US Youth Advisory Council (what)

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Do you think a youth council in any country would be effective in increasing political motivation in youth?

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US Youth Advisory Council (what)

Post by Gist on Mon Feb 10, 2014 8:40 pm

The original petition statement:

As a 17 year old, I have seen that for too long, the opinions of the American Youth, people ranging in age from 17-25, has been disregarded and the youth have been stereotyped as naive and ignorant of true politics and policy. I believe that the President of the United States should create a Youth Advisory Council to meet with and ask the opinion of on issues that relate to them. The youth of America, regardless of political affiliation or beliefs, are the future and if their opinion is continually disregarded, they will feel as their opinions do not matter and their motivation to help change their country will diminish.

This is from Rose's thread on ZEJ, wherein there is a petition to create a Youth Advisory Council to better educate our government on the elusiveness of the mysterious 17-25 year old range and what they want politically and socially.

As I've stated over there,

While I think that this is a nice idea on paper, the "youth of America" really only are only about a sixth of the country's population (if even that). In time, this statistic might become a little less bleak, but the age range specified here is absolutely small, and 17 is not even a legally adult age here in the United States.

So I've signed the petition, but I have my reservations, mainly because there just aren't enough people interested in such a movement, and because of that nothing like this, in my opinion, will ever change. Perhaps if our current government were a bit less... "old".

While personally I don't think this will practically move anywhere, I do think that this could make for quite the hypothetical discussion. What would you do if you had a more distinct voice in our government? Would you tell them what exactly you wanted to happen? Would you praise them for the good deeds they have done over your years?

Feel free to sign/discuss here, I think.

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Re: US Youth Advisory Council (what)

Post by Eebit on Mon Feb 10, 2014 8:42 pm

As I stated on ZEJ, I don't believe I am qualified to vote in the poll, being a resident of Canada. But this is an idea worth considering, in my opinion.

However, I do think this sparks an interesting discussion. Are the youth of <x country> informed or educated enough to have their own opinion? Is it perhaps just a select minority that is interested in the goings-on of our hyperpolitical world? Certainly, there exists a good amount of politically conscious youth, but in the eyes of the many, the youth is a demographic that is not yet 'educated' enough to form their own respective opinions. I've heard the argument that young people are, theoretically, more likely to adopt the political views of their parents (or other guardian figures), being as 'impressionable' as we are.

That aside, the youth vote is (at least in Canada) becoming increasingly more apathetic towards politics and voting, as I recall. It is a large issue, getting the youth out to vote. Would a youth council remedy this sort of thing?

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