? Or better yet just burned them at the stake like witches? I swear to God I am so fucking done with these people.

Particularly this one bitch in particular who can go burn in fucking hell. "I'm constantly complaining about my problems"; "I'm hung up on so-and-so"; "I don't know what true unhappiness is"; "I wouldn't last a single day in her shoes" my ass. Every single fucking conversation I have with this bitch is either her complaining about some girl that stole her boyfriend, some guy she thinks likes him but she's not sure what to do, her parents are ruining her life, or she's been cheated on so many times. Every single fucking conversation is about how she can't stand all of these people or how many obstacles she's "overcome". Bull-fucking-shit! I'm hung up on every guy/girl that broke my heart, I've been over them for a while sister! Meanwhile, you're still bitching and whining about how fucked up your fucking life is. Telling me to get over myself because I don't want to hear how all of the sudden your life is fucking perfect. And how it is only just her? Another load of bull-fucking-shit! I don't want to hear it from anybody, I want to be left alone in real life because I want to deal with my shit. But no, I'm "lost in the past and delusional"; "Truly happy but I don't know it/don't want to admit it"; "Trying to get sympathy". I'm so fucking sick of her. Zeri, please blow her fucking brains out or something.


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Re: Hypocritical Bitch

Post by Zerifachias on Sat Feb 04, 2012 9:23 pm

*Loading revolver with crystal bullets*

Bitches are allergic to crystal bullets. I know this as fact.

It makes them choke on their own bile.


Although it might be the sulfuric acid that I stick inside the crystals, which can be digested by human-made enzymes.

Sliv, you'll come across a few of these types of people in your life time. Sometimes, you need to smack-a-bitch, but most of the time, the solution is almost always the easiest one. And with these, it's easier just to walk away and ignore them. They'll learn their lesson eventually. If they don't, it's whatever, all you need to do is keep them out of your life.

I've recently met a person who is the definition of "stupid, hypocritical American." Everything this guy says makes me want to punch him in the face, but I don't do that. I am a controlled, well-mannered, and patient gentleman. I don't rip his tendons out and stab him with them. I don't force him to drink 100% alcohol to burn his liver. I don't inject heroin into his kidneys. Why? He's not worth it.

It's the same thing with this girl you mentioned. She isn't worth it.

Another story, slightly related:

I knew a girl who left last semester. She was...not really my friend, but I did talk to her on occasion. You wanna know what she was like? A psychotic murderer. She had this great scheme of how she was going to castrate every man and kill every child on the planet. I never took her seriously until I heard something that really pissed me off. Her best friend said something that she didn't want her friend to let out. And this was a really trifling thing too, I don't recall what it was, but this bitch was a psycho for sure. And just because of that, they weren't friends anymore.

What that story was about, is simply the same as the story from before. They aren't worth it. Not in the slightest. This psycho girl might end up in a mental hospital at one point. I might even be her counselor at some point, I don't know. But you know what? She's gone, and I don't give two fucks about her. She was too absorbed in how much she wanted to kill stupid people. This girl was diagnosed with depression (which I think the concept of depression is utter bullshit, but whatever. I won't argue with research). Way to focused on stupidity, I believe that is one reason why she became such a psychotic bitch.

Which brings me back to this:

They aren't worth it. You're a stronger person than they are, accept that and move on. You'll leave them in the dust clouds that you create behind you. And who knows? They might choke to death because of it. But that won't be your problem. Nein.

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