A Simple Meditation

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A Simple Meditation

Post by Zerifachias on Tue Mar 12, 2013 4:56 pm

Can you imagine it? A world so bright and vibrant that the water shines like polished marble and reflects the light of the stars perfectly, even at night? Where the air smells like honey and every breeze feels as if it is a gift from God? Where the grass is so soft and light that when you walk, you can feel every blade brush against your bare feet? And the moist earth crumbles and forms to the shape of your foot, giving you a cast of earth so smooth and warm that you never want to move again?

Can you imagine it? The beautiful voices of songbirds filling your ears as the crisp morning air fills your lungs? With every breath you take through your mouth, a sweet taste refreshes your senses, can you imagine that? What about the water gently smoothing the corners of your feet, overlapping your toes and filling the gaps in between with a smooth sand? Maybe instead you can dip your feet into the cool water and enjoy the feeling as fish swim beneath you, their fins brushing the underside of your feet?

Can you imagine it? A forest filled with singing birds and chatty insects? In the center, maybe you can find a meadow filled with deer? A lone tree sitting in the center of the clearing, it's branches open high and wide, as if trying to reach the sky where the birds fly? Maybe the tree beckons to you, to sit beneath it's cool shade and to protect you from any and all troubles?

Can you imagine it? Can you?

Because I can.

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