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Post by Omega Soul on Fri Sep 28, 2012 11:55 am

So I've recently made a decision that my parents really aren't approving of. They say that they will always love me, but when I make a decision that doesn't go through some 100-step process with them, they make some big deal out of it. I'm by all means old enough to move out of the house, and hell, I've got a decent paying job. That doesn't mean that I can go out and buy a house and live comfortably. If anything, it means that I'm still going to be a little bit reliant on my parents for another year or so, before I can get an apartment of my choice, that's close to work and where I'm currently studying at.

Anyways, that's besides the point. So I make a major choice that will affect MY life and my parents completley blow is out of proportion. Mom doesn't even want to talk to me until I give up the idea and prove it to them.

I seriously want a healthy relationship with my parents, but this is something that I want in my life, won't hurt anyone else, and won't get me into trouble.

Any ideas of what to do, anyone?

(No, this isn't anything dumb like me buying a car, or taking up some religion. I'd just rather keep it quiet unless someone who can really help, really needs to know what I'm doing.)
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