Adventures of Naletia: Into the Abyss

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Adventures of Naletia: Into the Abyss

Post by Zerifachias on Sat Sep 17, 2016 6:56 pm

After the demon - which was wreaking havoc on Ermith's soil - was destroyed, a myriad of energies released from the desert. It is where the final battle took place, and there have yet to be any sign of either Auza Varshtig, or Veign Klimmek. They both may have met death, or have yet to recover from their injuries.

But it has been seven years. Now the demonic realm is growing restless once more, and with little in its way to stop it other than a handful of mages and the scattered Purifiers, the new threat is of even greater danger than before.

The tensions between mages and Purifiers are growing as well. Sar'tu looks upon the shores with hungering eyes. Assassins took the King's life, which left his son, Sigmund, to the throne. Even now he faces the threat of being assassinated himself, though by what is unknown.

Demons, mages, Purifiers, assassins. These are the threats that wait for their turn to take part in this story. Set in the year 1024, when human magic is so sparse it could only be described as weak.

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